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Comment 22 Sep 2012

Is it just me or does it seem like the offense is holding back at times these past two games? It just looks to me that they are out there practicing and not playing a game. for the defense on the other hand why the hell can we not defend the damn screen plays. i could just tell every time when they were gunna pull off a first down screen play and there still was a nice ten yard cushion from howard on the wides.

Comment 06 Sep 2012

Phil Steele has 33-18 Bucks. should send him a t-shirt if he wins!

Comment 02 Sep 2012

I heard that one over the TV. Ive herd it sometimes outa the student section but it was surprising to hear it over BTN. I on the other hand find it very funny, but that might just be becuse im a Marine.

Comment 11 Aug 2012

In my perfect 2012 season the Buckeyes crush in the skulls and dreams of those um bastards and put them back in their proper place. everything elese is secondary.