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Comment 13 hours ago

I'd counter it's not the ESPN hype the 17 yeah old kids are buying it's the actual results on the field.  Once again this year the SEC is far and away the best conference on the field.  

Comment 19 Oct 2014

Peterno could have stopped Sandusky in his tracks.  He didn't and they still have a library with his name on it. 

Comment 19 Oct 2014

I think we stay 13 too.  We jump Oklahoma, KSU jumps us.  Our resume isn't as good as any of the teams who will be ranked ahead of us.  We haven't played a ranked team.  

Comment 16 Oct 2014

Agree that neither of these recruits are probably to OSU, but both are still viable possibles.  

With Baker we just need Muschamp to be fired.  Would also help if their LB coach is not retained.

Kentucky became more viable performing well this year, but that could fall apart. They won't be a favorite again the rest of the season.

Sat, Oct 18 @ LSU
Sat, Oct 25 #1 Mississippi St
Sat, Nov 1 @ Missouri
Sat, Nov 8 #10 Georgia
Sat, Nov 15 @ Tennessee
Sat, Nov 29 @ Louisville

Kentucky won't win another home game and could easily go 1-5 in this stretch.  

Comment 09 Oct 2014

Offensive stats have increased dramatically in the past 8 years.  More yards are being gained and more points scored across college football.  Troy was the most efficient passer and a clutch player when he won the award.  

Comment 05 Oct 2014

I don't see this as a knock on Burrows, it's something he can't control.  I see it as something that makes him a bit more of a risk as a recruit, but if MAC players can succeed in the NFL Joe could at OSU.  Urban watched him perform in person at camp and clearly came away impressed.  

Comment 05 Oct 2014

We landed at 15 in both polls.  Everything above played out, but in addition UCLA lost so we moved one slot higher.

Comment 04 Oct 2014

We SHOULD be rated below Oregon,Alabama, and Oklahoma - they lost to undefeated teams.  Va Tech has 2 losses.

We SHOULD be ranked below TCU and Arizona.  They beat top 5 teams and are undefeated.  We haven't played a ranked team.

We will pass and deserve to pass LSU, Stanford, Wisc, MSU- Neb loser, & BYU (ahead of us in AP only). We might pass USC in the AP.  

All this would put us at #16.  

Comment 04 Oct 2014

If we were a playoff caliber team, I would probably root for Sparty since it would improve our SOS.  We definately play MSU but only might play Nebraska.

I will root for Nebraska.  If MSU drops this game and drops 1 more game (@ Maryland or @ PSU), we could lost to MSU but still win the division.  Since they are our main division rival I'll root against them in every B10 game.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

I agree.  The primary criteria for picking up teams should be the recruiting footprint.  Nebraska added nothing there and that hurt the rest of the Big 10.  

Comment 27 Sep 2014

Agree.  He's a slightly above average QB at this time with a weak supporting cast.  I can't see any improvement in him vs. last year. 

Comment 24 Sep 2014

Thanks.  I'll search for it.  I just went to the BTN website and the only channel it provided was the standard def one (I live in the Silicon valley area). 

Comment 22 Sep 2014

I can see why Urban put all his eggs into the Deshaun Watson basket for awhile.  

It will be interesting to see if any of the QBs we passed on waiting for DW pan out.