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Comment 18 hours ago
Uggghhhhhh I hate saying this but I honestly don't feel the final score is indicative of the overall game. Sloppy? Yes. Indiana was handed a few gift wrapped 1st and tens though. The offensive pi that wasn't called was the big one. I was glad to see they were finally calling the blocks in the back. The long TD run by the 2nd stringer they missed a clear hold on D.Lee43. Oh well don't leave it in refs hands and hey 5-0!
Comment 29 Sep 2015
Virginia tech was the high point so far, blah wins vs Hawaii and NIU were not for the faint of heart. This last game was a huge improvement and I expect to see marked improvement over the next several games. Just don't be shocked if the team has a few mediocre or heart attack games. I'm glad that the "end is nigh" folks have found some peace..... For now.
Comment 28 Sep 2015
Chris, I am an excellent cook however my range is foods that have made my triglycerides go through the roof. I'm up to two exercise periods a day now and doing different dishes. I had spaghetti last night but instead of noodles I used boiled veggies. Cauliflower and broccoli. Cabbage soup recipe is good as well its just a horribly bland diet. Good luck to you though.
Comment 24 Sep 2015
Sadly, it might not because you might get the JT would have got 60 and 600. It's a game peeps, enjoy it, it could be Joe Bauserman out there.....
Comment 22 Sep 2015
I agree except for the fact that we have no idea if he can track the ball ala Devin Smith. I think we will see this team develop better and work a bit more against 3-4 and 335 defenses. All in all wide receiver wise they are very young. I believe that this team will gel more appropriately as the season wears on. Irregardless of who is behind center I love this team and support whatever decisions are made.
Comment 22 Sep 2015
I'm in line with everyone saying that "I'm team Buckeye" and I agree with Squirrel Master that this isn't Twilight 17 revenge of the pissed off QB. If that's the case let's get foil hats because it could (sarcasm) be that Urbz is trying to make the team more hungry by losing the top spot by intentionally sloppy play (end sarcasm). I believe that being number 1 along with all of the accolades has gone to their collective heads. I truly trust in Urbz and think he will have this figured out by Indiana.
Comment 21 Sep 2015
Sorry Hattman, I lost my mother in similar fashion while deployed. I hope nothing bad happens to anyone heart issues are not fun.