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Comment 18 Dec 2013

If you want a good defensive team then pull up Allen High School from Texas & watch them play defense.      Everybody just stays in their assigned area and does his job.    No one leaves there assigned area just to be a star.    They play as a team and for the team.  Not for themselves.   



Comment 17 Dec 2013

Dear Braxton,


You're fun to watch Braxton and you're from almost Northridge so I love you.   Stick around one more year.      Get your degree from "The Ohio State University".   You will never be sorry.


And Braxton, no more complaining.   If you don't want to play quarterback then play wide receiver and run a route full speed directly across the line of scrimmage.    If you dare!


But I love watching you at quarterback.


You make my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Go Buckeyes

Comment 11 Dec 2013

dear Arizona-Buckeye,


These 18 to 21 year old kids have done absolutely nothing in their 18 - 21 years except play ball.   It all started when they were 5, probably tee ball was first.     In the summer they played their type of baseball, then came football and then basketball.    They have never had to mow their yard, never held down a summer job and certainly never worked on the week-ends.    Therefore, we are entitled to more from these "kids".     They are getting a "free" college education.      They must earn it.       And when I go thru all those miserable commercials that I have to watch while watching the buckeyes play football, well, I want to win, every single game.     They ought to be able to do this crap in their sleep for cryin out loud.    So wake up and smell the roses Mr. Arizona-Buckeye.


Asa Laama Leechum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Or however you spell it and I am not going to look it up.   

Comment 10 Dec 2013

I watched every one of those 24 games in a row that the Buckeyes won.   Trust me, they could have lost 12 of them.     They are not and they were never a "great" team.    How in the world they won all 24 is hard to believe.    But they did.    And they played their hearts out.    The other teams have guys that are the same size and age and speed and they want to win to.  Plus, the Buckeyes have never won 24 games in a row before.   Yes sir, they did all right!!    And I am mighty proud of every one of them.    And if Auburn wins the National Championship then no team is undefeated.    It is extremely hard to do.

Comment 03 Dec 2013

Nobody stops anybody these days.    You got 5 huge 400 pound gorilla's that form a wall and behind that wall is a Quarterback who has never done a lick of work in his life, except for throwing a ball and he only has to throw this ball 10 to 20 yards.    Then you send the five quickest guys in the world out all over the field with sticky gloves on I might add and it simply means each team will score 4 or more touchdowns every game.   And you play the entire width of the field.   No different that basketball.   Whichever team scores the most points win.     Just score every time you get the ball and NO TURN-OVERS!!!!!!!

Comment 02 Dec 2013

I'm a little older than most on this site, I would imagine, and grew up not saying cuss words.     Now, everyone, young men and young women like to say the filthiest of all the cuss words.  And I am quite sure that when you have kids the first word you will teach them will not be "momma" or "dadda" but rather "mudder-ucker".     Tell me, you intellectual college kids - what is that all about???????????????????   I personally think all of your are simply trying to act black.   Correct me if I'm wrong.



Comment 01 Dec 2013

here's a play for you.     When we got the ball, well, remember the Purdue game in 2012 for the extra point to tie the game.    You know, everybody go right and then throw back to the tight end who releases late from the line.     I think Michigan did that during our last game with them.     If I am not mistaken they did it to us something like 50 times.     And their last time was as successful as their first time.      Maybe Michigan State can be fooled 50 times too.




Comment 01 Dec 2013

You have to punish this sort of behavior so that in future games it doesn't happen again.   You must remember that this is the mentality of black players to act the way they acted.   I only thank God they did not have any knives or guns.     Or was it mainly white players in this brawl, I'll have to double-check.    Please correct me if I'm wrong.


And please don't act like the P.C. Police Department because I would hope you would want me to post "what I actually think" and not what the P.C. Police say I should post, or do you?


I love the Buckeyes and it was a memorable win and coupled with Auburn's victory, well, what a friggin Saturday boys.


Asa lama lakum

Comment 21 Nov 2013

Now for something important:   I believe that Beth Mowins is the finest play-by-play college football announcer in the country this year and should be so awarded.    Please, everyone that agrees with me please give a brief statement about Ms. Mowins.   thank you all very much.

Comment 20 Nov 2013

People, people, people - please - please.   This is the United States of America.    Free Speech guaranteed by our 1st amendment rights.     Does that mean I have to write what you want or what I want to say.     Or do you think that all the secondary defensive players in the NFL are black because they can read the offensive that much better.    Blacks are faster and quicker and that my dear "politically correct", can't speak what you really feel friends, is why they occupy the position on the field of play that they occupy.   I would have more respect for you people if you "were not" politically correct.     Because being politically correct means "you have to say, not what you truly believe, but what you think people want to hear.     And I am quite sure all of you also believe in God.    May all your children be of assorted colors.

Comment 20 Nov 2013

here is the definition of quickness combined with speed.     (1) black football players are both quick and fast (2) white football players are neither quick nor fast when compared to black football players. (3) chinese football players are even slower than whites.    This is why 100% of all secondary defensive football players in the NFL and on all major college football teams are black.    Sort of like running the 100 meter dash anywhere in the world.