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Comment 15 Jan 2015

One of the basic keys to winning in this game is to absolutely deny your opponent to move the ball, complete passes, to shut down the running game, and to prevent scoring - especially in the red zone.  Just shut them down all over the field.

Then, and only then, does the offense have a chance to work their magic.  

Defenses like this one are the key to winning.  This one did not get at all discouraged by a few turnovers on the O side.  They found glory in shutting down their opponents.  Great coaching.  Great growth.  Great players who learned, grew and had absolute faith in themselves, their teammates both on the D and O side of the ball.   That makes the Buckeyes so special and such a success.  The Silver Bullets are indeed back and I am soooooo incredibly happy to see the amazing level of their commitment and outstanding achievements.  Go Bucks.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Just maybe the big guys at ESPN should step back and reevaluate the Mark May and ESPN bias toward the SEC.  Just maybe a little more fair and unbiased commentary would be nice.... afterall we just made them $$$$$$s.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Mark May doesn't watch anything, he just blabbers on about his biased and uninformed opinions spewing nonsense. How the heck would he ever know anything about the Bucks?  He just chooses to cruise through life as an uninformed jerk and hopes no one will notice.  An SEC bound idiot who should not be given any kind of soap box to preach his drivel.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Welcome to Ohio State Football - this is how the game is supposed to be WON. Remember, You Win With (quality Buckeye) People.  Woody still lives in our hearts and in the dignity of our program - and all of our coaches and players continue in that grand tradition. It is what makes this team so special, so great.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

And all of _ichigan still sucks.

Enjoy these spectacular wins, rest, heal, and savor the moment, then get back to work and get ready for September, for a revenge matchup with VT, and remember that game at the end of the season is coming when we get to stuff TTUN in another toilet.   

The 11 day wait for this game was so long I'm  it sure how I can survive until the Buckeyes tAke the field once again. Go Bucks!

Comment 05 Jan 2015

 Something in the back of my head keeps nagging me about FUSs turnovers - especially when Winston went down and fumbled - didn't seem right - was he trying to throw the game and give a friend  helping shove on a bet against FSU? And in turn set the Ducks  egos up for a fall against the Bucks?  Two bets on the underdogs that win big?  One by design and another by creating an overconfident and then vulnerable Duck team -   seems like something the Felon would do...  Replay that fumble and ask yourself if it was staged .   No matter to us either way - just go beat the living tar out of the Ducks!

Comment 04 Jan 2015

The Ducks D bent midfield but got very stingy in the red zone with FSU - we need to take advantage of that mid field flex and score from way out - avoid the Ducks resolve on a short field red zone.  Their D got very stout when they were able condense the play - and not so much when they had more field to defend.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Great win.  Sooooo happy the BIG overall did well this weekend! And even happier that the SuckEC went down in collective flames.  

Oregon, and Mariota, is the real deal.  This matchup should be even more DP pounding excitement - but I still say Buck the Ducks.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Don't make more of 'Bama than they deserve - it's only this year that counts and no matter what Mark may may say (why does anyone give him any cred?) "Bama can be beat and they are not giants - good team, good coaches but not infallible.  We also have good coaches, good team that can swing with the best.  The winner near will be better prepared, more intense and believe they will win. Given great game plans from both coaching staffs this will be one for the ages and I fully expect our wealth of talent and drive (as shown against Whisky) to dominate.  Go Bucks!

Comment 16 Nov 2014

One statistic that I would like to see is the number of times those assclown commentators felt it was necessary to emphasize the loss to Va Tech.....  I finally realized as I watched the game that Virginia Tech was being mentioned in almost every other breath.  OK guys we all know that we lost that one, but does that also mean that the cometary about almost every play has to include the words "Virginia Tech"?

As I watched Alabama, Whisky & the Huskers later, and other games it did not seem that the commentary just had to include much mention of those teams signature losses.  Is there a theme of dragging us down as much as possible?  Is that possible?  Oh right...

I dont want to go back and do a count of the number to Va Tech mentions in our game but it probably sets some sort of record.  Only mention this because if records are being set then we should include this one....... Not,

Comment 10 Nov 2014

I imagine its going to be cold......

Yep - with this weeks Polar Vortex slamming down through Minneapolis with a foot of snow early in the week and leaving behind really cold weather for the weekend - Cold, Minnesota Cold, is going to be a big factor in this week's game.    And I hate the gloves on JT and the receivers - and that ball just gets harder and harder as it gets colder.  Thankfully its a noon game for at least a little bit of warmth.

Go Bucks - get hot and burn the gophers...

Comment 09 Nov 2014

I agree.  When has he done anything other than run into the center of the defense - he is no elusive, cant pick a lane, and seems to believe he can blast through a solid wall of defenders.  I'd like to see at least one breakaway return this year - and he aint doin it.

Comment 29 Oct 2014

And remember how Tressel would hold stuff back in the early going to be able to pull the rabbit out of the hat when he finally needed it (close to the sweater vest stuff).  Hope we have some big stuff left in the play book to pull out on Nov 8 and hope we don't need it this weekend.  But as you say, everyone brings their best stuff to play the Buckeyes.  Heck, its the only bowl game they will play.  We have to be ready just one week, one team, at a time.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

The kids are doing great.  Both on O and D.  I worry more about the play calling.  I am glad that the worries about the D coaching seem to be fading into the background.  Give a bunch of Freshmen and Sophomores some credit - they are basically getting the job done and with some pretty good style, JT especially (kid has heart!).   The O play calling has to catch up to the kids.  Wrinkles, a few.  But as others have said the strategy on offense has been reactive, conservative, inept at times.  Better come up with a strategy to get in front of the game and set the tone to keep the opposing D off balance and stop being so predictable.

Does this coaching staff ask the D coaching staff to evaluate the films and recommend how to achieve a better challenge to opposing D's?   The reason I like to watch a game with Spielman as commentator is he does exactly that  - he points out how the O needs to react to counter what the D is doing to them.    I love an O that knows how to play with the D rather than being dominated by them.  But then I basically watch a game from the D point of view.  And I love it when a D dominates a game - except of course when it it a D that is dominating OUR O.  Second half was not pretty for our O.  The kids are playing their hearts out and I love them all for it.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Lets just go with 13 being our lucky number and go kick some serious butt.

And how does everyone in this part of the season get a bye week just before they play us?  And yes we are everyone's bowl game - they can play way above their average when the Scarlet and Gray are on the docket.

Can we overcome that - sure thing.  Bucks Rule.  A scare like last night may get someone to wake up to having to make some changes to make sure we are ready and can adapt to adversity, and do what it takes to win.  I love this team - lots of character, potential - and they did not quit when the going got rough.  Thanks for a win (a scary win, but a win).

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Fix this: Not making excuses for JT, Herman but where in the heck do the quick slants, good old fashion screens, drags, and crossing routes go in the big games? Why does every pass route require the O-line to block forever?

Ive seen it now against MSU, Clemson, Virginia Tech, and PSU. The play book shrinks to almost nothing and the pass plays put the line and QB in horrible situations.


The PSU D run blitzed and stunted, and played hard. But it was as much our playcalling as it was their effort. Meaning, with what they were doing, as others have already said, we should've been throwing screens, slants and quick hits to the TEs, who would've been open almost every time getting behind those aggressive run-stopping linebackers.

Gotta understand how the game is played and how to counter what the other team is doing - rather than continuing to do the same thing that IS NOT WORKING over and over again.  Urbs - are you listening?