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Comment 06 May 2016

Finally saw the movie online. All-in-all a decent movie. From those that didn't like it, I do understand. Fight scenes were over blown. The story line brought a lot together in a short period (DC is playing catch up after all).  To be honest, the Death of Superman was over blown in the comics, so I like the expedited version in this movie (it is a slobber knocker when Superman and Doomsday throws down so imagine that in a movie. OVERKILL). Like the twist with bringing back Zod as Doomsday but using Lex's blood didn't make sense. Since it was SM vs BM, they could have included just Lex and the Joker in some form or another which would have led the Joker into the Suicide Squad movie and set up the Legion of Doom in a future movie. Not as bad as some on here made it sound but not a bad baseline leading into future movies.

Comment 01 May 2016

What was the deal with Cash not getting drafted? Speed, coverage ability, run support, physicality. I'm stumped and I will have to research it better.

As for mocks, they are good tools but a man cannot live on mocks alone. We can read what comes out of combines and what WE think each team needs but unless we are a fly on a wall in each respective draft room, the general public (US) is clueless about what each team is thinking on draft day.

I for one was never sold on Trent Richardson's transition to the NFL, let alone if he was a fit in Cleveland. Hated the trade and pick (my son-in-law and best friend that I was going to throw the TV out the window when Cleveland made that trade). The NFL is bigger, faster, and more physical and IMO I never thought his running style transitioned very well to the NFL.

My opinion, I feel Perry will be a more durable player in the NFL than Schobert. I think Perry would be better suited at ILB in a 3-4 scheme. It will cover up his poor coverage skills. Perry is still an animal against the run. Last two seasons of 100+ tackles. Maybe it's the homer in me but I doubt it.

I can appreciate the toughness the kid out of TCU shows but can he cover. In the NFL, you need guys that can do both. I have a wait and see with this kid.

We are in agreement with the kid out of ULM.

Agreed the Browns need players that can stop the run and I think they may have improved as well as drafting a couple of guys that can rush the passer. They drafted guys that can catch (very pleased with each pick except the guy from Princeton, If they were so enamored with him, he would been there later). Drafted some solid offensive line help including the Matthews kid out of A&M as an UFA at Center.

I stand by the C grade because of the unknown with some of the picks. I will keep this in the back of my mind and revisit at the end of the season. Three guys to watch though Shon Coleman, Higgins and Wright. May end up being steals of the draft for the Browns.

Comment 30 Apr 2016

FG27. On three of the players (the kids out of Princeton, TCU and ULM, yes that is true based on mock drafts I reviewed). On Schobert, I did not pay much attention to him being an AA or not this past season however that doesn't mean much as it relates to his skill sets as an NFL player. Ex: Troy Smith was a Heisman winner and how was his Pro Career? Not a knock on any of the players, simply looking at various evaluations and measurables from the combines to see how they might fit as a Pro. I hope I'm wrong about every single one of those kids and hope they all turn out to be great players. As I said, my two cents.

Comment 30 Apr 2016

I think this draft was below average based on who was available when they made their picks. Granted they made some good picks but IMO there were some better players available at different points. One thing I know is none of us have the background on each player so its difficult to make an informed decision on why this person was picked or not. Here is my two cents and to keep it simple I will keep my comparisons based on the side of the ball drafted:

1(15) Coleman (WR) - Not a bad pick but I liked Josh Doctson more. A more well-rounded WR. Grade A-

2 (1) Ogbah (DE) - This was a safe pick. I would have picked Spence or Jaylon Smith (sit a year to heal and have ready for 17.) B

3 (2) Nassib (DE) - Happy with this pick based on need and skill set he brings. Need the pass rush from the line. A

3 (14) Shon Coleman (T) - Great story and wish this kid a long happy life. Solid pick at a position of need. A.

3 (30) Cody Kessler (QB) - Not happy with this pick. I will not put a QB here because I would not have drafted a QB in this draft. I would roll into the season with RG III, Luke, Austin and Connor. Then look for my QB next year. Miles Killebrew SS would have been my pick here. D -.

4 (1) Joe Schobert (OLB) - Better talent on the board. Josh Perry would have been my pick and move him inside. C-

4(16) Ricardo Louis WR - Solid pick. Better players out there but RG III will need ALOT of guys to throw to. B.

4 (31) Derrick Kindred S - Not a good pick primarily I because I don't know who this guy is and don't remember him in any mock drafts that I have dabbled in over the last several months. Zach Sanchez / CB would have been my selection. D.

4 (40) Seth Devalve WR/TE - Again an unknown. Since there are no WR/TE before Payton. I would have selected Westerman / G from ASU. C-.

5(15) Jordan Payton WR - Big bodied receiver that will be reliable. Solid pick. B

5(29) Spencer Drango OT - Solid pick at a position of need. In the NFL, I think he is a guard. B+.

5(33) Rashard Higgins WR - Another very good receiver. Some mocks had him gone in the 2nd. A

5(34) Trey Caldwell CB - Undersized CB from ULM. DJ White / CB would have been my pick here. D.

