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Comment 31 Jul 2015

Better threads about helmet stickers than any more about suspensions or band shenanigans.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

No 11W readers in Athens?  Not sure if I should be surprised or not.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

I'll be at the Buckeye Bash but not by choice.  The Alumni tickets forced everyone to buy their ridiculous $75 Buckeye Bash ticket if they wanted a game ticket.  I've been to lots of Buckeye Bashs over the years, they are not worth $75.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

I grew up one small town over from Newcomerstown, it's worth mentioning that the local McDonalds also has a bit of a shrine to both Woody and Cy, or at least it did the last time I was there. I always thought it was interesting that two well known sports figures came out of the same small town tucked into the corner of Tuscarawas County. 

Also, and I know this is a bit nitpicky, but Newcomerstown isn't really in "southeastern Ohio".  In spirit, it probably does share more similarities with other towns in Appalachia, which are all mostly to the south.  However, geographically, it's 25 miles north of I-70 along the same parallel as towns such as Delaware and Sidney.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

8 feet?   Everyone keeps saying the corn in NW Ohio is drowning.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Hello!  I was glad to see someone else from the lovely city of Delaware!

Comment 23 Jul 2015

How long until the State of Ohio is covered in red pins? 


Comment 20 Jul 2015

I agree.  I've actually been to the brewery in Ceske Budjejovice which is home to the original Budweiser.  You can find it under the name Czechvar here, thanks to those asshats at Anheuser Busch who stole the name for the Czechs, but, like most imports, it isn't as good here as in its native land.

Comment 17 Jul 2015

I've been fortunate to see five memorable games in person.

1. The Game of the Century.  1 v 2.     2006 OSU vs Michigan.  Nothing will ever compare to this game in my mind.
2. 2015 Sugar Bowl.  We all know how that game felt.  Even if the Bucks beat Alabama in the future, it will never feel this good again.
3. 2011 Sugar Bowl.  I know it "doesn't count" but whatever.  I was there when the OSU fans were chanting "SEC" at the Arkansas fans.  It was an incredible feeling and at that time, we were all woefully ignorant of what the next 12 months had in store.
4. 2011 Wisconsin.  Nothing but pride was really at stake but that game was such a beacon of light after months of darkness.
5. 2013 Purdue.  The rise of Kenny G.  I still laugh at the fools who left that game early.

My worst was also in person unfortunately.
1. 2006 National Championship.  I remember thinking after Ginn ran in that first TD, "Holy crap, we're going to win this thing".  Yeah... not so much. 

Comment 17 Jul 2015

I don't know my husbands number but I still remember the home phone numbers of all my childhood friends.