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Comment 06 Feb 2015

Well, Weber got upset with hairball for telling him that they are not going after another RB....but they did.  Weber decided then to stay at  OSU.  That is what his decision came down to, per Weber. Now he is upset with the OSU coaches for what they did not say.  I ask myself, would he be tweeting about how upset he Is if coach left next year instead?  Do these guys really think that there is no possibility that a coach will leave while they are at OSU?  When they are stringing us all out about who they will play for, you always here that they are checking out the program, the school, and yes the coaches.  But, I have not heard any of them say they came to OSU strictly on their position coach. So, he needs to try to understand that this will not be the first hick up in his years as a football player in college and the pros. But I  wonder, if they would give him the option to leave...would he really?  I know one thing, he wouldn't go up north.

Comment 04 Feb 2015

I think this is the live link to weber....

Comment 04 Feb 2015

I think this is the live link to weber....

Comment 04 Feb 2015

I think this is the live link to weber....

Comment 26 Nov 2014

Your responses are reassuring as to what to expect...I hope not blindly. Like I said...if they go with the same old same old...we will dominate.  However, none of you expect a totally different scheme on offence...that's what's scares me....kind of. 

Comment 26 Nov 2014

Folks I'm not talking about headsets, shirts, deodorant, underwear, or choice of toilet talking his game plan man...

Comment 26 Nov 2014

Really?   Looking at last years film he seemed to have us figured out.  But don't get me wrong here, if they stick to their same old same old,...OSU will dominate as they did with Sparty.  He may have seen how we struggled to make adjustments vs. v tetch and views that as a weakness.  I'm just talking out my ass here but....

Comment 10 Nov 2014

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Comment 04 Nov 2014

The team that is prepared the most will indeed win this thing.  I have been on the sidelines here as a reader only and have seen that some on here have been questioning  the play calling by the staff.  Not me.  I have this gut feeing the team has been preparing for this since day one and that maybe, up to this point have made an effort to win without "showing anything."  Yes it almost cost them the P State game..but it didn't.  I look for the team to be prepared to unleash the arsenal  weapons we have come to expect from this group.  If they do that...along with playing a clean, mistake free game, they will win.    We really are not underdog team here, I believe just the underrated team.

Comment 11 Dec 2013

I don't really post much here...just really enjoy the Buckeye enthusiast and their comments.But for what it is worth...Coach Meyer believes and lives by  the philosophy that the best players play.  He has raised the question to his assistants..(not word for word)..did you out coach your counterpart from Alabama today?  The best coaches will coach at The Ohio State....Heads will roll my friends as you must lead by example. The best coaches coach the best players.. If not, the nice recruiting honeymoon we have enjoyed will end with a few token defensive players each year.  I believe Meyer is on a aggressive recruiting initiative...not only for players but for quality assistants that are in step with his directive....we shall see, we should hope.

Comment 19 Oct 2013

I agree..I'll take our O over that other goofy group any day.  BUT if we go up against lets say a quality team like Bama, the D secondary will need to show up like they have played together before.  Do you really think we would rack up a huge amount of points against them?...The D will be factor and that is scary right now.  Not saying it will always be that way....but the bye week refocus efforts  didn't seem to help as much like I had hoped....a little, but not as much as I had hoped for.

Comment 19 Oct 2013 win. You brought up a point unrelated to what I was talking about.  Fact is only this years wins only matter this year.  Fact is we have the same dilemma they had.  Am I wrong?   If we do not score a huge number of points against quality team...our defense most likely will not have our back. Lucky for us the O has far.