7(29) Scooby Wright III ILB - Steal if his knee is healthy. A

Overall grade - C

Comment 03 Mar 2016

I live in Evans, just north of Augusta, and everyone is pretty spot on about their respective observations. I have been to the practice rounds as well as the actual tournament. Prefer the practice rounds because it is a more relaxed environment. The area around the Masters has improved but a huge contrast to the course itself. Plenty of places to eat but no doubt the wait will vary depending on the time of day. Like others have said, eat at the course. If you want to play golf, all the courses in the area jack up their prices. Call way ahead for tee times. My favorites courses in the area are The River in North Augusta, Fort Gordon Golf Course (27 hole course and very well maintained) and Bartram Trail in Columbia County. If you have any detailed questions, don't hesitate to ask. Plus, we have a strong Buckeye contingent in the area. Safe travels.

Comment 31 Dec 2015

No doubt tonight will be some Highland Black Mocha Stout and Coffee Porter (both excellent beverages and highly recommend). Finish off with some Crown on the rocks! Might get the family playing some poker as well.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

Congrats brother. Hung up my boots back in 2006 after 23 years. Still work for the Army but in a slightly different capacity now. Thanks for your service my brother.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

And what do you think the chance is that some of the people coming over have ties to ISIS or other terrorists organizations? And our government wants to open up our borders to that possibility? Take into account the "sleeper cells" we have in this country.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

Ditto in Afghanistan and you can't send them a message until you take kid gloves off and kill them all with extreme prejudice. Unless you have been there, most of you would not understand. This is not a popularity contest and until we learn that, this shit will continue. And this is only going to get worse. And this is not referring to the basic population but to the scumbags that do this to the innocents.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

This^^^. Really nothing to see here. Did he receive punishment for his offense? Yep! Did he get suspended for 1 game? Yep! Did the police officer provide preferential treatment? Nope! Other than his outburst in the cruiser which is understandable, was he respectful? Yep! JT tried to get out of it and the police officer, to his credit, stood his ground. JT learned a hard lesson that day and should be a better person because of it.

Also, for all the self-righteous folks who address this as a big deal, have you ever been in a situation(s) where you tried to talk yourself out of that given situation? I know I have. By the way BrewinBuckFan, that is exactly what I said to the Ohio Highway Patrol Officer back in 1986 when I got my DUI. Of course it didn't help that the vehicle I was diving was sitting down at the bottom of an embankment. While this is rare, the officer did not cuff me AND he let me sit shotgun en-route to the OHP office. He booked me and called a family member to come and get me. He even wrote it up that I was very cooperative, respectful, and polite. And yes I did kick my own ass for it. Even called myself a F#$%er a couple of times. It happened and everyone moved on. SO, JT did what anyone of us would do. Just because he is the OSU QB doesn't make him perfect. He is still a 20 year old young man that made a mistake, paid and learned  .

Comment 29 Sep 2015

Had a variety this weekend and here are a couple of recommendations:

Highland Octoberfest Lager. IMO, much better than Sam Adams. Matter of fact, most of what Highland brews are pretty righteous beverages. Black Mocha Stout, Kashmir, etc.

Matilda - Had a sample at a local beer tasting event and was a pretty decent beer. So i bought a four pack. Falls in the Pale Ale category and has a spicy twist to it.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

Sticking around the house and being the superstious Buckeye that I am I will start the season as I finished the Championship run. Drinking Mich Ultra as the primary. I will have some Longboard Island Lager, Highland Black Mocha Stout, and Not Your Father's Root Beer in reserve. I will give VT multiple looks as you can tell. While not a beer, I will have some 1800 around for the trick play.

Comment 19 May 2015

GM for a day for the Reds? WOW where to begin. Clean out the FO (the development system in place to include drafts, development and overall baseball knowledge is below average to be kind.

Since I am the GM, I can't fire myself but I sure as hell would get rid of Walt. The bad contracts, good trades (lack of) and FA signed has sucked terribly.

Price would be on thin ice but look at the hand he has been dealt. You can't turn crap into gold. You have seen the out-burst by Price in the press several weeks ago and Votto bumping into the umpire that got him ejected and suspended for 1 game.

One problem is the Reds have only one guy that has hit consistently. Votto. Cozart is playing well but how long will it last. The Reds need coaches at all levels that can develop hitters especially at the minor league level. Byrd is a short term hire but the core of Votto, Frazier (needs to work on hitting for average), Mesoraco and for the time being Cozart is a solid base to an everyday line-up. IF, and it's a big IF, some one can teach Billy Hamiliton to hit CF would not be position of need but right now it is.

