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Comment 2 hours ago

W/e. All that money won't buy him any promises at Auburn. If all he cares about in college is making money then he will fit in well with the Auburn crowd. Great athlete with the wrong attitude on life. I imagine the Auburn boosters are more generous with their gifts compared to most.

Comment 18 hours ago

Auburn from a players standpoint is a 3-4 year job. Auburn has been known for many things but a good education isnt one of them. They seem to recruit a lot of kids with a "I didn't come here to play school" mentality. Football is the only thing that matters in Alabama.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

I guess people on this board forget that Dallas is TCUs backyard. With that being said I think the bucks should take the Orange bowl slot. The bucks will have plenty of representation in FL. 

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Absolutely not but those championship jerseys on the other hand are classic! Wish it was the standard home jersey. The grey shoulder stripes give the bucks special powers.

Comment 09 Jan 2015

Alabama has become the quick 3 year pipeline to the NFL. Kids go there because they know they'll get recognition. This can be both good and bad. It could attract a lot of those selfish types id rather we stay away from. We need team players and depth.

Comment 03 Jan 2015

Come on let's be honest with ourselves. The Bucks would be starting at every position at Oregon with the exception of QB. So what they beat an MSU team that lacks depth on the Dline. I guarantee if MSU had what the bucks have they wouldve finished the job in Week 2. Ohio st is far and away the best team Oregon will have faced all season while Oregon is realistically the second best team that the bucks have faced. Lmao I'd take the over on that -7 in a heart beat. We've seen this before in 06. This meyer team has the feel of his old gator teams. I see a lot of 1st round potential on this defense....

Comment 03 Jan 2015

Oregon hasn't faced a defense of this size and speed yet. This will be a pillow fight for the bucks. I wouldn't be surprised if Zeke runs for 400 yards against an Oregon D that is ranked 84th in total defense.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

I think Oregons defense is in for some serious trouble. Bama sustained too many losses trying to tackle Zeke and Cardale so I can only imagine what they'll do to Oregon.

Comment 26 Dec 2014

We dont need any in the top 5. We have Urban Meyer and very improved and determined buckeye football team.

Comment 26 Dec 2014

Amari Cooper is very good reciever who will get his team consistent 100 yard games. Watkins is in the same mold except he has that ability to go super saiyan mode at any given time.

Comment 24 Dec 2014

with as much attention as he gets he's got to realize saying whatever you want on Twitter just isn't a option anymore. Personally I think Twitter is dumb. Wouldn't be surprised if he did it for shock or attention value. That's all Twitter is for is attention seekers. Instead of worrying about Lou maybe he should worry more about how to contain Blake Sims....

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Spencer is a safe bet on the punt game. He's doesn't take unnecessary risk and plays safe.

Comment 30 Nov 2014

The text he sent his mom made it sound like he was disgraced with himself somehow. Would it somehow be too farfetched to suggest he was sending a message with the dumpster? You gotta kind of puzzle everything together. Suicides are linked directly to concussions . Same thing Junior Seau experienced. 

Comment 26 Nov 2014

I'd rather we take Juwann Briscoe to close out our DB class. He's a very underrated player and I'd consider him a steal.