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Comment 09 Dec 2010

Just in general, and just in jest (hence the smiley emoticon):  :)>

Nolan grew the chip on his shoulder to unbelievable size.  When he said, "you can have my job when you pay me my money," he was done.  We lost Mike Anderson because the administration made a (poor, in my opinion) decision that a total and complete break with Richardson was necessary. 

Comment 07 Dec 2010

Arkansas is not a pound-it-out running team, but they are by no means one dimensional.  The running attack is almost as explosive as the passing attack.  I kind of hope OSU worries about the passing game so much they play a dime as their base defense.  A steady diet of Davis, Green and Wingo would play well.  Our motto should be, "if we can't pound you with a Mallett, we'll cut you with a Knile."  :)>  WPS!

Comment 07 Dec 2010

The key will be if the Hogs can stop the A-line option, which they haven't been able to do yet.  Although it is a risk, the Arkansas defense should force OSU to ride Pryor's arm.  The LB corps is solid and there are some very good DBs, but overall my beloved Hawg's D has not been very strong.  I think if we can contain Pryor and make him throw from the pocket, our chances improve.

Comment 07 Dec 2010

Drafting TT might have been a questionable move, especially in the first round, but trading Hillis for Quinn should get any coach fired.

Comment 06 Dec 2010

Well done.  Much better than the "you suck, we don't" that is written on many sites.  I bleed Razorback Red but want to wish both teams a healthy bowl game.  WPS!  Go Hogs!