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Comment 11 Dec 2012

I wished I could give a little love to the bench, but Matta only uses them against inferior teams. When he plays the likes of Duke, he goes back to the 7-8 man rotation. I love Matta a great deal. Top 5 coach in CBB. However, we'll never win a championship with a 7-8 man rotation. He's gotta learn to blend that talent better in my opinion. Last year we could have gone 9-10 deep like Kentucky. 

Comment 15 Dec 2010

I agree with Poe on this one. Most of our juniors still need a bit more 'refining' before making the jump. However, I'd say Brewster is on his way out since he has the most experience and always seems to be in good position. Last year was a bit of a down year for him, but had a good bounce back year. Also, I may stir up something here, but if TP lights it up against the wild boars, he might retract his earlier statement and try it out (just a sneaking suspicion).

Would love for Shazier to come and play with his HS teammate. Clowney not coming as 11-dub has always been saying. Crap shoot there.

Also, would love to see us put Ty Williams on there on a 1st & goal situation and throw a Randy Moss fade over the top. Heck, use TE R. Fragel a bit more in those situations.

Comment 14 Dec 2010

Ques # 6 was the most telling to me. I'd be surprised if we get him. Looks like an SEC homer to me.

Comment 13 Dec 2010

Big Ti-TEN-nic mess today with a logo created on the first generation MacIntosh, saved on a 8 inch floppy disc. I can already hear the music being cranked out on Saturday mornings using a '45 with the plastic disc in the middle to prevent the record from going off the grooves.

What is killing me is that some consultants got paid 'uber' cheddar to come up with something out of World War I. Not one thing passes the eye or smell test with this Big Ten charade. Way to help with recruiting and branding.

Somewhere the ACC conference is popping bottles!

Comment 10 Dec 2010

Can someone name me another OSU lineman in recent memory with as many false start penalties as JB Shugarts? Before we even lineup to play, we should be marked back 20 yards on the opening drive (unless we take a knee) to account for the Shugarts yardage allowance. That way we can get it out the way since he has a penchant for drawing that penalty at crucial times in the game. Tress needs to do something with him before the bowl game. he may cost us a few points.    

Comment 10 Dec 2010

@ Eric- Agreed there sir. You can tell he is anxious to play and be a source of instant offense. He needs to learn patience. Hard to do when you were a McDonald's all-american and promised ample playing time. His time will come! 

Comment 08 Dec 2010

Urban Meyer= overated coach. Since def. coord and offensive cord. left, Gators look sorry. Now, I get on Tressel about conservative play-calling than anyone in the country, but at least I know if the coordinators were to leave (such as Dantonio), Tressel would still steer the ship pretty good. My respect for the Snator just went up a few levels.

Comment 07 Dec 2010

Unrelated to FB, can we get a basketball houndie award for Mike Conley who is proving to be the only member of the Thad-Five that has this pro thing figured out this year? Averaging 16ppg, 7ass, and 2 steals is remarkable for a guy who was also close to being labeled a OSU bust. Seems to be putting it together this year.

Comment 06 Dec 2010

@Arkansas Buckeye- I'm with you on that post. I'm at my wits end with the SEC chatter  down here. I was always concerned about their passing game, but this Kniles Davis guy now gives me angst. Feel bad for you on what you have to hear at home...yikes..

Comment 03 Dec 2010

I have been saying it all season..we NEED to beat an SEC team to finally silence the critics. I try not to listen to them, but they make compelling arguments that are hard to refute. This year with us, its this notion that we didn't play anybody with a particularly good record (except for Wiscy...and we got throttled in that one). Bring on whomever from the SEC. At least we don't get their BEST team. What gets lost in that talk is that we were playing their BEST team which everyone would take a loss to (still mad at that LSU game where we outgained them in all phases except for scoreboard and 15 yd penalties). I think we match up better with USC, but it matters not to me.

