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Comment 14 Nov 2013

A word of advice, if you do plan to donate then make an appointment!  I waited for over 90 minutes last year with my appointment in the Wexner Center, the people without were waiting closer to three hours.

Also, not all central Ohio donations count towards the Battle.  I think you have to give on campus or very close to campus to count.

Comment 25 Oct 2013

Only in this case, the bully's a nerd wearing a sweater knotted over his shoulders and sporting a sparkling GPA.   hipster wearing dreads knotted over his shoulders and sporting 10 year old Birkenstocks.


Fixed that for you.

Comment 10 Sep 2013

In the age of media outrage- some faux, some not- how did Brian Kelly keep his job after that poor videographer was killed?   I know that isn't what this post is about but seriously?  Gee "retires" after making Catholic jokes yet someone dies and that isn't enough to oust the guy responsible?

Comment 09 Sep 2013

You are exactly right.  I'll be at the Florida A&M game and I am quite disappointed that their band won't be in attendance but I completely understand why.

Comment 30 Aug 2013

Sucks to be TCU and Texas A&M.


Edit: And Oregon State, who doesn't even have their own county.

Comment 21 Aug 2013

This is an excellent writeup.  It's easy to forget how important it is to have a good woman behind someone in a high profile position.  I've always had a very good impression of Shelley and this only reinforces that notion.  I love that she chose the last row of AA so no one would ask her to sit (even though no one in their right mind would, if ever there was a time to introduce yourself as Mrs. Urban Meyer, that would be it.)