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Comment 11 Aug 2014

I agree with you do not get me wrong, this is a great discussion, Sadly in this very optionated age, where we all are able to use hindsight to over analyze everything, sometimes the most important things are forgetten. We simplify someone. It is done every day weather it is with race sexuality or another thing. I do not know Kevin ward and nor am I a Fan of Tony's. Ward should not be judged by this act, but he will be, maily cause it was an act that was partly to blame for his lose of life, Tony who is judged by his antics and behavior, Is judge as an agressor in this, solely on his past actions. So to simplify this even further, No blame should be put on anyone.confutation  Like this one happen ever weekend at your local track. The differnce in this one, and to simplify it down to the bone, this was a freak accident. With my knowlege of dirt track racing, I see a little more of the complexities that maybe some people might not. Not in defesne but to help the over simplifiers see a little more. But fi we blame anyone, Lets blame Brady Hoke. go bucks !

Comment 10 Aug 2014

nope not a fan of him, and we can site his skill all these things people are pointing out, and have all these theory's of what happen, truth is no way no how should any of this should have happened. I do not blame Tony at all for this, hell I do not even blame him for the contact that caused the wreck, rubbing is racing. If i got mad at every time my Dad got wrecked and acted out like this, i would have had my tail kicked over and over. Tony is a dick head tony is a this and a that, Truth is none of that played a part in this young mans death. I am sure the last thing any one expected coming around that corner was someone dressed in black preparing to jump at the car, as my Dad said, when the caution comes out that is when he looks down and checks his gauges and makes sure the car is not over heating oil pressure what not. who even knows. but lets say that tony 100 percent saw him, and he hit the gas, I think if some one was running at my car i would wanna get by them as fast as possible also. Sadly fault lays with the young man who, did what all young men have and will do, since the beginning of time, that is over react.

Comment 10 Aug 2014

How do you know he hit the gas ? there are a bunch of other cars out there, Ar you telling me that out of all those cars you hear his car ? But to answer your question i think it is common knowledge that by the time someone is coming out of a corner they hit the gas....

Comment 10 Aug 2014

There was not trying to scare the kid in this, You have to understand, Coming out of the turn you wont your car to slid up the track, to prepare to the next turn at the right angle. think of putting a mrable in a bowl and spin the marble around it, it is that type of kenetic energy that would takehis car up that way, Ever one keeps saying he fish tailed it, to hit or scare the kid, No he was coming out of a fish tail. His car, as in dirt track racing, was face one way , but moving another. Like drifting.

Comment 10 Aug 2014

Okay first things first, Lets all step back for a second and say a prayerf for the young man who lost his life.

My View of the video I saw. First My Father and my Brother have raced dirt track in southern Ohio all my life. I grew up around it, Be sides a sprint dirt track racer I feelI know a lot about how the tracks are and the way they race cars on dirt.

When some takes a turn on a small dirt track like that, They basically drift around the turn. On the lap that i saw, One I see no contact between Stewart and the Other driver. I see Stewarts Car slide up wards, Where he would want to be, to be prepared to enter the next turn. I have no clue why the young man was mad, only that maybe he felt tony pushed him up the track. 

With all that being said when Tony came back around he was in the same, line he was in when he went around when the crash happened. Lets not forget that tony push the man up the track because of the line he was using. So it is very realistic to think he would have been at the edge of the smooth part of the track, where the wrecked car was.

Everyone sees tonys car jump to the right like he was turning into him. More then likly he was counter steering, to help him slef drift correctly out of the turn. If he tapped his breaks at all, In fright, in surprise, for what ever reason. His car would have caught traction and  jumped to the right. 

It may not look like it, in the video but these sprint cars are moving very very fast, on a small track.  Like nascar looks like slower on tv, so does this. 

That dirt is like ice. Esp if that was the feature event. you can see the shine on the track.  My Dads car would have been set up to race on a slick track, if we would have been there. Coming out of a turn on a track like that is when you have the least control on the track. 

I would compare this to a deer jumping towards your car on a snowy day. thou your front end passed the dear you would still make some type of adjustment out of shock. 

I do not at all thinkhe had any ill intent, One in pushing him up the track, (two men trying to hold thier line) Or in hitting the Young man. 

I pray for all familys involved. With a heavy heart go bucks. 

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Not tough fans at all. and four seconds in decent time.

so on with your points here, and what i was talking about, Milled threw the ball behind him. a wide open TE. he did not float it, for him to run under it. He threw the ball behind him. He did not throw him open, and him going into the endzone untouched was more about the TE speed then Miller. That was his first read, and it took four seconds.

   He did not have to antcipate the TE being open, it was a blow coverage on the D and he was already open. If he would not have been open. and there was a corner behind the TE. its an incomplete or INT. but this is one example.

For that play and for that open of a man... yeah i do think the ball stayed in his hands to long.

your welcome

Comment 08 Apr 2014

I agree Heuerman did a great job, First he was able to adjust to a pass that was thrown at him instead of leading him down the field to where he could run to it, and two would be the speed to get there. 

The one thing that scares me next year, is Braxton throwing the ball and that gif shows it all right there, His inabilty  to anticipate an open receiver, and to throw someone open. combine that with the his slow decision  making and accuracy and label me worried.


Comment 31 Mar 2014

Yeah it is fairly soft.  Its the SOC 2  So east,Oak hill, south galia, Green, symes valley. Not sure which else. East used to produce some great teams. Not so much anymore. When Herman came to visit, One of the coaches asked how much it hurt that he went to such a small school, and he respond along the lines of, As long as he dominates on the field, which he does, and gets to camp it will not hurt him. From what i hear he is a very coachable Kid and is smart. Wants to learn the game.

Comment 31 Mar 2014

EEEE I have to add a correction here, He Goes to Sciotoville Community school, formly Portsmouth East.... They seperated after Portsmouth tried to shut the school down. So to say he is from Portsmouth is a put down. Cause I know He is, as I am A proud Sciotoville Tarten !

Comment 16 Mar 2014

Every year I look at the teams and games and say to my self , there is no way this team is going to lose to that team.... Then Saturday comes around and I sit in my closet lights off ass naked, in the fetal position rocking back and fourth, saying Why ? how? I am so dumb ! this year will not be that year.....I hope.

Comment 06 Mar 2014

Rumor is and I site a friend, that Ubran gave fickle Hell last yeah because of the Defense. The Alumni Love Fickle. One of the main reasons Vrabel left was because of the hell fickle got from Ubz. Again Rumor mill. who knows. There was even a rumor that Vrabal and Urban almost came to Blows over it. This all comes From Bucknutz, My friend is a member. How true all this is, No clue. but very interesting.

Comment 02 Mar 2014

It just this team can not run the offense. we a team can man up everyone or run a zone, and we can not shoot from outside. the only way to win. is to win ugly.

Comment 27 Feb 2014

Are you Kidding me !!! so with the game on the line, we do what we do worst and that is shoot from the outside instead of drive and draw fouls...... Are you kidding me !!!!!