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Comment 24 Oct 2014

Savic certainly was interesting.  I was fortunate enough to play golf at Muirfield and it was widely understood that after Jack, Savic was the next most important guy in the place.  He played a lot of golf when I was there and was kind of intimidating and gruff (what do you expect from a WW2 vet though), but he was treated with reverence and I definitely shied away from him.  From my understanding Nicklaus is/was essentially his best friend.  Savic was a member of the Captains Club if I remember correctly (others included Sean Connery, Gerald Ford and I think George H.W. Bush).  Certainly Central Ohio owes a lot to him.

According to wikipedia, Savic gained 16 total yards rushing and passing in the '49 Rose Bowl (581 passing yards for the season).  Fascinating

Comment 01 Oct 2014

So I think venues are only as good as the games that you see there bc atmosphere is a fickle beast.  So I will list my favorite away games/venues in context of what I saw.

1.) OSU v. Miami 2003 ASU.  Setting atmosphere and game make this probably the best Buckeye game I will see ever, regardless of what else happens in the next 5o years I'm alive.

2.) OSU at PSU, 2012.  Great setting, night game, white out.  Passionate fans on the brink of suicide in the immediate wake of JoePa made the visit very interesting.  There were people holding vigil over the old location of the JoePa statue, very peculiar.

3.) OSU at Wisky 2003.  Yeah we lost but in dramatic fashion in the rain.  Wisconsin is a great place to see a game, great venue.  Too bad I am 0-2 there.

4.)  Osu at MSU 2012:  Great redemptive win, cool little stadium, good tailgating.

Honorable Mention:   2002 OSU at Purdue-don't care that Ross-Ade sucks most Saturdays, this one did not and was the most exciting finish, except maybe the 2003 NC game, I've ever seen.  Holy Buckeye were those Boiler fans pissed when Buckeye fans congregated after the game in the stands and did our celebratory thing (Carmen Ohio etc.) they started throwing beer bottles, full water bottles at us.  I was in College at the time enjoyed the fervor, especially from the angry Boiler fans (still like the whole Boiler Up thing).

2002 OSU at Illinois:  Overtime thriller, again.  Probably one of the last times Illini fans felt that kind of passion and anguish.  Plus a great game.

Others I've liked included Cleveland Browns stadium for the game against Toledo I think a few years ago.  Didn't like the Big House (toilet bowl seats too tight).  Sun Life Stadium for Miami FL OSU regular season game was a stinker.  I saw games at the Swamp and that venue is great except in the early season everyone reeks from B.O. by the time the second quarter starts.  Saw an overtime game in Notre Dame a few years back when they played UW and Washington, that was fun too except it was pouring rain by the end of it.

Just a few thoughts.  But my true favorite is the 'Shoe.  So many more great games seen there.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

I was playing catch with a football once and jumped up to grab the ball and it went right through my hands and the tip of the football blasted me right in the junk.  That hurt for like three days,  I actually had to get on a bicycle after that, excruciating.  Now I put a pair of socks in my boxers at all times, it is dual functioning, one it protects my boys and two it is fashionable and impressive looking.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Very good point, but life is about the gamble.  A heisman and NC is worth a million bucks over the course of a lifetime in Columbus, ask Krenzel.  A couple hundred grand signing bonus and an unguaranteed contract has much less long term possibilities.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

90% he takes redshirt, what kind of nfl prospects does he have now? 5-7 rounder at best in my opinion why not try to come back

Comment 17 Aug 2014

Makes me wonder what is happening in the parallel universe where Les Miles took the job.  Any thoughts?

Comment 17 Aug 2014

Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas Pine Bluff?

Comment 13 Aug 2014

What???? Survivor=vomit?  Next thing I know you are going to start bashing Big Brother!  One of the greatest dramas unfolding this summer, and every summer for that matter.  What else you going to watch in August that's on three times a week!  As for Survivor how can you not like watching people run out of energy and food, get pissed at each other and have nothing better to do than bitch?

NOTICE:  NO ITALICS, people laugh but I really do love Big Brother and Survivor.  They better never cancel them.  You are a fruit loop dingus if you consider them vomit (as Zach from Big Brother would say).

I respect your opinion, and your right to have one.  However I wholeheartedly and vehemently disagree with your assessment (which I suspect may not be a product of actually watching the show all that much). 

