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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 85 Yards.
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  • NBA TEAM: Whoever has the most OSU players.
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Comment 06 Dec 2016
My biggest question is how many schools use the shocker as their official school hand signal? Vols, Coogs, Arizona State off the top of my head. I feel like half of the time a see a coach or recruit they're throwing up the shocker and all I can think is "deep down you know you're throwing out a symbol for sticking your finger in a butthole and I bet it's weird even though you're trying to act like it's not." Is it Just me who thinks that? It's probably just me.
Comment 30 Nov 2016
Had sex with a girl from Michigan once. She gave me a bad case of the Salty Harbaughs. Doc gave me a tiny comb and some special shampoo. Cleared right up.
Comment 18 Nov 2016
You know it is possible to say nice things about Hooker without taking a shit on a great player like Vonn Bell. Plus when Cam Johnston had that horrible punt in the Sugar Bowl that took like a 20 yard backwards bounce, it was Vonn Bell who made the interception on the goal line and a few plays later "85 Yards" happened. You'll never hear a bad word about Vonn come out of my mouth, I suggest you do the same.
Comment 17 Nov 2016
Providence 82 osu 62. Bucks season implodes. We never win another game. Thad quits coaching and gets a job selling Mazdas in Boise. Jaquan Lyle quits basketball to pursue a career in tap dancing. Kam Williams scores 15 and had a decent game. Calling it now.
Comment 05 Nov 2016
I read your profile. All you do is comb through every thread and look for anything about Michigan that upsets you and then you call out the person saying it. That's a troll. Own it man. You're a troll.
Comment 05 Nov 2016
Strong possibility we could be number 4 if we win convincingly tonight. We would have 3 top 15 wins and one loss to at top 12 team on the road. The CFP doesn't have much respect for UW'a weak SOS and I think they'll give us the nod over them based on our great schedule thus far.
Comment 05 Nov 2016
I went to one game (The Penn State game we won 63-14 a few years ago) and there was this old guy in my section who was literally screaming "Sit down damnit! Sit down! There's nothing going on! Everyone sit down!". IT really ruined my experience, but from hearing other people talk I don't think I was the only person who has experienced something like this in The Shoe
Comment 25 Oct 2016
News flash. This isn't 2014. This team is bad and no one cares that they lost. This is a crappy, soulless team and coaching staff. Northwestern is gonna beat our ass, Sparty is going to crush us and Michigan is going to win by fifty and there is nothing that can be done. Oh yeah, Zach smith and Tim beck are horrible and Isaiah prince is garbage. Little Ceasars Pizza Bowl here we come
Comment 23 Oct 2016
Comment 22 Oct 2016
Isaiah Prince has no business playing college football. Offense is trash. Defense played great. Special teams are trash. Zach Smith and Tim Beck need to be fired. I would say throw buckets of cash at Tom Herman but that turd just go curb stomped by SMU. Jim Harbaugh is coming in dry and he ain't gonna let up until they win by 40 or more.