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Comment 19 Aug 2014

"Until then, J.T. Barrett (who deleted his Twitter account like a sage) is on the clock. 

Now THATs the Best Move any player can make!  JT already seems like a class act.  Just go quietly about your job of just gettin it done and leave the noise making to the idiots who are all talk and no sense.

Comment 01 Dec 2013

Screens, Screens, Screens.  We do a miserable job of defending them.  BUT they are always a grand opportunity to also grab a Pick 6 - IF we are on top of our game.  Lets hope TOTUN wants to throw a few and we are (finally!) ready to pick some of them off for D Scores.


Comment 01 Dec 2013

Look at all of our opponents this year - and most of them treated the game with us as their bowl game for the year - and they brought their best stuff just to try to knock us off (FAIL). 
Then look at the rest of their games/performances after we beat them, sad.  Unfortunately it makes our SOS look worse.  But they do come packing a game and we just always have to be ready for their best shot.  That is called being a Buckeye. 

So if you want to see any team's best game, just tune in to an OSU game.  Fortunately OUR TEAM also shows up with their best game every week.  For example where the heck did TTUN come up with a game plan and over the top performances from a program that looked dead a week ago.  Playing Ohio State = putting on the top game you have.  And we love it.

TOTUN will be loaded for bear next week, and they are capable of throwing a really great game at us.  We had better be on our very best, hitting on all skills - TACKLING included.

Comment 01 Dec 2013

And somewhere on 11W this past week I thought I read the incredible evaluation of TTUN as not using screen passes this year, so that could be ignored for the week.  My head almost exploded as all I can recall in these war games is TTUN always pulling out the screen and burning us....  Does anyone on the D coaching staff understand how to recognize and defend against a screen?  Seems like this is one thing that has burnt us all season long and we will probably see it again next week....  A little preparation might help (oh and some real tackling as well)....

Comment 01 Dec 2013

Duh!  What is it that Auburn AD Jay Jacobs does not undestand about that word LOSS?  As in LOSER.  When he can come to the bable with a 12-0 season in a MAJOR COMPETITIVE CONFERENCE (and the SEC is now far from that - lots of little sisters to beat up on), then he can discuss the issue with credibility.  That LOSS takes away the invitation to play.  So he should just shut the heck up and go back to his crayons and coloring books in fantasy land.

Comment 20 Nov 2013

By this time in the season everyone is running on adrenalin - and they are tired!  Lots of games, prep, recruiting, late nights, no weekends - that is the grind that is college football when you are winners.  Let the less determined look fresh and relaxed at this point in the season.  This team knows that the extra effort and dedication will pay off.  Thanks Buckeyes!

Comment 20 Nov 2013

Your Advice to the Buckeye Nation is perfect.  Enjoy the moment of being a Buckeye and love this team, the coaches, the players, their outstanding accomplishments - winning!  Focus on the next game and enjoy every play.  Players and coaches being the best they can be on each play is what will create wins.  Supportive fans help push the team forward week to week.


IGNORE the polls, the talking heads that can't seem to do anything more than rehash myths about the SEC, speed, quickness, SOS or whatever.  Wasting any time on those idiots makes no sense.  

For right now just focus on INDIANA and how to demolish their defense, and cripple their offense with the incredible players and coaches we have on both sides of the ball.  Time enough for later victories and proof that we are the Best Damn Team in the country.  We believe it.  Our Coaches believe it.  And our players, trainers, managers, band, cheerleaders and the fans KNOW it.  Who cares what the F others want to think.

Go Bucks!  Have fun playing and  WINNING.  I don't care for a nanosecond how the computers, the biased voters, or anyone out there rates us vs other teams  I know we are the best we can be and I absolutely love watching this team play.  Stay Strong Buckeye.  Stay Focused on THIS week.

Comment 07 Nov 2013

To be marketed as "Vermont Maple Syrup" the product only needs to contain at least 10% real Vermont syrup - so Vermont "manufacturers" import syrup from Canada, New York, OHIO etc.  Ohio exports more syrup to Vermont than Vermont actually produces from its own trees.  

If your want the real thing, and actually the BEST quality syrup - just buy the 100% pure natural Ohio Maple Syrup.  There are several grades of syrup from extra fancy (very light color) to later run darker (and more flavorful) grades.  I prefer the darker, more intense flavors.  Good Maple Syrup is like good wine, and as variable as the region, soil, climate, particular year.

There, Little Brother, you are also updated.

Does tOSU Ag department have a course on Sugarbush husbandry?  Maple product production is a major industry in Ohio.  And Maple Syrup is pure gold - just try to buy some without a line of credit on your abode!

To improve the bourbon concoction, just use Maple Sugar (not the syrup) with the bitters - 

Love the article - from cats, to bourbon, to color-out stadiums....  

I used to take Gallons of Geauga County Maple Syrup down to Anne and Woody - another Ohio product for which Woody would not accept any substitutes!