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Comment 28 Apr 2017

For my fellow Browns fans, look at the history of the Browns past drafts on the link below. No Johnny Football! No Trent Richardson. No Brandon Weedon. Was it really such a bad Day 1 of the draft? Damn you guys are jaded.

Comment 28 Apr 2017

A night to sleep on the draft. I see many of you lining up to take a dive off the factory of sadness roof. It's not as bad as it appears in my honest opinion. This is the first time in my many years of watching Day 1 that I did not want to jump through the TV and strangle the entire Browns front office. Let me try and explain my thoughts on each pick.

#1 - Myles Garrett - DE - This was a no-brainer. Hands down the best player in the draft. No need for any further explanation. A +

Note: Look what the Bears gave up to pick Mitch @ 2. They moved up one slot and gave up a 3rd and 4th round this year and a 3rd next year to the 49ers. Imagine what the 49ers were wanting from the Browns to move up 10 spots. Kudos to the Browns for not caving in to the temptation of trading the farm.

#12 - Traded to Texans for #25 and a 1st rounder next year (Likely a mid-1st rounder). They could have taken Watson, Hooker, Foster or even OJ Howard. I might be able to make sense of this move. 1) They were not sold on Watson so not an option; 2) Hookers and Fosters injuries may be worse than what we know; 3) Howard should have been the pick but when the Texans dangled their #1 next year it was to much to pass on to secure more draft capitol to pick a QB next year (A much better QB class next year) Grade - A

#25 - Jabrill Peppers - S -  I was a bit surprised with this pick but not disappointed based on who was on the board at the time. I see many upset because of where he went to school and how he was used. Is he overrated? To a certain degree. Is he worthy of the #25 pick overall and #1 pick next year from the Texans? I think he is. Don't forget our Buckeyes recruited him as well so Urban and his coaches saw a pretty good football player. I am taking a sit back and watch with Peppers. IMO, I think he is going to be a pleasant surprise.  Grade - B+

# 29 - David Njoku - TE - (Browns traded #33 and #108) - Moved up 4 to pick, arguably, the 2nd best tight end in the draft. Would the Packers, Steelers, 49ers or Saints picked before #33? Packers - No; Steelers - I don't think so; 49ers - No! They were going to pick Reuben Foster if he was there which he was; Saints - Not sure. They went OT so this is the only question mark. If it was me and I traded up to 29, I would have picked Foster. While the Browns needed to upgrade the TE position, I think they could have picked up Butt or Hodges later in the draft, while not as athletic, they are more polished tight ends. I think they could have gotten this guy at #33 and held on to the 4th round pick. Grade - B- (Not because of talent but I'm pretty certain he would have been there today @ 33.

Overall first day grade, I give the Browns a B+. They got a day one starter at rush end; multi-purpose player that should be an upgrade at safety, day one starter and add to the return game; an athletic freak at TE that should be an upgrade to the position. Day One starter? no but should be by mid-season.

Note: Some food for thought. I think the Browns will take a QB in this draft. I think they might go after Peterman (Played in a pro-style offense at Pitt), Davis Webb out of Cal or Joshua Hobbs out of Tennessee. Also, keep in mind the FA QB class next year as well as the QB draft class. Much more fertile and the Browns will have the cap space (Brock Osweiler is only on the books for this year) and draft stock to make the necessary moves to get who they need.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Congrats Baz on getting hitched. Key West is one of my favorite places to visit. Wife and I went down there last summer and had a great time...again.

Get out on the water. Para-sail, reef dives and get out to Dry Tortugas. Reserve in advance. Here is the link:

Duvall street is where most of the action is but Trip Advisor is a great tool to find places to eat. Highly recommend Garbo's Grill on Caroline Street (Fusion food served out of a trailer behind a bar. Excellent food); Better Than Sex, A Dessert Restaurant (Simonton St on the corner) (Opens up later in the day, Check for hours and it wouldn't hurt to make reservations. Has some out of this world desserts and fru-fru drinks (alcohol and non); Kermit's Key Lime is great for the traditional Key Lime Pie. Those are just a few places that I highly recommend.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

Yea I threw shit against the wall to see if it would stick. BUT I do think Brock will be going somewhere else where the Browns eat a portion of the Brock contract and get something else in return.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

Here is the link.

