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Comment 27 Oct 2013

I ask this because I have no idea, but does the band learn their halftime shows during the week leading up to the games? Or do they learn them all beforehand and then practice them the week they're performing them?

Comment 13 Mar 2013

Like others have said, I'm going to refrain from any accusations and/or potentially damging statements until facts are out. And I know a lot of people on here have been talking about who the players involved are, which is completely understandable, but I feel like we should play our part in avoiding naming the players too. For all we know, all the names we've mentioned could be wrong and we could be unnecessarily throwing out names of players and damaging their reputations. Just my two cents. It's a terrible situation, and I only hope the best for all the parties involved.

Comment 13 Mar 2013

As much as I get mad about awards each year, I've realized that I shouldn't care. I've stopped expecting an Ohio State coach to win COY. I don't know if it's because people expect us to be good in football and basketball every year now or if the voters just hate us, but I honestly can't remember off the top of my head the last time an OSU coach has won COY in football or basketball. That award is just whatever to me now. To be completely honest, I actually thought either Beilein or Crean would've won it. Beilein probably would've won it had they not choked away that Indiana game.

DPOY - Craft not winning it is a joke. Oladipo was an excellent all-around player, no doubt, but there is simply no better on-ball defender in the country than Craft. I'm pretty sure I've heard multiple coaches/reporters/analysts say he's the best on-ball defender they've seen in 20+ years, but I guess that's not good enough to win DPOY.

Hardaway - I'm not completely against it. There is definitely a valid argument there for him to be first team, but I could've seen that spot going to some other people too. Like some other people mentioned, I think the bigger travesty is the fact that Deshaun and Zeller weren't unanimous selections. I'd love to know who didn't vote them first team and slap them for that.

Comment 12 Mar 2013

Thing is, though, Even when Craft isn't doing much statistically, he never actually disappears. His defense is always a menace and then his offensive IQ helps keep the offense together even if his shot isn't falling. Hardaway was a guy who, if his shot isn't falling, isn't making that much of a difference on the court.

Comment 17 Jan 2013

So let's just say Manti was the actual victim here, his supposed girlfriend was in a major accident and died of leukemia within a month (I think a month) of each other, correct? How does he not go to visit her in the hospital?

Comment 17 Oct 2012

It's really not hard for any of the receivers to surpass last year's totals considering our leading receiver had 16 (?) catches or so. 11 catches through 7 games (less than 2 catches a game) really isn't much considering how much he was hyped by the coaches during the offseason. Hopefully the Indiana game will be a spark to get him going more the rest of the season because we could really use more reliable targets in the passing game.