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Comment 01 Sep 2014
I sit here with a huge smirk on my face. Im pretty even keel. I dont think most people understand how much better we will look against a traditional offense annd traditional defense for that matter. Say what you will but I can see Navy going undefeated for the rest of the year. Yes, I know they play Notre Dame.I hope they destroy them! Playoff bound
Comment 21 Aug 2014
I hate to say it but it angers me buckeye nation is doubting their team so much. I understand some doubt. Braxton is amazing but OSU doesnt recruit less than amazing. My expectations have not changed. GO BUCKS
Comment 20 Aug 2014
Im with you 100%. Obviously hes not the same type of athlete as Braxton and lacks his experience but whos to say he cant actually be better in the passing game? Did I really say that? Yes. Yes I did. Only time will tell! Ridiculous amount of talent around him. Im still so pumped!
Comment 20 Aug 2014
11W makes every day seem like MY birthday. Thanks for all you do guys and Happy Birthday!