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lived in cincinnati until I was ten then moved to ft myers. just recently moved to silicon valley because of my wife. will be attending the game in berkeley..huge buckeye, bengals and reds fan even though I have lived in SW florida for the majority of my life..


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Comment 23 Mar 2014
Listening to his comments, it seems to me that Cash realizes he is in the perfect situation. There is no scenario where this D will be worse than last year's, thus making him very relaxed about the task at hand. Most pundits and fans alike will give him the lion's share of praise since he is the high profile addition. In the words of Mel Brooks, "its good to be the king".
Comment 08 Mar 2014

I would love too see this as our nickel, which we seem to be in alot:

SSDE. Washington( should handle most right tackles)

SSDT. Bennett( good leverage pushing center back into QB's face)

Under Tackle. Bosa( his tenacity and talent should overwhelm most left guards)

WWDE. Spence( him and Bosa next to each other will force O-Line to shift protections to left side creating confusion and giving us the                                ability to bring blitz off the strong side with LB destroying the QB)

SSLB. Booker( I honestly believe he will end up our best backer by his Jr year. he knows how to blitz and is the perfect size for position)

WSLB. Johnson( spent last year learning and I believe will bring some much needed playmaking ability to position)

Star. Worley( free to roam and blast anyone stupid enough to come into his space)

LCB. Grant( he is the one who I think will benefit most from Ash's arrival. All he lacks is size)

SS. Big Cam( good combo of size, speed and ball skills and isnt afraid to stick his helmet in there)

FS. Bell ( perfect centerfield type with plus range and ball skills)

RCB. Conley( great size for the position and should be ideal for press coverage with super long arms)

 I realize the odds of this being our nickle unit, but I would love to see it. All of these guys can run, have good size and should be a very intimidating group

Comment 24 Feb 2014

Why is he a "possible top ten pick"? My opinion is, he was the most overrated player in college football. So he ran a fast 40, all that means is he does'nt have enough sand in his pants to anchor against the bull rush. Another case of best player on a shit team, just like Jenkins from Illinois who the 49ers couldn't wait to get rid of. As a Bengals fan, I don't want that guy anywhere near my team

Comment 04 Feb 2014

In my opinion Jones is the more important recruit for us. I still don't know why he is not a 5 star? I have watched him quite a bit this year and think he will be our left tackle for 3 years. I see a move to Oline for McDowell,  whichever school he chooses, which will take time to get to Jones' level

Comment 19 Jan 2014

For me, the guy who is ready to play right now physically is my boy Dante. Not sure why he is being overlooked but just like Joey the Nose, he has the stature and sand in his pants to literally push his way into playing time right away. Just like you don't find many natural strong side DE's (Bosa) in high school, you find fewer natural strong side LB's in high school. I can see Booker playing over the TE for years to come eventually becoming a more athletic Bobby Carpenter. Averaging 10 sacks a year from that position is what I envision for "Booker T. Badass"

Comment 15 Jan 2014

I have to say that I am pretty stoked about the hiring of Chris Ash, if in fact it is true. Considering what he did with the caliber of athlete he had at Wisconsin, he is going to think everyday is Christmas when/if he gets here. His defenses were known for their intelligence and toughness, two attributes our DB's were clearly lacking last year. If he can get our young studs tougher and smarter in a hurry we should be looking at a shutdown D for the next several years. I was holding out a flicker of hope for Orgeron however I believe Ash has done more with less than most defensive assistants in the country.




Comment 13 Jan 2014

I have noticed that there are quite a few people on these boards that are big Josh Perry fans. I don't want to come off as a jerk, but I just don't see it. His instincts and reading of the game need ALOT of improvement if he is to contribute from here on out. All year I've watched him totally sell out on play action thus leaving his short outside zone exposed. In my opinion he was as culpable as anyone for Clemson's screen game success. Maybe if they put him in the middle on run downs where he doesn't have as many coverage responsibilities, that would help. Unfortunately for him Kwon is coming in and with his instincts being one of his best attributes I don't see it happening. I think he should concentrate on becoming a special teams missile to be feared by our opponents...sorry off topic

Comment 06 Jan 2014

We have the guys on this team to play man-press. Remember when Cam Burrows played and shut down his guy? The problem was Fickell, for whatever reason, didn't want to play any of the young guys. Considering what we know now, we should have had Cam and Vonn as are starting safeties to start the year. They would have made alot of early mistakes but at least they would have been agressive mistakes. Plus I guarentee you by the end of the year they would have been alot better than what we had out there. To chime in on the screen thing, our outside LB's should have done a better job getting out there instead of getting sucked inside. I don't know if anybody else noticed but our corners gave up the edge on most of those screens as well and you will never stop a WR screen doing that. Not doing that is the first thing they teach a corner in Pop Warner.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Whether this report is accurate or not, I absolutely agree with both decisions. First Shazier, he doesn't have enough sand in his pants to play they way he does. I don't know that I have ever seen a linebacker his size play like Dick Butkus. He plays like he thinks he is 250 lbs which is probably his greatest asset. If he can learn to take care of his body and get in the right situation, I honestly believe he can have a Derrick Brooks like career. Braxton has has has to dedicate this offseason to learning how to PROPERLY read defenses. He does not have to carry the ball 10-15 times a game to be effective. 5-7 well timed running plays a game would maximize his abilities as well as keeping him injury free. If EJ Manuel is a NFL quarterback, there is no reason in hell that Braxton can't be. Hopefully we have the coaches who are up to the task

Comment 04 Jan 2014

a few questions

1) how do u let the teams best player run free all game without a safety over him at all times?

