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Comment 12 Oct 2014

Exactly Andy! In the South it's a badge of honor to cheat in football recruiting. They love that all their teams cheat. They say it loud & proud if you're not cheating you're not trying to win. 

Comment 12 Oct 2014

Mobboss I agree that the eSECpn conference is exposed this year and that tOSU needs to shore up the D but how can you say the Miss State & Ole Miss are impressive when they have beaten no one of worth this year?? I watched Auburn/Miss State yesterday and Miss State tried to give Auburn that game. Yet what is the eSECpn headline today just as I knew would be Miss State should be #1 team. What a joke. The B1G is way down yet again but the eSECpn is crap compared to what they have been in years past. Read the post man the quality of their wins is not strong. Their non-con victories are nothing to speak of this season. 

Comment 11 Oct 2014

Don't even go there on what the President makes as I can documentment how his net worth has gone from a little over 1 Million before taking office to double digit millions all while Americans still suffer!!

Comment 11 Oct 2014

No surprise here. I said all last year that a cover up was under way. But of course the good ole boys in the south could care less about anything but winning at all cost!! Yet tOSU lost scholies and was banned for some memorabilia for tatts. What a joke!!! 

Comment 21 Sep 2014

Trust me when I tell you Miles has worn out his welcome in Baton Rouge. I see him in A2 next season. Be careful what you wish for scUM fans. He is a total jacka**. While he may be a *ichigan *an he is a scumbag and cheats big time!!

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Killer that rocked!!! I was working for a company in Atlanta with HQ in Gainesville FL at the time UFM was hired at tOSU. Me and a co-worker who was a Buckeye fan as well laughed at how overnight they went from speaking in growing terms about UFM to hating him. These fools are mirror images of the people I worked with at the time. Great post!

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Not sure I agree. Miller has been a leader but this now takes up a spot on the travel roster as the article states. I also question Curtis Grant and while I'm glad he has taken a step forward I want to know how this impacts Raekwon McMillen? Will he receive any playing time this year. Which to me makes me harken back to last season when freshman should have played in place of older players who did not deserve the playing time based upon on the field results. See Vonn Bell's Orange Bowl play and wishing we could have seen that earlier in the year! 

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Try this link it gives lists of Ohio State Alumni Club Bars and there is one in Raleigh:

Comment 09 Aug 2014

My favorite Mike Hart comment will always be "I would rather lose to App State than Ohio State." Of course this was his post game comment after losing to App State in 2007 when Long, Henne & Hart all game back to try and win a National Championship ROFL LMAO. I always say and your combined record vs. App State and The Ohio State University was 0-5!!! Who is that opening day opponent in the LiL Mausoleum oooooh yeah good ole App State. Go Bucks & Go App State beat scUM!

Comment 03 Aug 2014

That 2002/2003 DLine was so very dominant. Tim Anderson at nose was the key to it all. But as good as they were they also had superior LBs to clean it all up as well as strong Safety play.  If the LBs & Safeties come to play this year then this DLine will be the best in America!! Go Bucks beat scUM!!

Comment 03 Aug 2014

Yes I lived I TX during the VY years and wore my gear across the state. I just relocated from GA back to my home state of ttun after several yeRs living in SEC country. I grew up in Detroit and have worn my Buckeye gear everywhere! Heck I went to Bama games and wore my tOSU gear there and would run into many many tOSU fans!!! I reveled wearing my gear and being hated in the south! 

Comment 24 May 2014

It's rather simple: This had nothing to do with Rutgers & Maryland's competitiveness in the B1G. For BTN to be on the basic plan and also get the highest payout per subscriber in NYC & DC markets, which are both in the top 5 nationally they had to have conference schools within a certain geographical distance. BTN is far and away and will continue to be the #1 conference network in America. eSECpn and their new seCheaters network along with Longhorn network can't even come close to the reach that BTN has already. They are years behind this move started in the mid 2000's! What many don't realize is that the B1G has 49% ownership in BTN. The 51% is Fox Sports. When FS1 gets on a level of competitiveness with eSECpn which will happen then BTN and the B1G will be that much more powerful! Roger Ailes built Fox News into the #1 cable news network in America. When it came out in the mid 90s everyone laughed but they are not laughing anymore. Roger Ailes will do the same thing with what people are laughing at today on FS1. The combination of the B1G's partnership and foresight along with FS1 will make the B1G the strongest athletic conference in America and the seCheaters have no way to stop it!

Comment 20 May 2014

This was all part of the plan for getting Rutgers & Maryland. To get on a cable providers basic plan as a college specific network you have to have a team local to the area. This also allows the B1G through BTN to gain a whole LOT more $$$$$. They get a bigger payout per subscriber. This makes BTN and the B1G so much more powerful. So eSECpn and your crappy azz Longhorn Network to go with the new seCHEATERS channel will all be way in the rear view mirror of the B1G and BTN! Wait until FS1 gets up their act together in 5-7 years and this will make the B1G so much more powerful! And it will happen! Roger Ailes was laughed at when he started Fox News Channel and it is now by a long shot the #1 cable news network on TV. He will do the same with FS1.  I say hell ya and Go Bucks beat scUM!!