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Comment 21 Jun 2014

Please continue these updates. I hope that more fans become fans of the Buckeyes and not just the big 2 sports. I wish we supported the various Buckeye athletic teams the way they do here in Fayetteville.

Comment 06 Jan 2014

And it still makes me giggle to think that Arkansas fired Malzahn.  Ol' Frank Broyles and Houston Nutt just knew that crazy offense could never work in the SEC.

Comment 02 Oct 2013

If you ever get the chance to see Aussie Rules Football, its pretty fun.  Saw one of the play-in games for their Superbowl (Grand Final) last month. In order to play that game, you do have to be able to motor in contact traffic.  It is not at all uncommon to kick the ball while running in traffic.  So yeah, he may have some skills that can make some nice trick plays.

Comment 29 Mar 2013

Love this column.  College hockey is as unique and environment at football.  But it won't be found anywhere around Fayetteville.  Neither will any of those other sports.  Keep us posted. Would love to travel to Omaha and seem some Buckeye baseball this June.

Comment 05 Dec 2012

The fanbase atmosphere today in Fayetteville is one of muted enthusiasm for Bielema.  They REALLY don't like people not from the south down here.  Recruiting will be interesting to watch.  T

Comment 03 Dec 2012

Agree completely.  The SEC Coordinators and Assistant coaches receive much higher salaries and as a result, have better staffs.  SEC schools are producing better HC candidates.  The diference shows on the field. The HC may  be the CEO but the rest of the staff builds the team. 

Comment 02 Dec 2012

Just looking at Bowl projections makes me cringe.  Nebraska gets A&M?  Northwestern gets South Carolina? MAYBE Michigan can beat Vanderbilt. the B1G could very well lose them all.  Can the Bowls go to the NCAA and appeal Penn State's bowl ban for next year?

Comment 02 Dec 2012

I am hoping that the quality of play in the B1G has hit bottom.  Its not humorous anymore.  We can't improve as a team playing inferior opponents. 

Alabama 32  ND 10


Comment 11 Oct 2012

oh man, you don't know many 'bama fans.

First, the woman behind the counter wouldn't care what you think. Your team isn't even in the SEC.

Second, when you went out to your car, anything tOSU related would be missing.

When I have to drive through alabama, I make sure my gas gage is on full when I hit the state line.

Comment 28 Aug 2012

"if you hear a certain song ONE MORE TIME, you'll rupture your own eardrum for sweet relief"

Attend a game in Knoxville and Rocky Top may inspire you to homicide.  The chain game orange doesn't help.

Comment 01 Aug 2012

Badminton is actually a pretty good workout.  Tennis for guys with bad knees.

Comment 23 Jul 2012

An impressively educational and thought provoking post.  I am enlightened more by reading it.  Thank you.

BTW, who is winning the Fulmer Cup?

Comment 09 May 2012

Never took the lit class either. But if you could recite a little Walt Whitman back in the hippie days, girls thought you were sophisticated and sensitive.

Comment 09 May 2012

I stand corrected then. Forgive me for underestimating the education of a fellow Buckeye. (I didn't see the picture).

Comment 09 May 2012

Big poofy air bag helmets and flip flops instead of spikes will solve the problem.

Comment 09 May 2012

How about big poofy airbags for helmets? You could spear all you want.  It's be kind of like hitting one of those people dressed in the sumo-wrestler suits.

Comment 06 May 2012

An explanation isn't an excuse.  Addictions are monsters.  But the addict still has to bear some responsibility for the damage  they do.

Comment 12 Apr 2012

I'd kind of be embarrassed if I gave a non-relative woman $20,000 and there WASN'T sex involved.  But then I'd rather be seen a randy old coot than a chump.

Comment 12 Apr 2012

"Screwing " still hasn't been confirmed but as a betting man, I'd agree.  There are still many more layers of this story to be revealed, and yeah, I would love to hear the fiance's story. I undertand he has already resigned, left town and has another job. Maybe its the college football version of "Indecent Proposal". 


She can get more than A couple hundred thousand $? I know of three LSU alums who are prepared to chip in.  I imagine all she will have to do is show up in Baton Rouge next fall.

Comment 12 Apr 2012

 This is the second football coach in 5 years that got into trouble by having a relationship with a younger woman.  To date, neither relationship has been confirmed to be of a sexual nature.

FWIW, you have no idea how dull Fayetteville, Arkansas is.  We have lakes, rivers, mountains, woods, and all manner of outdoor leisure activities.  But if that's not your thing, and you are away from home 18 hours a day, the boredom can be smothering. The entertainment highlight of this weekend is "An Evening with Cake" at the Arkansas Music Pavilion (tent).  Not an excuse , but maybe an explanation.  

Comment 12 Apr 2012

You say that like it is a bad thing. Another way of looking at it is that she simply leveraged possibly her only asset into a major profit given that her window of opportunity was both narrow and unlikely to re-occur.  It only remains to be seen how big a profit she is able to swing when she sells her story rights to some screenwriter.

Or as my grandpa used to say, "If was born a girl, there'd be a whore in our family."

Comment 11 Apr 2012

Taver and I need to have a talk about the dismal history for Buckeyes living in fayetteville.  Rumor is that there will be some dandy bargains of talented players ready to transfer. 

Comment 22 Mar 2012

Cincinnati Southern?

They have decent schools and no NASCAR track.

Be careful what you wish for.