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Comment 11 May 2015

UV for you RubixTube! Those were exactly the 2 I thought of today! 

"As I approached the great fish (Sienfeld: mammal) whatever it let out a great bellow. I said easy big fellow!" 

Comment 11 May 2015

I'm not saying they won't give tOSU a good shot. However I'm not a believe in Rudock. He doesn't like pressure and if you don't have a strong OLine in front of him he will fold. Heck Iowa fans are laughing at scUM and saying "good riddance you can have him!"

I'm simply stating that the author of this post should not be scared shitless as he states. I'm more worried about MSU the week before in The Shoe. 

Comment 11 May 2015

First of all Urban is a stickler for competition & details and The Game is the number #1 game on the schedule every year even when scUM sucks! On top of that Harbaugh has NO QB, no real threat at RB or WR and their OLine is dropping like flies this off season. Now their Defense will be good but NOT dominant. This game to me while a rivalry game in no way shape or form scares me. I don't buy into all the "Harbaugh is here now so everything is going to be different crap!" scUM fans said the same thing in 2008 with Dick Rod & 2011 with cHoke. While Harbaugh is a good coach he is not on a level with Urban and their talent level is no where close to what tOSU has right now. I also as evidence, give the following stat: in rivalry games Urban's career winning percentage is .900. He will have them ready and focused. 

Comment 12 Apr 2015

My question is not about complacency as many outside the Buckeye Nation try to raise as an issue or reason tOSU won't repeat.  I only have one area of concern and that is DT next to Adolphus Washington. Who will step up and can we develop depth between the 3 leaders for the position in Schutt, Munger & Hill.  We will miss Bennett. 

Comment 07 Apr 2015

I'm in TSUN for family business. I was scrolling through the radio in my car and their game broadcast came up. The first thing I heard their play by play say "well the defense came to play today because the maize team has minus 15 yards rushing." I laughed my ass off and quickly hit the scan button. Typical scUM somethings never change. 

Comment 28 Mar 2015

I live full time in Atlanta GA (hence the screen name) but have been in TTUN for an extended time because of family obligations as this is where I was raised. I have not been back to Atlanta since the National Championship (will be there later in April and will be sporting my National Championship clothes). I have to say that before the NC living in SEC/ACC country I would get crap from fan bases of both SEC & ACC especially after a tOSU loss to a team of those conferences. I am looking forward to seeing how they act now especially since we shoved it down Saban & Bama's throat in NOLA. 

On a side note being back in scUM land I will tell you they have been silent since the win over Oregon. However, leading up to the Sugar Bowl and then in between the Bama & Oregon games scUM fans were chirping how tOSU was going to get their asses kicked in each game. I just smiled and laughed with the response to them of "what bowl game are you guys playing in?" Of course they would reply "we got Harbaugh so Meyer will be quitting soon." To which I replied "UFMs career winning percentage in rivalry games is .900. I don't think he is to worried about lil ole Jimmy and the QBs you have in that dumpster fire of a program."

Comment 12 Mar 2015

Seattle Linga I believe this team STILL has a chip on its shoulder. They know they won and should be respected but they also know that people are saying they got lucky and the  eSECpn is STILL the best conference etc. In my opinion the only thing that will stop this team is themselves. We already know that injuries won't stop them. Complacency is their enemy and that is why I believe the master motivator that he is one Urban Frank Meyer and through Mikey Mariotti in off season workouts this team has had it beat into them that they STILL have doubters and they have more to prove. Only weakness on this team right now is DT and I believe Larry Johnson will change that by mid season. Go Bucks beat scUM and bring on the eSECpn in the playoffs AGAIN!!!

Comment 06 Mar 2015

My last time in that sh*thole I call the LiL Mausaleum was the 1995 BiakabaPUKEa game. Never again! But I always love to remind scUM fans how we own them in their sh*thole!!

Comment 05 Feb 2015

I agree LLJJGG. I like cHoke personally. I think he's a players coach and he relates to people well. When I saw what he did 2 years ago for the young tOSU fan in Ohio who had cancer I was sold on him as person. The kid named his cancer *ichigan and he beat it that year. cHoke sent him and his family 4 tickets to The Game that season and hosted them for photos and stuff prior to The Game on the field. That was a class move by cHoke. 

Comment 12 Jan 2015

As I posted in another thread I have felt a calmness about this post season ever since the B1G championship game. My Father an alum and longtime season ticket holder passed the evening of The Game. I have just felt that it's our season. That this team gets it and has that us vs the world mentality while having complete confidence in the team and how Urban/Coaching Staff has them prepared. I believe strongly that tOSU wins tonight in a high scoring game. Go Bucks beat Oregon & as always beat scUM!!

Comment 11 Jan 2015

Thanks Buckeye Nation for all the replies!! I miss my Dad everyday but I know he's smiling up there with all the passed Buckeye Nation as they all are singing Hang On Sloopy and getting ready to watch The Ohio State University Buckeyes bring it home tomorrow night! Go Bucks beat Oregon & as always beat scUM!! 

Comment 11 Jan 2015

I have a calmness about me this week just like last week before the Bama game. I knew we would win vs Bama from the moment that game was announced. For me it's something personal. More than just believing and knowing Urban will have them ready.  The day of the scUM game my Father the greatest Buckeye I have ever known watched his last ass kicking of TSUN. He was 91 and held my Mom's hand his bride of 57 years in the hospital as he bantered with two nurses. One was a scUM fan and one was wearing tOSU shirt underneath her smock. Later that night he passed and ever since then I have believed that The Ohio State Buckeyes were winning the National Championship!! My Father was born in Bellaire and was class of '49. He was a long time season ticket holder and took me to see  the Bucks play. I saw Archie run behind Pete Johnson with Woody patrolling the sidelines. Life couldn't have been better. This one is for my Dad!!! They will win Monday night and I know he's up there smiling and enjoying it with Woody!! Go Bucks beat Oregon and as always beat scUM!!

Comment 04 Jan 2015

Good points IL_Padrino! The key is ball control with our run game. Much like Tressel did in 2010 Rose Bowl. Best defense is our offense on the field. I also believe whichever defense makes the most plays in the 4th quarter wins this game.