This is setting up another deal. Dare I say Osweiler, 1st rounder (12) and the Houston 2nd rounder next year to NE for Jimmy G?

Comment 09 Mar 2017

This team has been very difficult to watch the last four or five years. And I do think there is some complacency on Thad's and Gene's part. Allow me to add I hope they don't get invited to the NIT, this team does not deserve it.

The basketball team needs a new culture. Coaching, new strength and conditioning, and finding players who want to play here.

This team is soft, lacks discipline, has no identity, and has no chemistry.

Matta's team needs some help from Mariotta's S & C program.

Glad to see Loving graduate. I will leave it at that.

Would not break my heart to see Lyle declare. He is a square peg in a round hole on this team.

If Tate learns to play within his skill set and learns to shoot FT's, he is an asset. Thompson needs to learn to go to Greg Oden's school of defense. If he improves in this area, another asset. If KBD comes back healthy, he no longer has Loving getting in his way. They did not play well together when on the floor at the same time. These three are a decent core for a good team. Simply needs tweaking.

Potter needs a lot of work. He needs to get stronger and more agile. Wesson has a lot of potential. CJ improved throughout the season (always thought he should have been the PG when on the floor). DF is unproven but could help with 15 pounds of good muscle. David Bell has not been developed by the staff.

Wesson will contribute next year and will help this team. I have a wait and see attitude with Beverly. If he comes in a poor mans version of Aaron Craft with a little Jay Burson sprinkled in, he might help.

They just have to get this team to come together.

Comment 22 Feb 2017


Allow me to elaborate, I am NOT expecting Craft level defense or leadership. Nor should anyone. From what I have a read on the kid, good shooter, ball handler, and aggressive defender. All I am saying for the Buckeyes to be better next year, Wesson would have to be Sullinger like in his play while Beverly would have to be Craft like in his play. I am expecting it? No. Am I hoping? Yes. 

Comment 22 Feb 2017

Next season may be rough as well with Loving graduating and the possibility of Lyle and Thompson declaring for the draft. And I do believe both will declare. As it stands today, only Wesson and Beverly are part of the 2017 class with the late signing period looming. What happens from here? Bates-Diop, Tate, and Kam return as the leaders. 'Dre Wesson, Jackson, Potter, Bell and Funderbruk are returning but only three of the five saw any meaningful minutes. Unless Wesson comes in ready to play like Sullinger and Beverly is the second coming of Aaron Craft (defense and leadership reference here; any offense would be gravy), this team appears to be in trouble next season as well.

Comment 10 Feb 2017

Welcome to the big league fella. This is going to be your job. A performance based job at that. Be a man and who ever drafts you, work hard and play the damn game.  Skip bowl games, do not play in the Senior Bowl (yes this is in reference to Watson) and now voicing their thoughts on who they do and don't want to play for. These kids are just blow my mind. Be a professional for crying out loud.

Comment 31 Jan 2017

Not a smart move if they do this. An unproven back-up QB? Really? Roll the dice with 1(12) or 2(1) and select Watson, Trubinsky, or Kizer.  Granted the rookie QB would also be unproven but I like the potential in one of the three rookies rather than Jimmy G. Take time and develop that QB (1-2 max) and add pieces over the next two drafts and at FAs at key positions and MAYBE something great can happen in Cleveland. Here is to hoping.

Comment 20 Jan 2017


Sometimes the off season is all we have. It's a lot like hope. As long as I am alive, I will continue to do so where the Browns are concerned.

Look at it this way, they cannot get much worse than this past season.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

Hate to hear this if true. Like a few have said, with JT coming back that may have affected Joe. IMO, this kid deserves the chance to compete for the job. I was looking forward to an open competition between Burrow, Haskins and Tate this year. I think all three have a chance to be great QBs at OSU and beyond. Good luck to Joe regardless.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Front 7, the Buckeyes have no worries. Talent, depth and experience.

The DB competition, on the other hand, is going to be a battle from the Spring through the beginning of the season. Projected starters will be pushed and pushed hard by others. Here is my breakdown (barring injuries).

