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Comment 09 Dec 2014

If you watched the Iron Bowl in its entirety then you should feel good about this game.  Auburn went deep with success against Bama.  We should be able to exploit that with Devin Smith, Dontre, Jalin, and whoever else can run a straight line very quickly.  With that said, whether or not we can score isn't my concern.  The matchup of the night will be our defense against their offense with the focus being on primarily on the line.  Blake Sims got rattled in the first half and was saved because halftime hit.  If we can create pressure like we did against Wisky we will be doing real well.  I think we continue the shuffling of fresh bodies on the d-line and take it.

35-34 Ohio St.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Must be the exact same thing Nebby did in 2012 because we didn't want a newcomer winning the B1G in their first year.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

I've read several names for the ttun job.  Some realistic and some just plain fantasy such as Sean Payton.  I think Mark Richt or Jim Mora.

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Rhino is very nice place for OSU fans.  It does split with Penn State but if they're playing at the same time the ratio is probably somewhere around 75/1 OSU fans.  Typically standing room only on the main level during the game but the employees go around and wait on the people standing which is very cool.

Comment 09 Feb 2014

My living quarters were in Camp McGregor and we would bus to Camp Oregrande during my train up for deployment.  These places are in the middle of nowhere New Mexico.  The USO was there though, on this tiny base.  Was so thankful for them.  They gave us a place to go and just kick back and relax.  The USO is a great organization that is very well appreciated amongst soldiers/airmen/seamen/marines.

Comment 09 Jan 2014

Yes. Multiple looks. That would be a hard pill to swallow if he accepts then runs for the NFL in 2-3 seasons as well. I'm interested to see the contract details if this gets done today. 

Comment 08 Jan 2014

Michigan: It will be interesting to see if former USC head coach Lane Kiffin, Chicago Bears wide receivers coach Mike Groh or former Tampa Bay Bucs quarterbacks coach John McNulty, or Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner emerge in Brady Hoke's search for a new offensive coordinator. Groh previously served as the wide receivers coach at Alabama before joining Marc Trestman's staff last off-season.

Comment 03 Jan 2014

I enjoy how he isn't partial towards either team.  I've enjoyed him actually.  He screws up a lot, but he isn't sucking people off.

Comment 31 Dec 2013

This whole thing, from bringing Tressel back to Ohio St., to the players carrying him off the field, and to the fans getting extremely loud was like a big middle finger to the NCAA.

Comment 29 Dec 2013

Penn State: According to NFL's Ian Rapoport, Penn State athletic director Dave Joyner is mulling flying down to Tampa to make a push for Greg Schiano, who has said he wants to stay in the NFL.

Comment 28 Dec 2013

Or, you could take on the tedious task of going back through all of your posts and upvoting them yourself.  

Comment 26 Dec 2013

I get excited when I think of the possibilities of having a home playoff game next season.  Just think about it.  Getting to host FSU, Bama, Stanford, Baylor, LSU, or whoever.  Then reality slaps me in the face and I become not so impressed with the new playoff system.  I could see them having trouble with sales on those playoff games as well.  Fans may hold out to see if their team makes it to the final game.  Others may go for it on the 1st round game.  A lot will say the hell with it and watch from the comforts of their living room.