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Comment 21 Oct 2011

I have it from a good source he has a couple options for next year ...

One - being QB coach at the Colts

Two - some coaching capacity with Tampa Bay especially if the Debartlo family buys a controlling share.



Comment 11 May 2011

I think everyone connected to the program directly and indirectly needs to just stop giving opinions, be quiet and support the program.  I understand they are in the media now but a "let's see what the August meeting result" is an answer.  I could understand if Coach covered up a murder or a rape, but a few jackass players sold some stuff that belonged to them.  Many former coaches have come out to say this happens a lot and it isn't a big deal.  Many talking heads go on record that it is a stupid rule. 

If the former big name players continue to give their thoughts then you give the college football world more ammo an the NCAA more reason to dig harder.  And like most of us, if you want to find something wrong, you are going to find something wrong.