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Comment 28 Oct 2016

We just need to start playing Victor asap because this whole speedy little guy on the edge thing isn't scaring anybody. I have no doubt if Victor was playing for Saban he would already be a major contributor. He shouldn't be sitting while the staff continues to experiment with injury proned players like Dixon and Clark. Their lack of production keeps shooting us in the foot

Comment 27 Oct 2016

JT has the traits of a true leader but he'll never get an NFL look due to his arm. What's even more sad is guys like Jay Cutler have an arm but no leadership but still get all the opportunities.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

This guy is an idiot. Ohio State is #16 in turnovers gained and #2 in scoring defense. That to me is more demoralizing than a team that gives up little yards but doesn't create turnovers. TTUN isn't even close to Ohio State in those two categories, IDC if they lead the nation in total defense. One stupid throw from a QB against this defense and it's going for 6. Plus, their pass defense hasn't been tested all season and playing a team like Ohio State at home isn't a good place to start. They are strictly a good run defense. 

Comment 14 Oct 2016

I personally think it all depends on this season if we get Akers or not. The longer we stay on top the longer he'll keep considering being a buck. Otherwise I see him staying south and playing for an SEC West program in his backyard. Reminds me of the Damien Harris recruitment. Then again it helps that he burned the bridge early with Alabama. I hope we get him because I think he could be "the one" in the 2017 class. Guys like this come around once every few years or so

Comment 14 Oct 2016

I don't want to be biased and pick our guys because I know they have a bluechip Oline. I'm going to go ahead and say LJ Scott. I don't go by yardage. I go by with how well they do with what they have. Leveon Bell is a prime example. Barkley is getting worked like a mule and already has 117 carries while Scott has 70 so it doesn't surprise me he leads the Big Ten in rushing. 

Comment 12 Oct 2016

TTUN hasn't really been tested by a high powered offense and won't play one until 11/28. If Baker Mayfield & Co could only score 17 on offense what makes people think TTUN will do any better? They'd be lucky to score 14 against a top ranked defense while at the same time having to slow down a top ranked offense at home. Not happening. With they way JH showed his ass against Rutgers his team deserves a severe ass beating. JH has easily made them the most hated team in the Big 10 these days and I wouldn't be surprised if other coaches in the conference start helping UFM out as far as TTUN is concerned. The guy is a raging douchebag and rubs everyone he meets the wrong way. I hate that team and their fanbase so much, that even when I was in the USMC it was always a pissing contest with the guys in my unit who were scUM fans with whom I happened to serve along side of in the most dangerous regions the world has to offer. Yet, I still didn't get along with them lol. 

Comment 11 Oct 2016

Honestly, this dude just needs to get the hell out of Dade county. His situation reminds me a lot of Greg Bryants and many other players in the area that get caught up with the wrong people, who in return don't have their best interest in mind. This isn't a kid leaving Cleveland to play in Columbus. This is a dude literally going right down the road to play his college ball while still kicking it with the very people he grew up with. Miami kids are just better off leaving Dade so they don't get distracted.

Comment 10 Oct 2016

He couldn't stay out of trouble at STA either yet he was still able to play every single game. I think the new head coach over there is an enabler and doesn't keep his players in check. 

Comment 06 Oct 2016

Would've been nice if he would've got the memo a few months ago. My guess is the staff is gonna tell him that if he wants in they need to know ASAP. Really can't afford to keep dragging this process out when the 2017 class is wrapping up along with Harris potentially pulling the trigger this weekend but man he would be an awesome addition.

Comment 04 Oct 2016

We need to take at least 21-22. I have a feeling the non-contributors will be in danger of losing their roster spot to make room for the new guys. I'm sure some of the 2017 guys like Simmons and Haubeil will be asked to gray shirt as well. We have to seize the opportunity while we have momentum in our recruiting efforts because let's be honest we don't have 4 national titles in the last 7 years to piggyback off of like Alabama does. I think this recruiting year is the most important cycle yet under UFM. The 2017 class will cement our place among the elite for many years

Comment 04 Oct 2016

He only had 24 tackles in 16 games for the Bengals. That's definitely not enough production to consider retaining him. Hopefully he ups his production this year to get at least a 2 year contract because it might be his last chance considering he'll be 33 in January

Comment 04 Oct 2016

Charlie Strong had a Darkhorse deal going on at Louisville and that's where he should've stayed. He could've built that program into Miami 2.0. He's pretty much the reason why Louisvilles got a foothold with Broward/Dade talent. Petrino ended up getting Lamar Jackson out of the deal. CS is a good coach and it sucks to see dirtbags like Petrino reap the benefits of his work while the former was scrutinized the day he was hired in Austin. Plus, Mack Brown left behind a mess and a very disgruntled fanbase for him to sort out.

Comment 04 Oct 2016

Mensa is going to Texas and they won't have a problem outbidding LSU. You're talking about a program that has donors that are billionaire oil tycoons. He already has a presence in Texas and and will only have to travel 163 miles to Austin so that only makes sense. He's pretty much UFM 2.0 and he'll turn that program around quickly. 

Comment 02 Oct 2016

A good portion of STA players were acting salty on Twitter after that game. It seems like none of them know how to take an L lightly. All that talent and no self control over their emotions. That new head coach they have has very lose control over that locker room to the point it seems like the players run the show.  It never used to be like that