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Comment 10 Feb 2014'd have to know exactly how well he would have done to know that it is the biggest loss in tOSU history. Since you can't tell the future, such statements are a bit over the top. The guy could also have been a injury prone should-have-been. I wish him the best and pray his father gets better soon. We will certainly miss his potential.

Comment 01 Feb 2014

Trying to figure out how to use this with my sales staff. I've strangely got that same 80/10/10 he's referring to. Good stuff!

Comment 31 Jan 2014

Nope. TTUN, then Wisconsin.


Fark you, Beliema and Fark you, Bo Ryan.


Yes, I know Beliema isn't there any more. But fark him. Fat whiner.

Comment 22 Jan 2014

I will never understand this whole "overrated/underrated" deal.

Think about it. A bunch of people not named Ohio State get together and decide who should be where on a list of football teams each year.

Then everyone proceeds to bash the school and players for not living up the the expectations of others, when they should be bashing the idiots that can't accurately judge a team or tries to judge a team 365 days before the start of the stupid season!

This would be different if, like the Bambino, Ohio State called it's shot over the left field fence and dribbled one off the bat towards the pitcher. But no, we're not calling anything. Someone else is calling it for us. And if we fail, it's OUR fault. If we don't, WHO CARES!

Talk about an effed up situation.

Comment 22 Jan 2014

Jack remains the best, both on the course and off. Man raised a big family, stayed married to his wife, got home for his kids ball games, and still beat the snot out of folks on the golf course with equipment that would be considered sub par today. No oversized drivers for The Golden Bear. Wussies.

Try ripping a 1 iron 250 yards from a fairway bunker and drop it 3 feet from the pin.



Comment 21 Jan 2014

November: Hell Yeah! Undefeated Buckeyes!! We got a shot!

December: Crap...

December: Hell Yeah! Undefeated Buckeyes!! We got a shot!

January: Crap....


For once, I would like to get stoked about being real good and actually be real good. Someone keeps letting the air out of my happy balloon.


Comment 10 Jan 2014

Excellent article. I've been saying for a while, as most have, I imagine, that with the hire of Urban Meyer, change was coming to all schools in the B1G. Whether they went politely or screaming and kicking. Meyer was going to force their hands.

Couple that with maybe a general tiredness of being laughed at by the rednecks in the south and maybe the "Big" in Big Ten is finally awake and ready to start a Rocky like training montage!

Comment 09 Jan 2014

Good points. Like I said, I am mostly curious how he got the rep and if it was deserved or still is. Saban isn't an idiot, so he must know something. Or Kiffin has pictures of Saban and someone not named Mrs. Saban.

Comment 09 Jan 2014

Why does everyone say Kiffin is an OC genius? I've never understood that. If he's so danged smart, why did USC flounder or UT flounder? Surely he could pass along some great insight to his OC at the time and right the ship. I'm leaning towards the invented construct of him being a 'genius'. I think enough people repeat it so everyone assumes it is true. Frankly, IMHO, I think the guy is acerbic and poison to any place he goes.

Comment 09 Jan 2014

Whatever Kiffin supposedly knew about being an OC, don't you think he's been passed by?? He's had someone else doing that for him for a while now.


'Rusty' might be an understatement. Oh, and if Kiffin had anything to do with the curb stomping that Oklahoma was able to put on the Tide, I don't know that hiring him would be my first reaction. LOL.

Comment 08 Jan 2014

I don't think Alabama is the place I go if I am looking for an offensive guru. They were as vanilla as they come. But maybe that's what. Hoke wants. Big Boy offense. Big line, big running back. One thing we know, their won't be an HUNH going on in Ann Arbor, the whore. 

Comment 08 Jan 2014

I think he was trying to get the foul rather than the layup. Used the wrong hand (right) and should have been using his left. He gave that MSU player all he needed to block it. Play for the basket, not the foul!!