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Comment 10 hours ago

Can't say I agree with describing the Orange Bowl as a disaster.  A team that was slightly better than us won in a close game that went down to the final minute.  No Roby, no Spence, figured it would be a long night for our defense.  

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Not sure how these guys would be used situational way.  Comparing the two:

Cardale has better power as a runner and solid speed

JT is the faster more elusive runner

Cardale is the better down field passer with a stronger arm

JT is the better short passer getting the ball to our speedy playmakers.  JT has better accuracy.

How would one use these different skill sets in situations?  Cardale comes in on 3rd & 2 or less and on 3rd & 10 or more, JT plays 3rd & 3-9?  lol

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I think Braxton's best shot at success in the NFL is as a scat back or slot WR.  Would not hurt him to play 1 season in college at one of those positions.  Having said that if his shoulder is healthy and he comes back he will be the starting QB next year.  

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I agree his best NFL position is other than QB.  If he can catch well I'd make him a slot WR, but he'd also be a great scat back.  The NFL is moving more and more toward quick RBs rather than the big bruisers.  

Comment 18 Aug 2014

The argument is not a push.  Mariotta is a much better passer and Braxton is a slightly better runner.  If both would have entered the NFL draft last year, Mariotta would have been a top 5 pick, Braxton would have been a round 5 pick.  Braxton has huge upside he hasn't realized yet as a passer.  Here's hoping that he does in 2014!  

Comment 16 Aug 2014

Great summary of the top 6 games, but if the Big10 loses #1 & 2 on that list, the best it could do is hold serve.  Only a win in one of those 2 games will really increase the perception of B10 strength. 

Comment 16 Aug 2014

This is exactly what I've thought for years.  He has the speed and size of a first round draft pick at WR,  Seems a much better use of his talent than 2nd/3rd string QB.  

Comment 15 Aug 2014

No question whatsoever last year during the regular season in in the bowls the SEC was #1 and Pac-12 #2.  Based on BCS games alone I'd give the edge to the ACC as the #3 conference last year.  The SEC had 4 of the top 8 teams in both the final AP and coaches poll, 7 ranked teams in total.  The Pac had 5 ranked teams.  Big 10 only had 3 ranked teams in the AP, but 4 in the Coaches poll with Nebraska slipping into the #25 spot. The ACC only had 3 ranked teams, huge drop off after FSU & Clemson.  Big12 only had 3 ranked teams. 

Comment 15 Aug 2014


Sun Belt 2 0 1.000
Southeastern 7 3 .700
Pac-12 6 3 .667
Independents 2 1 .667
Big 12 3 3 .500
C-USA 3 3 .500
Mountain West 3 3 .500
Atlantic Coast 5 6 .454
American 2 3 .400
Big Ten 2 5 .286
Mid-American 0 5 .000

Comment 12 Aug 2014

I take no joy from that game.  No one outside of Buckeye fans gives us any credit for it either.  

I had a very empty feeling after that game.  We barely limped to victory.  Nobody who watched that game came away impressed by the Buckeyes.  Most people I talked to thought we were outplayed but saved by the late int.  

Then adding in the fact that even at that time we knew 5 players would be suspended at the beginning of the next season but for the first and last time the NCAA allowed players with violations to play a game first then take the penalty.  Finally with the Tress violations and the win officially being taken away from the record books, I can't say I personally look at that game as one I take pride & joy in like I did all the other BCS victories.  

Comment 12 Aug 2014

Gotta take this list with a huge grain of salt.  2.5 years from now on 2017 signing day, most of the kids who will end up in the top 100 have not yet taken a meaningful high school snap. 

Still interesting to see some Ohio kids and OSU prospects on the list no matter how much it will change.  

Comment 08 Aug 2014

Thought this would blow-up the system too until I saw this:

"In a partial victory for the NCAA, though, Wilken said the NCAA could set a cap on the money paid to athletes, as long as it allows at least $5,000 a year for big school football and basketball players."

Perhaps not earth shattering news especially in light of the big 5 already moving in the direction of more valuable scholarships. 

Comment 07 Aug 2014

Can't say I even remotely agree that a 6-7 team... which was 0-3 against mediocre teams with every player back from suspension, with the exception of Pryor, could even be in the discussion for the best team in the country.  With Tress and no tat-gate whatso ever that team still only had 1 good WR, no elite RBs, a mediocre OL, and a slightly above average defence at best. 

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Watch the first two seasons then stop.  'Lost' creates new mysteries for the sake of creating mysteries.  Many of the most interesting mysteries simply disappear from the story line unresolved as new mysteries are revealed.  

Comment 19 Jul 2014

Great summary of where things are now.

My questimate is there will be about 4 guys not mentioned who will end up in the Buckeyes class.  Kids who have a great senior season and turmoil after some programs have disappointing seasons will produce more candidates. 

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Many on here fail to understand that Ohio State got into no trouble whatsoever because these 5 players traded memorabilia for tats.  The only penalty for that crime was that those 5 players had to sit 5 games.

OSU got in trouble because Tressel knew about the the violation and yet signed a letter saying he knew of no NCAA violations.  Finally the cash for golf fiasco AFTER Tressel had already been forced out was the final blow that cost us a bowl game and scholies.  

Comment 24 Jun 2014

If players actually made money based on someone wanting to license their image and likeness I'd be in favor of that, but there's no way to police it.  What if an Alabama booster says he's willing to pay $50K for every 5* & $40K for every 4 star recruit who signs a picture for him?

Once you allow payment for image and likeness you have allowed boosters to pay players.  


Comment 24 Jun 2014

Disagree.  The universities are already proving they are trying to make every $ possible.  Attendance is down at college football games.  If universities could raise prices without causing an equal or greater reduction in attendance they would have already done so.  Prices are already at the perceived revenue maximizing level.