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Comment 27 Aug 2016

how much more can this guys body take as he gets older? It's time to retire

Comment 25 Aug 2016

So basically the Bucks are a security blanket for Wade until he finds better? Instead of a no visit policy it should be a no Bama policy considering they're our main competition on the recruiting trail. What a slap to the face. Saban owns Tuscaloosa and will use every dirty trick and connection hes got to win this kid over. Hopefully Urbans been working on Darnay Holmes extra hard because Wade is stalling recruiting efforts extra hard to the point that it seems almost intentional. His family does have connections to the Bama program after all. We just need to cut ties and move on to avoid the inevitable.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Clark needs to take a chill pill or hit the road. I feel like he's bitter that he's not getting the same attention and red carpet treatment as the others. No reason for any kind of friction. Considering Tate plays on the same team as two of our other commitments I'm pretty sure he didn't steal anybodies spotlight....

Comment 13 Aug 2016

 He must've passed the Mace exam then because you don't get knocked out cold and not have a concussion. I remember I passed my exam but I was still dizzy and still had headaches and memory loss.

Comment 13 Aug 2016
Prayers. What a hit though. That's a full-blown grade 1 concussion of the permanent brain damage sorts. That whiplash from the knee looked painful
Comment 10 Aug 2016

and the ones with zero ground skills that end up on their backs getting mounted start crying about how it wasn't a "real fight". Ignorant comment. Queensbury rules don't apply in a street fight. In the USMC for example they teach you to win by any means necessary....

Comment 09 Aug 2016

For those that keep saying LeBrons brand doesn't match Jordans Brands need to use some commonsense and factor in which brand has been around longer. The guy is still at the peak of his career and his brands only going to expand. tOSU would be smart to capitalize on it early. Most college athletes playing today weren't even old enough to watch Jordan play but they can all relate to LeBron