2) how could cj barnett be out of position on every single pass play?

3) why did we not make any adjustments on their screen game? ever?

4) how is it a true freshmen finally gets to play, when he was are best db all night? where was vonn, cam, gareon and apple all year?

5) why is it that a 5th year senior does not call for a fair catch on a pooch punt with guys bearing down on him? good riddance soft philly?

6) is it me or did our defense look confused on every play? we looked like the dumbest team in the history of TOSU tonight.

Only thing I can figure was that Urban knew this was the only way he could get rid of Fickell and get his own guy in here next year. we looked like a pop warner team tonight. my only ever time of being embarrassed to be a buckeye


Comment 18 Dec 2013

A major point that is being overlooked here is that Dixon's commitment is huge due to his High School. As with Joey B last year Dixon plied his trade at another one of Florida's football powerhouses. Dwyer is always in the state finals and regularly produces D1 talent. FSU's Nick O'Leary being one recent graduate. Dwyer has been traditionaly a Gator pipeline but if we can squeeze in there even a little bit it would be great for us. In my opinion Dwyer is #3 in terms of top Florida football programs, behind only Aquinas and Lakeland. Clearly Urban still has some cache there from his time at Florida. If he keeps getting several kids every few years from Aquinas and Dwyer, our program will be challenging for titles every year...OH


Comment 12 Dec 2013

Is anyone else getting REAL excited about Dante Booker yet? I am pumped because much like Bosa he has the size already to come in and be a force. Lets face facts our linebackers were awful, which is why it still bothers me that we stayed in a 4-3 on the deciding drive that msu took the lead. If we can get McMillan as well then the real linebacker U is back baby

Comment 11 Dec 2013

look it up...his offense was never as explosive as ours this year..check your stats ben



Comment 11 Dec 2013

One thing everyone has to remember is urban's D will never be as good as tress' D simply because of the offense. tressel ran a ball control scheme to keep his D well rested and very rarely put in bad situations. which, by the way, we all complained about. urban however brings a high powered, taking chances, up tempo style of offense which by its nature allows the opposing offense many more oppurtunities thus tiring our D in the process. that being said where I believe our defensive coaches let us down was in their read and react stlye they implemented. Bend but don't break systems rarely work in college, especially when coupled with an explosive offense. I believe going forward we need a attacking stlye defense where even if we give up the occasional big play, the turnovers and 3 and outs we would generate would far outweigh the dangers of the big play. the problem is figuring out why/who we ran this D. I do feel that a change is needed for no other reason than that we change the national perception immediately..but what do I know

Comment 22 Sep 2013

to me EZfuckinE has the look of gio bernard..same style, same jets and the time he is a junior, i fully expect him to be in the hunt for the heisman..awesome vision as well

Comment 19 Sep 2013

I would bet anything that Urban is monitoring the situation down there VERY closely to see about poaching their best recruits..that is why we love him

Comment 19 Sep 2013

anybody else remember when will muschump was declared mack brown's successor? that was like 6 years looks to me like ol' mack might be forced to resign at the end of this happy is muschump that he got out of there when he did, landing a better job in the be that bad with all that talent amazes me..UT administrators are way to arrogant to allow A&M be the story in state..

Comment 18 Sep 2013

cmon guy! well behind the play he goes after the guy and hits him in the back and he goes to the ground..he then accelerates into the guy, like a kicker kicking off, while bringing his jeft\lower leg back like he is booting a must be a defense lawyer or something..I couldn't care less about the incident but lets not say something ridiculous like that just cause he is a commit

Comment 15 Sep 2013

Being at the game there was a couple things i could see that on tv i wouldn't have...                                                                                                                                                   1. The secondary, most notably CBryant, were confused by cal's constant miss direction in the first half..even though they were in a really soft zone they still managed to get out of position...Bryant seems to eager to support the run and will bite hard on play action                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2. Cal's QB is going to play in the league..his throws were crisp and often out of his hand WELL before the receiver made his break..that was a well oiled offense who will score on anyone this year

considering the youth of our D, I anticipate they will be playing much better by the end of the year..everything being said about our turnout at memorial stadium is true..we rang the entire stadium so loud that the cal fans were genuinely miffed and took it very personally..the local papers have run several articles admonishing cal fans for selling their tix..AWESOME

Comment 15 Sep 2013

we were in section u row 7, which i was told by the cal fans was the alumni section..we outnumbered them in that section nearly 2 to 1...that last OH..IO still is giving me goosebumps