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lived in cincinnati until I was ten then moved to ft myers.Now residing in Hawaii..huge buckeye, bengals and reds fan even though I have lived in SW florida for the majority of my life..


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Comment 16 hours ago
The bad: I felt like our defensive scheme could have been a lot better. We needed a 4-4 with Curtis and Kwon in the middle which would have snuffed out that H-back trap they kept gashing us with. Almost 200 of their rushing yards were from that play alone. We didn't need two safeties for that offense anyways. Poor tackling again. Overall a very vanilla defensive game plan. JT was late on EVERY throw which more reps will hopefully correct. O-Line was pedestrian and I thought the play calling was pretty weak.Even Bollman thought the play calling was conservative. The good: If we can keep Adolphus healthy, he looks ready to dominate. I thought the D played really hard compared with what we saw last year. They will be much improved without a doubt. Dontre looks ready to explode on to the scene, what a difference from last year! Mike Thomas just looks like a stud. Tom Herman will earn his money this year with JT but at least I think that the tools are there. It also appears that are teams units will be a strength. All in all a good win under difficult circumstances but we need to improve in several key areas to have a realistic shot at our goals
Comment 23 Aug 2014

Due to our abundance of pass rushers on the line and our new aggressive coverage schemes, not to mention The Chef breathing down his neck, I truly believe Curtis will get every oppurtunity to have a great season. Teams will want to run the ball on us more this year and that plays into what he does best. Hopefully Bennett and Washington can do their part and keep him clean as much as possible. I am pulling for you Curtis and I think you have a shot at first team all big ten

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Buckeye Knight, you obviously didn't live in the Boston area. I have never met such uppity douches in my life " we have the most colleges per square mile than anywhere in the country so everybody else is stupid". Boston sports fans are just as bad as scUM fans in my book. Every last one of them are pretentious dirtbags if you ask me

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Obviously Pitt, but if he was getting live snaps he wouldn't be back next year. My point is Dr. Andrews will have Brax back by spring ball next year and with Kirk possibly early enrolling we could have a top 3 WR corps of Dixon, Thomas and Kirk in the spring. That would be a devastating offense and with the expected improvements by the defense should make us favorites for a playoff spot

Comment 21 Aug 2014

sorry to get a little off topic here but I sure hope that Christian Kirk is paying attention to what is going on. Braxton coming back after a year of film study and mental reps so he should be even better. JT and Cardale will be better due to much needed experience gained this year. If I am Mr. Kirk I am thinking that OSU will have the best QB situation of any of the schools I am considering. 

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I am probably in the minority on this and I am well aware of it historically not being a good idea, but I think we should try out a dual QB situation for the first 4 games or so. Cardale and JT each have qualities that are different from each other that would make game planning for the opposition a headache. I also would like to see what each guy can do in game situations before naming the guy based on practices. I realize that each guy would get only so many reps but me personally, I would feel more comfortable letting it be decided under the lights. This would also help if they aren't prepared mentally for this, after all this was pretty sudden, so neither one would feel the pressure of being the guy. Commencing downvotes in..3...2...1...

Comment 12 Aug 2014

Jamarco has the feet to play Left Tackle right now IMO. I just don't know if he has the strength or knowledge of the offense. I hope Warriner is giving him enough reps against Bosa as that would be the perfect litmus test to see if he can hold up. Make no mistake, Jamarco is the future at the position and I was hoping it would be sooner rather than later. To me our best lineup would be Jones LT, Price LG, Boren or Lindsay C, Elflein RG and Decker RT. Work Meechy in at LG some to get him experience. Why move a guy (Decker) who can be dominate to another position where his feet may not allow him to be as effective?

Comment 07 Aug 2014

I know there has been a lot of discussion about what Noah Brown's position will be in our offense but to me he seems to be perfect for a hybrid FB position. I realize that a FB doesn't really have a place in this offense but if we could do to him what Hue Jackson did to Marcel Reese in Oakland, then that would add another dimension to the offense. Noah clearly has a NFL body on him already and he is only going to get stronger. He could be the guy to usher in the era of the "new age" FB thus restoring the position to it's old usefulness. Sorry for rambling.....

