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Career Army, love the Bucks can't stand any other team. I won't scream B I G B I G if scUM wins a NC


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 Natty Champ game watched it in Korea.....
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Hmmm..... gotta say childhood, Keith Byars. Big Bear Bosa is creeping in.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft was, now I'll see this year.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs, gonna be a fun year....
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 6 hours ago
Just as much as Auburn, you left a few out. Not criticizing by any means just stating the obvious that there is a perceived bias. I don't hear "constant" chatter on JT4, but here again it is perceived.
Comment 7 hours ago
K-state over Bama, Oregon over Bama, ND over Bama. I would also dare to place 2 of those teams over Auburn. I see your points but without it being played out on the field hell Marshall could be over those teams.
Comment 8 hours ago
Well while true that not everything is a conspiracy, it is just disgusting that many of the UofSEC fans think that because ESPN says it, doesn't make it gospel. I am a firm tOSU fan, I refuse to cheer for Michigan. Even against the UofSEC, or any other conference team. Maybe if the fans and media talking heads realize that what their opinions on who the best teams are so far is solely opinion and that the rest of the country would like to hear about other teams, the foil hats will be reserved more for December 21st 2012.
Comment 22 Oct 2014
Awesome thanks for the advice, I'm taking my prospective retirement trips next fall, I'll let you know if I hit your ao.
Comment 21 Oct 2014
All good Southern Buck, sorry for being nosy I see you are southern point of Ohio. I'm retiring next year and looking at Southern Ohio, West Virginia and WestERN VA. How's the job/house/school market in your area?
Comment 20 Oct 2014
Honestly its all in good fun, my last name is Schmitt, I'm pretty sure I have heard every possible variance of it. I laugh with, maybe since I am a bit older my skin is more thick. If I offended anyone please accept my apologies.
Comment 19 Oct 2014
Hackenturd will need time to throw and with that porous line the Silver Bullets should be in for a sack fest. The running game will be fine with the combined edge speed/power combo. With JT becoming more and more comfortable and confident in his legs, that's an added weapon.
Comment 12 Oct 2014
I do believe Saban will get the ship righted here soon. Just as tOSU lost some big pieces, Bama did as well. I'm no Lane Kiffin fan and I think that Nick will reign him back in shortly. It has been a weird, wild year so far I'm excited to see the rest play out.
Comment 11 Oct 2014
If that's the case then South Carolina is close to overtaking them all. The snapshot of UGA is very incomplete, they haven't had a signature win at all.
Comment 11 Oct 2014
Believe it or not I have been bitten by one too, inner thigh, thought an ant got me, two hours later I could barely walk. Yeah Johnny K I'm pulling for Auburn as well, tradition will be in tOSU's favor or would kill it if (when) we win out!
Comment 11 Oct 2014
Had to go with Auburn vs the Cowbells. I think this one sets the tone for the SEC west. Orrrrr, the field could be overrun by the brown recluse spiders from DJ's link......
Comment 04 Oct 2014
^^^^^^^ that right there. Hoke was so sure of himself and beating "Ohio" that he can go jump in the dumpster fire himself.
Comment 04 Oct 2014
No BTN here but thrilled, my neighbor is a Myshitcan fan and was running off at his pie HOKE damn I mean hole about us beating sorry Maryland....