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Comment 06 Sep 2014

Just curious... What makes you say that we are losing him to UK? Not saying it's not true, just haven't seen anything that would indicate that.

Comment 10 Mar 2014

I know this is off topic, but could someone post a GIF of Bert falling? It's been a rough day at work and I need a Pick-me-up. 

Comment 06 Feb 2014

I'm glad Urban shook things up on the defensive side of the ball. I would be surprised If Eli Apple wasn't starting across the field from Doran Grant. Throw in Gareon Conley and Damon Webb and we have a formidable cornerback presence this upcoming year. Guys like Lattimore will push for playing time too, making everyone better. 

Comment 08 Nov 2013

Well said Johnny. I may not be a huge fan of Les Miles, but I am this weekend. 

Comment 29 Aug 2013

I don't know if I could agree more. 


Comment 10 Feb 2012

eh whatever.....if Maryland wins a NC in the next 50 years (let alone 4) I would be surprised. 

Comment 19 Jan 2012

If you can't see the incredible man that we had as a coach for ten years you are just arrogant. Yes. He made a mistake. Yet, one decision, especially a decision to protect your players, should never be what defines him ESPECIALLY IN THE EYES OF THE BUCKEYE FAITHFUL. The dude is a good man and deserves at least a little bit of your respect. You're a buckeye for crying out loud. 

Comment 17 Jan 2012

Alex- Do you think Williams and Reeves commit sometime this week or wait til NSD?

Comment 17 Jan 2012

I'm excited about this guy. He looks like a freakin beast and it seems like he REALLY wants to be a buckeye. 

Comment 15 Jan 2012

Scout has decker committed to ohio state.... am i just behind on things or is this a new development?

Comment 11 Jan 2012