Comment 24 Nov 2010

Pat Forde is right- we would lose to both riht now. Our anemic offense against good teams probably does not move the ball against TCU's vaunted defense and Boise St. would simply out-scheme, out-coach, and out execute us on all phases of offense (particularly against our scary bad secondary). Now the prez @ Boise responds to Gee saying he's looked at our schedule the last 2 years and it does not measure up. What Prez Gee failed to realize is that scenarios whereby we play either Boise or TCU in a BCS game still exists. Thanks Prez's hoping when you say grace over your 30 lb bird that you pray for discernment and basic intelligence.  

Comment 24 Nov 2010

Prez Gee, I always looked at my degree with pride as your emboldened 'John Hancock' graces the parchment that still looks good 12 years later. However Mr. Gee, the statement you made this morning about TCU or Boise St. not being worthy is bull-feathers. Both those teams can beat us right now. (TCU can stop us defensively and Boise St. can out-scheme us any day). Plus, there are scenarios whereby we can meet one of those 2 teams in a BCS game (LSU or V. Tech are no slam dunks this week). Thanks for the bullentin board material for the opposing team. I hope you cough up the feathers in your Turkey. Happy Thanksgiving! Just a dumb comment....

Comment 19 Nov 2010

If Tressel thinks we can go to Iowa City, and pound the ball to Boom 25-30 times out the power-I, we are in for a long game. Again Mr. vest, show that you have a scrotum and throw the ball on 1st down & 2nd down to keep that defense honest. Its not neurosurgery! Klug/Clayborn and underated linebacking crew know a little something about gap assignments. I like Boom, but we must throw the rock 30x to have a chance. Even Eddie George is picking against us...all of the sudden I'm VERY concerned.

Comment 18 Nov 2010

@Kyle- Amen. Cecil iis 'making it rain' with Auburn loot. Goodness, this is sad world.

Comment 18 Nov 2010

Have I mentioned how much I love this blog-- the analysis is as good as any I have encountered. With regards to Cam Newton, I'm with El-Dub on this one. Some exchange took place. Does anybody realize that Cecil Newton is a pastor of church in Atlanta? Wondering what that congregation is looking like these days. Unreal.

Feel bad for Oden... likeable dude who even comes back to OSU for big time football games. You can tell he really liked his short stint @ OSU.  

Last few weeks, I've been singing the praises of OSUs best coach-- Thad Matta. Our AD better do EVERYTHING he can to keep that guy around. I'm sure his name is surfacing around any top program with a coaching problem. Please support this guy, cause I think another Final Four is in store.  

Comment 17 Nov 2010

@Matthew- Not only in terms of recruiting, but coaching too. Look at our defensive and offensive sets. They are never the same year in and out. He sees what he has, and plays to the team's strengths. Wish the vest always maximized the talent that comes here.

Comment 17 Nov 2010

My only concern is that we will see a repeat of our rebounding woes against teams who get after it. Also, I'd like to see us go a little deeper into our bench to give these guys a breather. But folks...I'm EXCITED about the prosepcts of this team. Aaron craft is the answer; Sully's Bball IQ is much better than Oden's; Lighty is making a run at the 2nd rd. of the draft; Buford is passing the ball; and Diebler occasionally takes the ball to the basket. That team is better than Michigan State, right now! Even Lauderdale has the Rick Ross look going for him...what else can go wrong? 

Comment 15 Nov 2010

After all the losses in the secondary this year, it is easy to forget that we had a burner in Travis Howard getting playing time. He sort of got lossed in the shuffle, so it was great that he was able to get that 'pick-6' to help his confidence. Also, my buddies and I are still struggling to find a game whereby we made such an adjustment at halftime. All the top coaches in CFB make either in-game or major halftime adjustments that can turn around lackluster performances.

As usual, this all could have been averted if the offensive play calling was aggressive, and we stop playing that stupid soft zone that gets us beat in big games. Driving me nuts that we continue to do this.