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Alot of you seem to forget that guys our age are now eligible for testosterone replacement therapy. My best friend has got his T count up to 1250 which is very high for a 40 year old. I will bet Joey might be on the same regiment so to dismiss his claim would be rather foolish

Comment 22 Jul 2014

Any time you have the opportunity to add an athlete of Torrance's magnitude you do it and ask questions later. Who knows, he could turn into a Richard Sherman type lockdown corner. Just bring him in

Comment 22 Jul 2014

It really is a shame that Vonn was hurt this spring as I believe he is the most athletic safety we have had here for a very long time ( as the Clemson interception will attest to). Hopefully he fully heals up and hits the ground running this fall because we need him back there to be one of our defensive playmakers. I know it is not a popular belief but I thank Armani wins the other CB job due to his physical nature being suited for our change in philosophy. Cam will start the season as the nickel, his skillset is perfect for the role due to his size,speed and coverage skills. It is really hard not to get to excited about our secondary cause, honestly, when was the last time we had this much talent and explosiveness in our backups? With our schedule this year there is no reason why we shouldn't be a top 20 D, unless we score to fast and often

Comment 19 Jul 2014

1) Being the son of a single mother in Batavia, Ohio I fell in love with OSU football as a six year old watching marcus marek and company destroy people at my mom's boyfriend's house. TV turned up extra loud I might add. I am happy to say that passion has survived a move to SW Florida ('83), California ('10) and now Hawaii and is still going strong. in fact my best friend since I was 10 called me to wish me a happy 41'st birthday today but the call quickly degenerated in to a name calling, cuss out fest. Why you might ask? My friend graduated from FSU in '99 so I have had to listen to his bullshit for some time now. But not on my birthday!!

2) Still love my Bengals

3) Reds

Comment 10 Jul 2014

Ever since he committed I have been intrigued by Brady. His body type reminds me of former Cincy kid turned Hokie Duane Brown. I think these type of guys appeal to Warriner's sense of building a guy from scratch. He hasn't had any time to pick up that many bad habits thus should be extremely coachable and throw in the story about him and his mother makes this one for the future. Any time we get a guy who grew up a huge fan and is obviously a hard worker is a win in my book every time. Welcome Mr. Taylor

Comment 09 Jul 2014

Baker will be the walk out LB, McMillan in the middle and Hilliard on the weak side. On obvious passing situations Booker Jr will rotate in for McMillan then Book and Hilliard will bring the pain with an overload blitz off the weak side. Baker will fake the blitz but drop into the flat on the strong side picking off any attempts by the QB to dump off on a hot route. I think it's safe to say that our LB issues are a thing of the past. OH-

Comment 03 Jul 2014

I wanted to add one more thing. Joe Burrow must be the most excited guy on the planet right now. He is looking at the skill guys Urban is bringing in and thinking to himself "if I just get the ball out quickly and make the right read, these guys are going to be running forever". That guy who scUM signed, Malzone I think? Or Pepperoni Calzone? He wishes he had half the talent that Joey B will have at his disposal. He can tweet all the smack he wants but the truth of the matter is that Joey B already has a leg up before even stepping on campus. Love it!

Comment 03 Jul 2014

We really need to get Kirk as I believe he is going to be a superstar. His routes and the way he moves with the ball in his hands is truly special. It is good to hear how his parents raised him as I believe it will help when A&M start throwing cash and other "incentives" his way. It is heady times indeed to be a buckeye right now as I can't remember the roster being so packed with explosive athletes. I hope Urban figures out a way to manage the stress and pressures of the job so he can stay here for 20 plus years. I don't think it is that far fetched to expect multiple national titles if he stays that long. I hate what happened to Tress as much as the next guy however we really got lucky at the timing of the incident. A year earlier or later and we most likely end up with another coach which is a scary thought.

Comment 01 Jul 2014

As a 13 year old in Ft. Myers, FL you could imagine the puzzled look on my opponents face when I would go flying through the lane attempting these gyrating, triple pumping lay ups and telling them they got Bursoned! Still my favorite buckeye basketball player ever. My YBA coach would constantly yell at me for getting the rebound and going coast to coast with reckless abandon instead of running the play. My response? If Burson does it so do I, anyways quit bitching we are undefeated. Miss Jay and Hops, and that high top fade