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Comment 05 Sep 2014

Old faithful is Miller Lite. But I have no problem going to Longboard Lager, Stella, or Guinness Black Lager

Comment 28 May 2014

If Gibson comes to Ohio State fine...IF not I'm OK with that as well. This is the way of the recruiting. I want guys that want to be Buckeyes without all of the drama.

In addition, he has known the staff was planning on taking TWO QBs in this class.

Comment 04 Mar 2014

Typically, Thad's team have at least one or two consistent, good shooters from deep. When the team is hitting from deep, it opens up the lane for guys like Craft, Scott, etc. Problem 1: This team is not a good shooting team.

When plays aren't there, players have a tendency to force this issue thus leading to turnovers or poor shot selection. Two things need to happen: 1: Uptempo basketball - this team plays much better when the tempo is up especially on the offensive end and 2: Take what the defense gives you instead of giving poessions away (It doesn't help that this team cannot shoot worth a lick).

Lastly, this was a concern coming into the season, who was going to be the Buckeyes go-to-guy. I don't think its from a lack from trying but NONE of the guys have the "IT" to be that guy. Ross is a shooter not a true scorer. Thompson could be but lacks the confidence in his game (if he ever "gets it" this guy could be very good). Smith, Craft, Williams, and Scott aren't those type of players. Loving is to young but has shown some potential.

Overall bottom line: Our expectations were higher than the potential of this team. And next year may not be much better.