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Comment 10 Nov 2015

If u are saying he competes with them for heisman attention than u are crazy. Outside of immediately after the VT game when Braxton put the whole team in the spin cycle...not any of them have even been mentioned in the heisman race. But if u mean he competes for touches...yeah...maybe. 

Comment 18 Oct 2015

I can agree that he is not the between the tackles runner Zeke and Hyde were/are. As for not having the vision or the cutting ability...not sure I agree. And not sure you can speak for the staff. And it can be argued that he was moved to get him the ball more...not for his lack of ability at RB. 

Comment 13 Sep 2015

58 games lifetime. (I'm 29)

53 wins vs 5 loses

7-0 vs TTUN

2 different 19 game win streaks

Currently on a 7 game win streak and have tickets to all home games this year and TTUN tickets. 

09/14/2002 W 25-7 OSU vs Washington State
09/20/2003 W 24-17 OSU vs Bowling Green
09/03/2005 W 34-14 OSU vs Miami (OH)
09/10/2005 L 22-25 OSU vs Texas
09/17/2005 W 27-6 OSU vs San Diego Statem
09/24/2005 W 31-6 OSU vs Iowa
10/15/2005 W 35-24 OSU vs Michigan State
11/05/2005 W 40-2 OSU vs Illinois
11/12/2005 W 48-7 OSU vs Northwestern
09/02/2006 W 35-12 OSU vs Northern Illinois
09/16/2006 W 37-7 OSU vs Cincinnati
09/23/2006 W 28-6 OSU vs Penn State
10/07/2006 W 35-7 OSU vs Bowling Green
10/21/2006 W 44-3 OSU vs Indiana
10/28/2006 W 44-0 OSU vs Minnesota
11/18/2006 W 42-39 OSU vs TTUN
09/01/2007 W 38-6 OSU vs Youngstown State
09/08/2007 W 20-2 OSU vs Akron
09/22/2007 W 58-7 OSU vs Northwestern
10/13/2007 W 48-3 OSU vs Kent State
10/20/2007 W 24-17 OSU vs Michigan State
10/27/2007 W 37-17 OSU at Penn State
11/03/2007 W 38-17 OSU vs Wisconsin
11/10/2007 L 21-28 OSU vs Illinois
08/30/2008 W 43-0 OSU vs Youngstown State
09/06/2008 W 25-14 OSU vs Ohio
09/20/2008 W 28-10 OSU vs Troy
09/27/2008 W 34-21 OSU vs Minnesota
10/11/2008 W 16-3 OSU vs Purdue
10/25/2008 L 13-6 OSU vs Penn State
11/22/2008 W 42-7 OSU vs TTUN
09/05/2009 W 31-27 OSU vs Navy
09/26/2009 W 30-0 OSU vs Illinois
10/10/2009 W 31-13 OSU vs Wisconsin
10/24/2009 W 38-7 OSU vs Minnesota 
10/31/2009 W 45-0 OSU vs New Mexico State
11/14/2009 W 27-24 OSU vs Iowa
11/21/2009 W 21-10 OSU at TTUN
09/11/2010 W 36-24 OSU vs Miami (FL)
10/09/2010 W 38-10 OSU vs Indiana
10/23/2010 W 49-0 OSU vs Purdue
11/13/2010 W 38-14 OSU vs Penn State
11/27/2010 W 37-7 OSU vs TTUN
10/06/2012 W 63-38 OSU vs Nebraska
11/24/2012 W 26-21 OSU vs TTUN
09/28/2013 W 31-24 OSU vs Wisconsin
10/05/2013 W 40-30 OSU at Northwestern
10/26/2013 W 63-14 OSU vs Penn State
11/30/2013 W 42-41 OSU at TTUN
12/07/2013 L 24-34 OSU vs Michigan State (B1G Champ, Indy)
09/06/2014 L 21-35 OSU vs Virginia Tech
09/13/2014 W 66-0 OSU vs Kent State
09/27/2014 W 50-28 OSU vs Maryland
10/18/2014 W 56-17 OSU vs Rutgers
11/22/2014 W 42-27 OSU vs Indiana
11/29/2014 W 42-28 OSU vs TTUN
12/06/2014 W 59-0 OSU vs Wisconsin (B1G Champ, Indy)
09/12/2015 W 38-0 OSU vs Hawaii 

Comment 06 Sep 2015

I'm pretty sure that's our standard helmet. So to me it's either our standard away whites...or the whites we wore against Alabama. 

Comment 04 Sep 2015

Minor correction. This is his big board. Not a mock draft. Often times QBs are down the list on the big board. But get taken #1 and #2 cause of positional value. On the other hand RBs fall.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

Have you ever heard the advice..."don't take a breathalyzer if you get pulled over and are drunk". Let me first state I've never gotten a DUI or had to take/refuse a breathalyzer. But I've heard that advice and it's probably good advice. But how could we have ever heard this advice...the only advice ever given should be don't drink and drive. 

So what I'm saying is...lets be honest...these guys are idiots. They are going to do dumb shit. Might be as simple as weed in the car. Have a guy...who is living of your money more or less who is willing to say it's his. 

Cris shouldn't have said it. I can't at all defend that. But doesn't mean it's not solid advice. 

Comment 23 Aug 2015

It's one of those things that may be sound advice. But that is not the platform to say it in. U are representing the NFL there. Which makes it sound as if it is their views. If he was sitting a a restaurant table with rookies with no all means say..."guys, try to have a guy who is willing to take the heat for u if you ever make a dumb mistake." I would have no problem with that. 

Comment 23 Aug 2015

Why would the NFL release an embarrassing video where no law was broken? I bet when players are mic'd up they cut a lot of stuff out and never air most of it. Makes business sense. 

Comment 23 Aug 2015

I'm not agreeing with anything he said. And he definitely shouldn't have said it!

But seems to me he is saying the he knows they are idiots. And to protect themselves. 

It needed to be advice kept quiet behind closed doors if he felt the need to give it. 

Comment 23 Aug 2015

I'm excited to see a lot of the young guys play. And I'm not trying to make this conversation between us a big deal. But my view when you root for someone to start with absolutely no substance behind it. For example...we have never seen Hubbard play and very little of Lewis and Holmes. So I don't really pick a favorite out of them or who I want to start. Cause for me, if u uneducatedly pick someone to root for...u are inherently rooting against one of them. 

Comment 23 Aug 2015

The missed FG following the Corey Smith dropped TD was a killer in the Virginia Tech game. Often times kicking doesn't win u games but poor kicking can lose it. Not only do u not score points...but u also usually give up big field position. Where great field goal kicking allows u to open up the play book on 3rd downs know if u drop back and get sacked u can still leave with points. Where poor kicking makes u run or something else safe on 3rd and 13 cause u don't want to get out of that under 29 range and things get real dicey.