Finally, El-dub is correct on the JoePa figure head act being old. We too noticed that he no longer wears a headset, but he neither carries a clipboard or barely coaches up players when they are botching up plays. Meanwhile, I see assistants behind him making all the personnel substitutions and hand signals for plays on the sidelines. I agree, this act is getting old. You got your 400 Joe Pa...its time to go...with honor.

Comment 12 Nov 2010

Excited about BBall team. REALLY excited about Aaron Craft at PG. How good is Craft? Good enough to make Bruce Pearl lay down the red carpet at his house and practically beg him to come to Tenn.

El-Dub, thanks for providing the the depth on the D-Line that is available and incoming. Should be interesting. Some combination of D-line, linebackers, and the crowded secondary will continue to make a us a formidable defense for a few years.

Thanks OHIOST1087 for providing the crop of QBs set to come out. That is a stellar class of QBs coming out this year. May need to add Cam Newton who needs to get out of dodge while hit pants are at his ankles.

Comment 11 Nov 2010

Ohhh..and El-Dub, please shed some light on this TP story of staying through next year. I don't particularly buy it. Also, his thought process is becoming delusional with this 'itch' to play basketball again. Dude, you are injury prone with ankle, knee, and hamstring problems. What part of bball is going to cure those ailments?  

Comment 11 Nov 2010

Chris Fowler is more qualified than 98% of all wanna be analyst that post garbage on a million sites. Lay off the guy. He's the same guy 3 weeks ago that said TCU is a team deserving of MNC game. Everyone seems to be agreeing with him now.

Keep a close eye on that UGA vs. Auburn game. UGA has talented (albeit young) QB, the best set of TEs in the country, the best WR in the country, and an OK running game that keeps people honest. Problem though is that new look 3-4 defense is not stopping anyone...but I think this plays closer, based on sheer talent vs. controversy.

B10 games are snoozers...except for ours.  

Comment 11 Nov 2010

Off football topic...we really need LaQuinton Ross & Amir Williams to sign, almost desperately. I don't expect sullinger to be here next year and I believe Dallas is a senior. We NEED size. We guards galour. Thad Matta is due for some recognition, and hopefully it comes this year. A great recruiter and coach.

I hope everyone is right about PSU. Would be nice for us to come out energized and ready to play. McGloin does concern me a little. Illinois still has a decent defense.

Comment 10 Nov 2010

@Bucksfan- you are absolutely right. In another 10 years, there will be 70 degree Novembers in Minnesota-- hence the reason why they built an outdoor stadium.

Thanks El-dub for the memories of this game. Raymont was some kind of force, with Eddie george backing him up. The days of those poer backs are all but over. Also, jeff Cothran was one of the best FB I've seen with my own eyes. Good times on campus...but feeling old.

Comment 10 Nov 2010

Doesn't look good for sir Newton. The thing that kills me is that NCAA officials had this information back in January, and all of the sudden pull out the 'full court press' to prosecute him. The timing indeed seems suspicious, but with everything that has gone down in College football (especially with the Reggie Bush saga), I agree with 11-Dub... this doesn't pass the smell test. It's the SEC... Scandals (always) Evolving Conference.


Now, although the vest owns a nice Nov. record, I'm not ready to see what I saw the lpst 2 seasons in this month. I saw play-calling that resembled HS the 80's! Toss sweeps, Power-I, and double TE sets that screams were running Boom 40x in the game. PSU looked dead just 3 weeks ago, but with the new QB in place, they are scoring at will. Please Mr. Vest, throw the ball on 1st down to a good group of receivers, please hit the fastest TE in the country at least 4-5x, please throw in some designed runs for #2, and please don't go ultra conservative at the first hint of a fumble or INT...or else this could be an upset special in the making.


Cam Heyward cost himself the 1st round (maybe even the 2nd round), of the draft this year. That D-line is not getting any push.