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Comment 24 Jul 2011

At least the editor used the word please when stating not to bring politics in. No problem with that whatsoever. Others declare that I get a -1 (hello 1st grade) or warn me about my future comments. So much for courtesy and civility. Rude, just rude.

Comment 24 Jul 2011

"If some of the general public going balistic would take the time do more than read something & believe it as 100% fact, they would all be better served."

[Ed: No political talk, please.]

Comment 24 Jul 2011

You left ESecPN off of your list of witch hunters. In their report on Sportscenter last night, one of the first statements out of their mouths was: "Ohio State apparently has an ally within the NCAA." This of course suggest preferential treatment alluding to Gene Smith's work with the NCAA in the past. Not exactly unbiased "reporting". That loud sound you heard was Mark Mays throwing his chair through a the TV screen.

Comment 22 Jul 2011

My GOD you're a handsome fellow! Do you think the new guy in Columbus likes men too?

Comment 10 Jul 2011

Being a Buckeye AND a Steelers fan, I was ecstatic when he was drafted by Pittsburgh. However, my elation turned sour 4 years later when he was not re-signed and off he went to play for Bill Belicheats Patriots. Now I am once again as happy as a lark that he is back where he belongs. Go get 'em coach Vrabel!

Comment 10 Jul 2011

Can you believe the nerve of that Bo Ryan? He just invited me to Madison for a three-way with Bielema!