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Comment 22 Jul 2016

wouldn't be surprised if he was falsely accused so she can get some money out of him. Some women are unbelievable. Always trying to take a mans hard earned money and ruin his reputation. This always happens to rich male athletes. Women who make these accusations up need to do some jail time

Comment 01 Jul 2016

I'm a member and I wish that was the case. The Gators are promising him immediate playing time. I don't think he wants to compete. Notre Dame is sweet talking him as well. 

Comment 01 Jul 2016

We're in prime position with 4 other elite CBs so I'm not worried about Shaun leaving. Would love to keep him but the staff doesn't have the time to put off a potential replacement with a greater or equal amount of talent for him to make up his mind when we have guys that want to wrap up their recruitment sooner rather than later. They all might commit elsewhere and Shaun could still leave us standing alone at the altar. Too much risk involved. It's like he's trying to reserve a spot until he finds a better fit.