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Comment 05 Feb 2016

I also noticed when I looked up his age...his nickname is "Lil Poopy"! Hahaha. At least on Wikipedia. 

Comment 05 Feb 2016

But what do I know...I'm 29 and maybe teen boys these days like 52 year old men sleeping with them. 

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Why didn't you ask them if they would mind if you had a sleepover with them in their room?...

I have a feeling the answer would be...No, because it's creepy, and you would be fired and possible legal action might be taken.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

Agree 100%. But generally when a position coach leaves his position...the question is almost always raised if it will affect the recruits in his position. And I haven't seen that question posed at all. And we have 2 top 10 TEs in the nation coming in. 

Comment 10 Nov 2015

If u are saying he competes with them for heisman attention than u are crazy. Outside of immediately after the VT game when Braxton put the whole team in the spin cycle...not any of them have even been mentioned in the heisman race. But if u mean he competes for touches...yeah...maybe. 

Comment 18 Oct 2015

I can agree that he is not the between the tackles runner Zeke and Hyde were/are. As for not having the vision or the cutting ability...not sure I agree. And not sure you can speak for the staff. And it can be argued that he was moved to get him the ball more...not for his lack of ability at RB. 

Comment 13 Sep 2015

58 games lifetime. (I'm 29)

53 wins vs 5 loses

7-0 vs TTUN

2 different 19 game win streaks

Currently on a 7 game win streak and have tickets to all home games this year and TTUN tickets. 

09/14/2002 W 25-7 OSU vs Washington State
09/20/2003 W 24-17 OSU vs Bowling Green
09/03/2005 W 34-14 OSU vs Miami (OH)
09/10/2005 L 22-25 OSU vs Texas
09/17/2005 W 27-6 OSU vs San Diego Statem
09/24/2005 W 31-6 OSU vs Iowa
10/15/2005 W 35-24 OSU vs Michigan State
11/05/2005 W 40-2 OSU vs Illinois
11/12/2005 W 48-7 OSU vs Northwestern
09/02/2006 W 35-12 OSU vs Northern Illinois
09/16/2006 W 37-7 OSU vs Cincinnati
09/23/2006 W 28-6 OSU vs Penn State
10/07/2006 W 35-7 OSU vs Bowling Green
10/21/2006 W 44-3 OSU vs Indiana
10/28/2006 W 44-0 OSU vs Minnesota
11/18/2006 W 42-39 OSU vs TTUN
09/01/2007 W 38-6 OSU vs Youngstown State
09/08/2007 W 20-2 OSU vs Akron
09/22/2007 W 58-7 OSU vs Northwestern
10/13/2007 W 48-3 OSU vs Kent State
10/20/2007 W 24-17 OSU vs Michigan State
10/27/2007 W 37-17 OSU at Penn State
11/03/2007 W 38-17 OSU vs Wisconsin
11/10/2007 L 21-28 OSU vs Illinois
08/30/2008 W 43-0 OSU vs Youngstown State
09/06/2008 W 25-14 OSU vs Ohio
09/20/2008 W 28-10 OSU vs Troy
09/27/2008 W 34-21 OSU vs Minnesota
10/11/2008 W 16-3 OSU vs Purdue
10/25/2008 L 13-6 OSU vs Penn State
11/22/2008 W 42-7 OSU vs TTUN
09/05/2009 W 31-27 OSU vs Navy
09/26/2009 W 30-0 OSU vs Illinois
10/10/2009 W 31-13 OSU vs Wisconsin
10/24/2009 W 38-7 OSU vs Minnesota 
10/31/2009 W 45-0 OSU vs New Mexico State
11/14/2009 W 27-24 OSU vs Iowa
11/21/2009 W 21-10 OSU at TTUN
09/11/2010 W 36-24 OSU vs Miami (FL)
10/09/2010 W 38-10 OSU vs Indiana
10/23/2010 W 49-0 OSU vs Purdue
11/13/2010 W 38-14 OSU vs Penn State
11/27/2010 W 37-7 OSU vs TTUN
10/06/2012 W 63-38 OSU vs Nebraska
11/24/2012 W 26-21 OSU vs TTUN
09/28/2013 W 31-24 OSU vs Wisconsin
10/05/2013 W 40-30 OSU at Northwestern
10/26/2013 W 63-14 OSU vs Penn State
11/30/2013 W 42-41 OSU at TTUN
12/07/2013 L 24-34 OSU vs Michigan State (B1G Champ, Indy)
09/06/2014 L 21-35 OSU vs Virginia Tech
09/13/2014 W 66-0 OSU vs Kent State
09/27/2014 W 50-28 OSU vs Maryland
10/18/2014 W 56-17 OSU vs Rutgers
11/22/2014 W 42-27 OSU vs Indiana
11/29/2014 W 42-28 OSU vs TTUN
12/06/2014 W 59-0 OSU vs Wisconsin (B1G Champ, Indy)
09/12/2015 W 38-0 OSU vs Hawaii 

Comment 06 Sep 2015

I'm pretty sure that's our standard helmet. So to me it's either our standard away whites...or the whites we wore against Alabama. 

Comment 04 Sep 2015

Minor correction. This is his big board. Not a mock draft. Often times QBs are down the list on the big board. But get taken #1 and #2 cause of positional value. On the other hand RBs fall.