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Comment 09 May 2017

Here's where this can get interesting. 

An AD with a rising star coach puts big bonus in comp plan to secure early signings. So when coach leaves for bigger program, the school still has decent team. Of course, the kids are screwed but that's not the NCAAs concern. 

Or a new coach like a James Franklin-type tells. The world he intends to close the entire class early with truly committed kids (to get a head start gelling or whatever). He tells kids to get in board or lose their spot. Some kids on the fence will get on board. They may not be OSU flip candidates; but still flip candidates off the table. 

Agree it's 98% no issue. Still don't see a benefit to recruits though. 

Comment 06 Mar 2016

Are recruits accepting offers at elite schools (with limited space) early in the process simply to reserve a spot while they continue to look around?

Are they being coached to do so?

(Looking at it objectively, it's a good strategy; reserve a spot and shut others out, with no real obligation.)

Comment 24 Dec 2015

A Sparty win would crush TTUN fans. One rival wins a natty in 2014/15, then the other rival wins a natty in 2015/16.  I can get on board with that.

Comment 07 Aug 2015

So when Ahmir Mitchell announces for tsun, the tsun class will be good enough (243) to be ranked 5th at the moment. If George Hill leaves the Buckeye class, the tOSU would drop to 3rd (269). These rankings are per the 247 calculator. The classes are not full yet, so for idea of what it takes to get a #1 class, here are the #1/#5/#10 class calcs for the last 10 years:

2015: 311/285/271 (Bama #1)

2014: 319/278/264 (Bama #1)

2013: 319/284/266 (Bama #1)

2012: 310/281/264 (Bama #1)

2011: 298/280/269 (Bama #1)

2010: 324/281/262 (Florida #1, example of Urban leaving cupboard bare for Poor Muschamp) 

2009: 291/279/256 (LSU #1)

2008: 294/285/261 (ND #1)

2007: 310/278/240 (Florida #1)

2006: 315/276/249 (USC #1)

Comment 22 Jul 2015

Last season, the Big XII and most media pundits focused on the quality of the loss rather than the quality of the wins. This was backwards, or at least an incomplete argument that seemed to focus on keeping tOSU snd the B1G suppressed in the rankings. Let's see how the arguments are [conveniently] framed this year. 

Comment 17 May 2015

Interesting that Jordan Fuller did not participate in the camp and moved up.  The reason he moved up was positive feedback from sources.  

Also, George Hill is now ranked higher than Walker (an ironic name for a fast running back) on 247's list.  Camps are a risk.

Has Walker been invited to The Opening in Oregon? He can gain back ground there.

Comment 07 May 2015

I thought it had to do with size/frame.  WDE is taller, faster, lighter and able to drop back to LB (like interception in Bama game) and SDE is heavier, and able to get low and move to interior (like Joey Bosa or Diesel). Most top DTs appear to be 6'2"-6'4" and most top DEs appear to be 6'4"-6'5". King, though tall, is a SDE, so more suited to play SDE/DT like Diesel.  Robertson, is a tall, lighter WDE, like Cooper and Hall, and even Tuf Borland.  Of the two, King seems like more of a need. 

Looking at recruits by positions, some are filling up faster. When dominoes fall, recruits need to be ready commit or miss out.  We saw this with QBs last year.  WDEs and OLB are committing faster than SDEs and DTs.  Zero of the top 20 SDEs are committed. Maybe this is why Robertson needed to commit earlier, but Bosa and King can wait.

Interested to see if the dominoes do fall quickly in each position group.  

Comment 06 May 2015

If he wanted in, he could have committed before Hall.  Risks and Rewards to waiting.

Comment 08 Feb 2015

I thought tsun counts acouple wins over Ann Arbor High School, plus several wins over various downtown athletic clubs and other groups that were not universities. I understand there were not many teams to play in the 1800s, but I still don't think tsun should take credit for what was essentially a club team. Tsun may still claim more victories than anyone else, but the total would drop significantly.