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Comment 31 Aug 2015

I actually made this same assumption to my buddy a couple days ago.  I said if I was in Vegas I would put a grand down on JT being the starter but with my luck Urban would surprise everybody and start Braxton. I honestly wouldn't put anything past Urban.

Comment 20 Aug 2015

Happy Birthday 11W's.  I don't know what I would do without you!  For Real!!!

Comment 19 Aug 2015

I really like Curtis Samuel as well and I think hes a great running back.  The thing that really stood out for me last year was how well he ran between the tackles for his size.  He is definitely not afraid to stick his nose in there and doesn't go down easily.  Powerful guy for his size and has another year under Coach Mick.  I do however think he needs to be on the field regardless of position.

Comment 15 Aug 2015

Chris Spielman.  I can't argue with any selection that's for sure.  Theres just too many to choose from.  I think if you talk about the person behind the player Joshua Perry enters the discussion as well as others.  Darron Lee before he leaves, Michael Jenkins is often forgotten along with Krenzel, Doss... just too many

Comment 13 Aug 2015

Im in agreement here.  Not a fan of the two quarterback system although this is slightly different because both could be start and be great.  I would really like to see the starter(JT) get as much in game reps as possible.  I think a platoon hurts the team as a whole for the stretch run.  I think it could also cause division within the team when one is not up to par and they continue to platoon.  I hope I don't see this but luckily Urban gets paid handsomely to make the RIGHT decisions.  Go Bucks!