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Comment 23 Sep 2015

Good write up as always Ramzy.  I too think that going through the struggles of the last two games will pay dividends sooner and later.  That being said if it happens again this week its a trend.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

I don't believe this is the case.  They just didn't feel that he possessed it long enough, although he did.  If you recall, I think it was VT's first possession they did indeed review an incomplete pass to see if it was a catch, which is commonplace.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

WOW, Ramzy.  This story just grabbed my heart and filled my eyes with tears.  Im deployed, albeit CONUS, and I absolutely have to take a break from 11W to call my Dad.  Thanks man.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

I actually made this same assumption to my buddy a couple days ago.  I said if I was in Vegas I would put a grand down on JT being the starter but with my luck Urban would surprise everybody and start Braxton. I honestly wouldn't put anything past Urban.