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Comment 09 Jan 2015

I lived in Leuven for two years.  Enjoy the beer, chocolate, waffles and easy access to most of Western Europe.  

Comment 23 Nov 2014

Some of JT's record numbers made me curious about league marks.  At 33 pass TDs, he's now tied with Russell Wilson for 2nd most in a season.  With at least three games remaining, he's within reach of Drew Bree's 39 from 1998.  It's easy to attribute some of the gaudy numbers to the system, but Brees probably averaged close to 50 pass attempts/game for those Purdue teams.

Comment 15 May 2014

There may be no state pride in Illinois but Chicagoans love their city.  I've seen more Chicago flag tattoos living here than any Ohio related ones during the first 22 years of my life spent in the Buckeye state.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

In 2012-13, the Flyers' average attendance was 12,438 (26th in Division I).  UD Arena holds 13,435 = 92.5% full.

In 2011–12, Ohio State averaged 16,511 (8th in Division I).  Value City holds 18,809 = 87.7% full.

UD has been in the top 30 for attendance the past 17 years straight and out of the top 35 only once since 1969, the year UD Arena was opened.  Flyer fans are hardly bandwagon and will continue to support their mediocre teams in the future.  If you haven't seen a game at UD Arena, you should check it out.  I'd argue it's better than the Schott

Comment 18 Jul 2013

I couldn't care less about what he does in the off season either. Clearly, the responsible thing to do would be to stay clean and work on improving his game (the Mannings might be able to help him with that...). But frankly, if he performs well this season no one will remember all this nonsense. If he doesn't, it'll be talked about in the media ad nauseum. It's his life. If he wants to make bad decisions and jeopardize millions of dollars, so be it.