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Born and raised a buckeye, my dad taught me the fight song before I was one year old. My great grandfather helped build the shoe and they played Carmen Ohio at my grandpa's funeral. I am a major fan of OSU football and basketball. Go Bucks!


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Comment 25 Mar 2015

Since Cardale will be the only QB with a realistic chance of starting that is healthy, I doubt there will be over like 85k. If Braxton and JT were healthy, then this would probably be the most interesting spring game in the history of college football and could have broken 100k.

Comment 16 Mar 2015

Great analysis! A lot of this got overlooked because of the caliber of games that Cardale was winning. I'm more of a Braxton/JT guy, but this Spring should provide Cardale plenty of opportunities to gain more of a mastery of the offense should he start this season.

Comment 12 Mar 2015

I was already standing since the Spencer-to-Thomas connection (damn OCD/superstitions). As soon as Zeke hit the hole I started progressively louder shouts of "go... Go... GO!!!" As soon as they showed Saban I gave him a double bird, hugged my buddies and my dad, and proceeded to dance tear-eyed around the room. I was giddy as a school girl. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life thus far and definitely the most exciting play in sports I have ever witnessed. I will never forget that game, and I will never forget the moment when #15 stuck an 85-yard fork in the SEC.

Comment 19 Feb 2015
When I was about 14 years old, I got one of those Steve & Barry OSU pleather jackets. It was like my prized possesion. I went to the 2005 SCUM game and a tailgating fan made fun of me for about 10 minutes straight on a megaphone for wearing a pleather jacket. A fully grown adult probably in his 40's making fun of a middle schooler.
Comment 17 Feb 2015

This is most certainly true. A lot of the people that I talk to attribute the missteps (wrongly) of the 2013 team to Braxton. A good deal of the time the kid was playing balls to the wall. Had he not missed those three games he very well could have won the Heisman. Insert the numbers Guiton collected during his three starts into Braxton's stat line and I think it would have made a better case than Winston. The reality is that the defense was no where near what it was this past season. A quarterback cannot make up for a defense that gives up an a lot of yardage/points all the time. In many cases, Braxton (along with Hyde) did make up for the horrid defense such as in the game against TTUN. If you look at this season, there were many times when the defense would step up and get the other team off the field. This was not the case in 2013. Even mediocre teams would have ridiculously long drives against us. This isn't even mentioning the fact that the offense as a whole was more skillful this year after the first few games. As everyone has said, any of the QBs can do the job, but there is really no reason to assume that Braxton wouldn't do at least as good as the other options.

Comment 15 Feb 2015
I also think that with the information we have right at this moment that JT would give us the best shot. But after spending all of last spring with a headset, and the extra QB coaching that braxton got in the summer, he was supposed to be greatly improved this past season. We just never got the chance to see it. If braxton has made that great of strides in his reads and he gets another summer with the QB coach he was working with he could be scary (even more so than before). If Braxton has really improved his passing game as much as it seemed going into camp last season and he is 100% going into the season, then I would put my money on him carrying a third big ten player of the year and a Heisman trophy into the 2016 NFL draft. Those are pretty big ifs though.
Comment 15 Feb 2015
Exactly! There is so much recency bias, especially with Cardale. Cardale is a great QB, but people seem to forget how good Braxton has been over the last few seasons, or even how good JT was during the regular season. Cardale had 6 TDs over the last 3 games. And while they were against great teams, JT had 5 in one game against an equally great MSU defense. Regardless of the QB we are set for another run this fall, but I just wish people would stop forgetting about JT and Brax.
Comment 15 Feb 2015
Pure athleticism, not counting weight, etc. It would have to be braxton. The man ran a 4.32 two seasons ago and has a change of direction that jukes people out of their shoes better than anyone in the country.
Comment 15 Feb 2015
I agree! I was very pleasantly surprised to hear he was throwing this early in the year.
Comment 10 Feb 2015
If a player who has been a steelers fan his whole life gets drafted to the browns, you are not going to see him working out in steelers gear shortly after. And players don't get to choose what team they are drafted to. Recruits choose their own schools and Weber signed with THE Ohio State University. 17 or not, if he has been a TTUN fan he knows the rivalry. You would think he would have a little more pride in the school he just signed with, kids are usually obsessed with showing off their new destination. These kids dream of being on the big stage, so they are watched whether they like it or not. This is a lack of common sense at the very least. This could lead some to believe he chose OSU for all the wrong reasons. Even at the D2 level where I played we weren't supposed to wear ANY other college gear. Didn't matter if it was a D1 team that we would never play.
Comment 07 Feb 2015
This Cass Tech HC must be a little dense to throw OSU under the bus like this. It only reflects well on his program when his players go on to play for great OSU teams and have the opportunities to play for championships. It certainly looks better than his players going to TTUN and losing to Akron or Appalachian State. The fact he has responded the way that he has comes off as incredibly ungrateful. These coaching changes happen all the time, and it is looking more and more like the offer either happened after Weber had signed or Urban had little knowledge of it. Don't like the reaction of Weber or his coach. He signed with the defending national champions, it's not like we will get a bad RB coach.
Comment 05 Feb 2015
OSU was the right choice for Weber PERIOD. He needs to realize that. Although Harbaugh may turn the program around a little, I VERY seriously doubt that TTUN will even sniff a national title during Weber's collegiate career. Look at what Zeke's legendary last three games did for him, he's now the heisman frontrunner and his draft stock is about as high as it can be going into his junior year. Weber would potentially have that opportunity for years to come at OSU. If he wants to go pro, his best bet is the Bucks, regardless of position coach.
Comment 05 Feb 2015
Let's not forget Braxton. Second fastest on the team during the 2013 season behind Roby (he ran a 4.32 I believe). So if he is playing and at full speed he will be in the top three at the very least.
Comment 25 Jan 2015