Starters: Corners - Ward and Sheffield; Safeties - Webb and Fuller. Nickel - Okudah

Back-up corners -  Arnette, Davis, Williamson, and Wade. Arnette and Davis will play but I think Sheffield will beat out Arnette for the other starting CB spot with Okudah eventually locking down the Nickel. I believe Williamson will RS. Wade is the wild card, If he adds some good weight (15lbs or so) prior to the season, he could be in the picture. 6-1, 177 is a bit thin to be an every down player. 

Back-up safeties - Smith, Norwood, Burns, Wint, Pryor, Riep. Smith could start over Fuller but I think Fuller is really going to show up this Spring and seize the job. Norwood, Burns, Wint, and Pryor will be in on ST while Riep is a RS. Keep any eye on Pryor here. He might add the size to move to LB and change the depth chart here.

As far as EGW goes, I was surprised he was moved to defense when he arrived. I think he will take advantage of this move and become a solid option at HB. OSU has McCall and Hill (more a true WR than an HB) as options to replace Samuel. Bringing EGW over gives the coaches depth and another option at HB. I think this move might pay off for the Buckeyes on offense.

Comment 18 Dec 2016

It will be a tough game no doubt. However, I met some Clemson fans at the Orange Bowl a few years back and MOST I met were assholes. Luckily, my wife was with me and kept me from getting put in jail.

Comment 14 Dec 2016

It would be a pleasant surprise if he commits to the good guys but everything I am reading (here and other sites) point to the young man throwing up smoke screens. The big give away to me is the 50-50 between OSU (arch rival) and FSU (upcoming bowl opponent). If this kid doesn't stay in TSUN. I will be shocked.

Comment 02 Nov 2016

I will have to keep an eye out for that one. IMO, they make some of the best beverages in the south.

Comment 31 Oct 2016

This is a stupid move IF the Browns don't sign him long term. I think the FO is set on signing him long term or using the FT on him. Based on where the Browns are at on defense, this is an upgrade that will make the defense better. The Browns need to sign Pryor sooner, rather than later, which I think they will do.

Comment 27 Oct 2016

The 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale is what I had. I will check out the others when I'm back up that way next month. Thanks brother!

Comment 26 Oct 2016

When I come home, I do drink the local brews. Prefer Great Lakes (Dortmond and Elliot Ness are my favs). But down here in Georgia, the pickins' are slim. Very IPA and Pale Ale heavy. Augusta recently kicked off on some craft beverages but haven't taken the time to try. Might go to the brewery and check it out before the game on Saturday.

High Street, I have only tried a few from Columbus Brewing and Thirsty Dog but cannot recall what style I tried. It's been a while. Any recommendations?

Comment 26 Oct 2016

I am not a big fan of IPAs either. But here are few I have tried that are very good and have remained reliable:

Sierra Nevada - Crisp Lager

Longboard - Island Lager

Stella Artois

Highland (Pick one) Brewed in Asheville, NC. All are pretty damn good beverages.

Guinness Draught / Blonde / Black (if you can find it)

No particular Company but Coffee Porters and Breckenridge Vanilla Porter are pretty tasty

I could go on and on but hope this helps with some selections. Here's to good drinking. Prost!

Comment 26 Oct 2016

If I may add, with it being Veteran's Day, the Old Guard from Fort Myer will probably be performing some ceremonies at Arlington and other locations. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is something to behold. In my 33 years in the Army (Soldier and Civil Service), I have been to DC too many times to count and you can't possibly see EVERYTHING that the District has to offer in a single day or the weekend. Make a plan, take your time, and enjoy it. As far as places to eat, DC has everything. I enjoyed eating in Old Town (Alexandria). Many places to chose from and most are strictly unique to that area. Enjoy!

Comment 26 Oct 2016

I will be there. Had plans of going to the basketball game in Annapolis but the wife decided to tag along to see the kids and grandkids in Frederick / Fort Detrick.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

Always knew it was stress related BUT I did not realize it was more UFM's reaction to everything rather than external influences. Excellent read and many of us could learn from UFM's experience in our own lives.