Comment 08 Aug 2014

Unless I'm mistaken the Indians main catcher is Yan Gomes.  But a Johnny Gomes Brandon Phillips fight would be entertaining. 

I do have a strong dislike for Yadier Molina too and welcome any come-uppance he might get.

Comment 08 Aug 2014

My personal belief in all sports is that a rivalry is only created when there is one of three things:

A)  Some kind of fight or monumental moment that creates ire

B)  Most importantly a game, or in baseball's case maybe a series, that can be pointed to that broke the heart of one team.

C) A large sample size of games to look at over different seasons where each team has had success over the other.

Before at least one of those things (and really all need to happen) there is no rivalry.

Ergo Reds beat Indians in World Series, next year Phillips taps Gomes on the knee pads going to bat and Cueto spikes Nick Swisher during the ensuing melee and now you got a rivalry.

But I do like watching the series every year and definitely like holding Reds series wins over my Indians fan friends.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

My broken record thoughts:

Top flight recruits rarely commit early. 

Offer lists are more important than stars. 

Lower star guys often have a lot of drive and want to prove people wrong. 

Lower star recruits are often victims of circumstance due to geography and quality of competition and are thus difficult to evaluate.

We have solid commits doing work as we speak. 

One or two key commits can start the avalanche again. 

Urban always closes well. 

I am not worried.

Comment 09 Jun 2014

I tire of the redundancy of these comments.  If you have watched tOSU recruiting for the last ten years than you know the lesser star players have meant so much and many 5stars have struggled, go back and look at aj hawk versus mike d'andrea (sorry Mike I know injuries cut short your career).  But that's the tip of the iceberg.

I think there is a high likelihood that Grant Schmidt will be a better college player than Seantrel Henderson or about a hundred of other underachieving me first OL.  There is something to be said about character and coachability.

The 2014 NFL drafts had about 15 three stars taken in the first round.

Again so tired of hearing these negative things about someone you don't know about.  If the scouts, rivals and 247 people were better at their jobs (not to say they don't do a great job, which they do) they would be on a college teams staff and not writing online.  I think it's fair to say a diamond in the rough could be found somewhere the scouts arent looking.  Ever hear of Neon Boudeaux?


Comment 16 May 2014

Thank you, I knew there was a page somewhere.  Now I know, and knowing is half the battle

Comment 16 May 2014

I always jock Jerry Lucas, but him and Havlicek have to be up there in greatest duos.  A sleeper duo I enjoyed was Delonte West and Jameer Nelson on St. Joes.  Delonte West sure was a character, I found the gif of him wet willying Gordon Hayward but I can't figure out how to attach it, I know its been asked many times but how do I put them in?


Comment 10 May 2014

I was heartbroken but not surprised.  As I posted in other threads, and I apologize to beat a dead horse, but the Bengals have repeatedly spurned former Buckeyes only to take players on teams and in conferences that have been the villain to Ohioans.  It is a peculiar practice (Maualuga instead of Laurinaitis, Chris Perry instead of Gamble, Leon Hall, Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins, Darqueeze Denard, a fun exercise would be to see how many more can be named like I've said before that's without really trying) and while several of these picks cannot be argued with because of results it is still maddening to me (there are also a horde of FA signings too of other players that specifically stick in the craw of us Buckeyes, see Mays, Taylor and Nelson, Reggie).  If all things are equal (or even 80% equal) like they were in the Hyde Hill fiasco you would think the Bengals execs and Mike Brown specifically would be greedy and choose to sell more tickets and jerseys (how many Hyde jerseys sell immediately versus an LSU back? gotta be enough to pay for his rookie contract almost).

Perhaps someone a little older than I could chime in here but I remember there being issues between the Brown family and the Buckeyes that may have precipitated this (I know the Browns had an issue with Modell too).

Comment 08 May 2014

I'd gladly take dissapointment of Ginn and Kumerow over the reality that the Bengals have drafted Chris Perry, Rey Maualauga, Leon Hall, Carlos Dunlap, Andre Caldwell and have Taylor Mays and Reggie Nelson (thats seven buckeye killers without even thinking I have to root for).  It's like a SEC USC team, yuk.  Give me Roby, Hyde or Shazier, PLEASE do not take Taylor Lewan or Tajh Boyd (although he isn't so bad) or Darqueeze Denard.