Braxton ran a 4.32 and was the second fastest person on the team behind Roby (4.29) during the 2013 season. If he is full speed by the season he will likely be the fastest person on the team (I believe Dontre and Samuel both ran around 4.4 and 4.38 coming in). Not to mention Braxton is the most elusive person on the team and one of, if not the most elusive player in the nation. Regardless of whether he is QB or not, if he is 100% he will be on the field a good deal. They could move Dontre/Jalin to receiver and the other could take the snaps at h when Brax wasn't in. And Braxton returning punts would be outstanding. That being said, I hope he comes back 100% and ends up starting where he wants, whether that be QB, H Back, or wherever. He has earned it.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

We have to understand that Braxton is in a completely different situation. For Cardale it was either OSU or NFL, neither of which would cause anyone to dislike him. For Braxton it is OSU, potentially transfer, change positions, or maybe not even be able to play ever again. There is a lot going on with him and he has a lot of variables with his future. You can, however, see he wants to be a Buckeye so we can't be mad about his lack of transparency.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

Bama, and it is not even close. I enjoyed this win more than any in my life, even the high school/college games I played in (albeit only D2). I was fairly young during the 2002 season, so I was not as involved then. Honestly, after hearing all of the talk since 2006, the victory over bama was just supremely satisfying.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

They always charge, although it is pretty cheap. Last time I went it was $5 online or $10 at the gate per person. Now I think it is something like $10 and $20.

Comment 10 Jan 2015

I don't think the first 3 are bold at all. I will be surprised if Zeke doesn't get at least 150+, this is the toughest DL they have faced - I can see mariota throwing a couple picks, and 500 yards should be incredibly easy with them having a low ranked defense. I don't think the offense we run with 12 gauge at the helm is conducive to him scoring 6 TDs. This isn't the JT or Brax playbook where they are constantly running the QB. I think he has 3 passing and gets a rushing TD in a goal line scenario. The three touchdown win prediction is bold, but I can see us getting ahead early and breaking their spirits. It would be awesome for sure.

To supplement the first three... I will say:

1. Bosa will have two sacks, forcing a fumble that someone takes for 6 on one.

2. We will have a +3 turnover margin.

3. Curtis Samuel will take a KR to the house.

Comment 03 Jan 2015

I want Braxton to stay as much as the next guy, but my whole take on the scenario is a little different. I didn't know that tweets I favorited were broadcast on my followers timelines occasionally until recently. He doesn't tweet a ton and definitely doesn't favorite a ton. It is very unlikely it would have been uncovered that he favorited that tweet had it not been broadcast on other timelines. Maybe I am being a little over cautious, but I have had the feeling that he may want to go somewhere to better showcase his passing. Just because he has vocally complained about all the designed runs in the past and he didn't look very satisfied on Thursday. Also, another probably insignificant factor, but he was wearing a gatorade towel that covered up the OSU logo on his jacket the whole game.

Comment 01 Jan 2015

If you just do a google search you can find people that post their username and password for others to use watchESPN. It works.

Comment 01 Jan 2015
Usually I'm incredibly nervous for days prior to a big game. This year, I was incredibly calm before MSU and Wisconsin. I have been very calm all week. Hopefully this means a similar result.