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Comment 19 Sep 2016

I am not saying you...but I think a lot of people are confused about bad angles. You have to take and inside out route to the back hip to prevent a cut back in the open field. Which sometimes can leave you a bit susceptible to maybe getting ran by if you under estimate the opponents speed.  

Comment 26 Apr 2016

But he ran a horrendous 4.57 at the combine.

i don't know where this guy gets his numbers. But that's not a bad number for a WR that size. 

40% of the top 10 receivers last year in the NFL were 4.5+ 40 times. 

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Does an individual player really bring in that much money at a place like OSU? I understand an RGIII or Manziel basically making teams relevant are almost priceless. But doesn't every starting QB not named Bauserman sell a ton of jerseys/becomes famous. After JT graduates, don't you think the next guy will sell a ton of jerseys. Is OSU hurt when they miss on a Kareem Walker? Or will whoever the next starting RB be sell a lot of jerseys. Point is we have a system in place that makes you famous.  

Comment 11 Apr 2016

It's pretty simple actually if you think about it. It's very similar to most companies have you sign a conflict of interest clause. The company/school wants to profit on your fame. Fame that they own while you use their platform they provide to become famous. I'm not saying it's a perfect system at all. It has many flaws. But what NCAA athletes face is not that far away from what everyone in the working world faces. And we all ultimately get to make that choice on whether or not to work there. In a perfect world they would create an NFL developmental/minor league. And just really see who is famous. The school....or the player. 

Comment 10 Apr 2016

It was deleted. So I couldn't read what he had written. I was more or less stating there the bigger difference is when Jim Tressel tweets and its reported. That's not as much a comment as a reporting. hope I explained it better this time. 

Comment 10 Apr 2016

are you actually confused by this? I didn't read what you wrote so I don't know what was said or the context it was said in. But to compare what you commented to what Jim Tressel tweeted blows my mind. Yours was a comment, hence commenting policy. If Jim Tressel said something racist in a tweet. Do you think they would report it and post it? But would that then give you the right to be racist in your commenting? I can only assume that the answer