Let's face it with this current team, the Reds are not going to win the World Series. After all, isn't that the main goal in all sports is to win the big prize? World Series, Super Bowl, National Championship, etc.? With that said, the following needs to happen, TRADE Cueto (include Bruce and /or Phillips if possible) for the best possible package to include best pitching prospect in the other team's orgaization (a given since the Reds are giving up a CY Young candidate), a young everyday player at a position of need (2nd, CF, and RF) and prospects. IF you can't get rid of Bruce and Phillips in the Cueto trade (ideal scenario by the way), include one or both in a trade with Chapman for the best package possible. IF you are going to tank, tank all the way. I agree with those who feel that Chapman has been mis-used since he was signed. He should have been groomed to be a starter. After all his arm won't last forever, right? Lastly, since I would be setting up this team for the future. I would trade Votto as well. A former MVP that can still hit is still a valuable piece to any team.

Bottom line and perfect scenario is the Reds trade Cueto and Phillips for best prospect (pitcher) in the other team's organization, young everyday starter (2nd, CF, RF) and high-end prospects. Second trade Chapman and Bruce for young everyday starter (2nd, CF, RF) and high-end prospects. Lastly, trade Votto for everyday starter (2nd, CF, RF) and high-end prospects. One other thing the Reds can do is get rid of guys like Gregg and Hoover. Can't beleive these guys pitch in the Majors.

Comment 27 Mar 2015

Live in the Augusta area as well (Evans). I have come across a few SEC fans in the area that know a little about college football. But Augusta isn't a very good measuring stick for educated football fans. Most ride that SEC bandwagon but all have not had anything bad to say about the Buckeyes winning out. Plus, all that I have come across were impressed at how well the Buckeyes played with a "3rd String" QB and how easily they beat Bama and Oregon.

Now, I'm dealing with the Kentucky juggernaut. No argument there, those guys are pretty damn good.

Comment 04 Mar 2015

I'm living a dream with the introduction of Marvel characters on to the big screen. I've been a fan since I was a kid (over 40 years and still counting). Regardless of who owns what, I like what they have done with the Avengers and they have done reasonably well with the X-Men, Captain America, and new Spiderman. Guradians turned out much better than I thought and the creators have doen a great job of leaving open stroy lines for all the above.

I'm not to excited about Ant-Man / Hank Pym. I feel that is a character they could have integrated into the Avenger saga's rather than give him his own film. I have a feeling they may have put too much credit on this character unless the Marvel cover puts it over the top. I'm not holding my breath.

The Fantastic Four is a series that they screwed up from the get-go. The first was OK but could have used a different plot line with Dr. Doom. Then they totally blew it with Rise of the Silver Surfer. Whoever wrote that script should have stuck with the history of the rival and relationships of the FF, Sivler Surfer and most of all Galactus. Dr. Doom should not have been in the all. This film could have been great. The newer version of the FF, right now, looks like a dud or maybe the creators are attemptng to re-invent the group as a whole and trying all over again. I hope they get it right because the FF was one of favorites as a kid.

Looking forward to Civil War but I think one movie would not be enough to capture everything that happened in that series. Black Panther looks excellent. That is one character that has evolved nicely over the years. Doctor Strange looks interesting and would be really cool if they would build a Defenders movie line (DS, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Son of Satan, etc.). Many possibilities.

Comment 02 Mar 2015

The recommendations Evannati made are ideal. Alot of it depends on how long you are docked. Cruising Duval Street is great. Offers great places to eat, drink and shop. Sunset is a must see. One of the most beautiful scenes to take in. Safe travels.

Comment 02 Mar 2015

Army, Sergeant First Class (RET). 1983 - 2006; 32D (Telecommunications) (eventaully morphed into 25P in today's Army. Mulitple tour overseas..Germany, The Netherlands, Middle East, etc.

Currently work as a Department Army Civilian (DA CIV) at the Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon, GA. Develop training for the enlisted, warrant officers and officers in the Signal / Cyber branch of the Army.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

I've read (here or another site) that Clark is physically fine but he is having a difficult time psychologically coming back from the injury.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

For the Buckeyes to win Saturday, the following needs to happen:

1. On offense, Cardale plays within the offensive game plan and avoids mistakes. I'm not sold on Bucky's defense just yet (glance at their schedule and quality each opponent's offense). Especially how well the offense played against MSU. I understand it was WITH J.T. but the Buckeye's offense is a system and the players are parts of that system. Hopefully, Cardale can do his part. I'm cautiously optimistic.

2. The defense limits the big plays and Gordon (and the running game). Stave cannot beat OSU no more than Cardale can beat Wiscy by themselves. Limit the running under their average per game. I have no problem the Buckeyes running the Bear in this game.

3. Play for 60 minutes. No lulls, no taking plays off, maintain gap discipline on defense, and play fast and physical.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Only S1??? All 4 seasons downloaded and watched. Impatiently waiting on S5. Many surprises and "Damn its, I wish that guy or gal didn't get killed." But my favorite character is still hanging in there.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

Nothing wrong with those views at all because they are true. I would like to see OSU play better teams in the OOC schedule regardless of how strong the B1G is. Better teams prepares them for the NCAA's.