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lived in cincinnati until I was ten then moved to ft myers.Now residing in Hawaii..huge buckeye, bengals and reds fan even though I have lived in SW florida for the majority of my life..


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Comment 17 Dec 2014

Sanford is the best guy on this case you haven't noticed Stanford had it's best recruiting classes EVER while he was the recruiting run first offense and opens up more CA recruits especially stud TE's and O- Line....would be a awesome hire

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Save a Horse: I really like your idea of coming out up tempo. First, I think it would help Cardale in the fact he would have less time to be nervous and act more instinctual. Second, due to our talent gap, it could go a long way in wearing down their undersized front seven. Third, it would give Herman a chance to script the first series or so thus limiting his natural inclination to get conservative in the big games. Good idea!!!

Comment 04 Dec 2014

I feel like I say this every year against Wisconsin and every year I am pissed we don't do it. Their Center and Left Guard are so good at getting to the LB's, we need to run a 4-4 at times. Josh Perry hasn't gotten off a block yet so that leaves Grant/Kwon and Lee to contain the run. Factor in Powell hasn't been great in the run game and we will get gashed, I am sorry but it's true. If we stack Perry, Grant and Kwon in the gaps, with Lee in the walk out, we give ourselves a free backer inside as well as Lee outside. Lee is basically a hybrid LB anyways who covers like a safety so we could go Cover 1 with Bell deep DG and EA man free. This would also force Stave into checking out of plays at the line, which we all know has never been Wisky's forte. I figure if we go 4-4 70% on 1st and 2nd down we could force turnovers and win comfortably..I know a week isn't a lot of time to install a new defensive concept however it could be done considering we play 4 LB's quite a bit anyways

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Congrats my man, you certainly earned it. How fitting this comes scum week, the pleasure was truly all mine watching you pound those dirtbags for 3 straight years.

OT: Harris, Cager, Briscoe and Gallimore/McLean

Due to what we are  returning and the lack of stud DT's next year as HS Seniors, we really have to get one this year, or I fear we might be in trouble depth wise for a few years. That would be one hell of a end to the elite 15 especially considering our slow start

Comment 14 Nov 2014

If we are going to be running a lot of cover 1, I would prefer that we dropped a safety (Powell) in lieu of a extra Dlineman or backer. Controlling the LOS is what's going to beat this offense not to mention Darron Lee covers like a safety anyways. I would love to see ASH/FICKELL mix it up with some 5-3-3 or 4-4-3 looks with the inside backers pressing the A gaps. 

Comment 28 Oct 2014

I have said it 100 times on here that we have to pull out all the stops to get Kirk. I have watched more tape on this guy than anyone and in my opinion he is the best WR prospect since AJ Green came out of Summerville, SC. He reminds me of a cross between Steve Smith SR and Terry Glenn. He has the hands and jets of Glenn but also the upper body strength and sheer will of Smith. If we were somehow able to pull him out of Arizona, he would START at h-back next year. He is that good

Comment 28 Oct 2014

Sorry Brutus and Tampa, but for a coach like Dantonio it is a major advantage. Considering the majority of his players are former 3 star recruits, I don't think there is a coach in the country that has done more with less in the past several years than him. When you give him and Narduzzi, two of the best defensive minds in CFB, 2 weeks to prepare you better believe that D will be ready. I personally feel that extra week will give them a chance to put in some exotic blitzes knowing the offensive line has struggled and JT didn't handle PSU's pressure very well. I feel for TOSU to win this game, they need 2 scores from D and special teams.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

You guys who are defending the play calling by pointing to the interceptions and defensive pressure are missing the point. When you pass, down and distance and field position are factors that have to be considered. " We threw 2 picks so obviously we shouldn't pass" is incredibly flawed logic. Those early  3rd downs were perfect opportunities for play action rollouts. The point is when they expected us to run, we did. When they expected us to pass, we did. That is why we could not move the ball with any regularity, no imagination.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Holy Shit!!!! Did anybody else get a concussion from just watching this vid? We have some serious hardasses on this team. Unbelievable!

Comment 02 Sep 2014
Fido, if he eliminates that needless last back step then that gives him the 2 seconds to be on the money. Again this comes with the confidence of a QB who is ready. Goff was great at this last year when I saw him in person
Comment 01 Sep 2014

Not to be a nit picking jerk here but it wasn't so much of a underthrow, it was that he was late throwing it. Comparing Brax overthrowing a receiver with JT's pass isn't fair because Brax has a much stronger arm. In that instance on Saturday it was impossible for JT to overthrow Devin simply because Devin was at top speed and JT doesn't have the cannon to do it. If JT throws the same pass a second or two earlier it hits Devin in stride and everyone is talking about his amazing deep accuracy. Once JT gets more comfortable he should be geting his throws out on time and then our offense can open up. Hopefully this happens sooner rather than later

Comment 31 Aug 2014
The bad: I felt like our defensive scheme could have been a lot better. We needed a 4-4 with Curtis and Kwon in the middle which would have snuffed out that H-back trap they kept gashing us with. Almost 200 of their rushing yards were from that play alone. We didn't need two safeties for that offense anyways. Poor tackling again. Overall a very vanilla defensive game plan. JT was late on EVERY throw which more reps will hopefully correct. O-Line was pedestrian and I thought the play calling was pretty weak.Even Bollman thought the play calling was conservative. The good: If we can keep Adolphus healthy, he looks ready to dominate. I thought the D played really hard compared with what we saw last year. They will be much improved without a doubt. Dontre looks ready to explode on to the scene, what a difference from last year! Mike Thomas just looks like a stud. Tom Herman will earn his money this year with JT but at least I think that the tools are there. It also appears that are teams units will be a strength. All in all a good win under difficult circumstances but we need to improve in several key areas to have a realistic shot at our goals
Comment 23 Aug 2014

Due to our abundance of pass rushers on the line and our new aggressive coverage schemes, not to mention The Chef breathing down his neck, I truly believe Curtis will get every oppurtunity to have a great season. Teams will want to run the ball on us more this year and that plays into what he does best. Hopefully Bennett and Washington can do their part and keep him clean as much as possible. I am pulling for you Curtis and I think you have a shot at first team all big ten

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Buckeye Knight, you obviously didn't live in the Boston area. I have never met such uppity douches in my life " we have the most colleges per square mile than anywhere in the country so everybody else is stupid". Boston sports fans are just as bad as scUM fans in my book. Every last one of them are pretentious dirtbags if you ask me

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Obviously Pitt, but if he was getting live snaps he wouldn't be back next year. My point is Dr. Andrews will have Brax back by spring ball next year and with Kirk possibly early enrolling we could have a top 3 WR corps of Dixon, Thomas and Kirk in the spring. That would be a devastating offense and with the expected improvements by the defense should make us favorites for a playoff spot