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Comment 23 Nov 2015
I apologize if this was already said because I skipped all the other comments. I just wanted to say I never faulted Zeke for anything he said. Timing is what it is but he didn't lie and he wasn't wrong, only the PC police really want an apology and that sure ain't me!
Comment 28 Oct 2015

Yes, Cardale has a stronger arm but like I said earlier this week, the weakness of JTs arm has been grossly exaggerated.  I would rather have JT throwing the deep ball personally.  He has always been more accurate.  If you go back and watch the championship run you will see that maybe one of Cardales deep balls Devin caught in stride. Im definitely not talking bad about Cardale, he came in and led us to the championship, after all.  I just think a lot more credit maybe should have been given to Devin and I think in hindsight we see that.

Comment 27 Oct 2015

When I think of tool bag coaches Dabo Swinney is not on the list. Bert on the other hand...

Comment 15 Oct 2015

Looks like a storm is moving in in that vine.  Unless they want Notre Dame-like attention they might want to get the guy off the scissor lift.

Comment 13 Oct 2015

I agree completely but Matt Millen would probably 'bloody your nose' for saying that.