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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being in the stadium when Ohio State defeated Arkansas in the now redacted Sugar Bowl.
    Close second: being in the stadium for Kenny G's near-miraculous last-minute drive against Purdue.
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Comment 4 hours ago

I thought it was Beck saying "make throws to this certain pattern or position because this is where we want to go with the ball next week."

That is the only plausible explanation for this being anything other than a slip of the news that Barrett is starting. You could plausibly interpret what Beck was saying as "Hey, J.T., get most of these reps [in a route-running drill], so the receivers get game-ready practice."

Even if that is what was happening in the clip, it's yet another sign that the staff (and players) have quite a bit of faith in the young man from Texas, and none of us should be surprised if he's the first man out of the tunnel Monday night.

Comment 4 hours ago

Until JT proves me wrong (this yr) my faith is in Jones... 

Your enthusiasm for Jones is understandable, but after setting numerous school passing records last season, I'm unclear as to what, precisely, J.T. Barrett needs to prove to any one of us. I'd say he's pretty well proven himself already.

Comment 8 hours ago

AV with a little Snark!!  I approve.

Up before 5 a.m. to head to the airport for a day trip to Decatur, Ill., for opening day of the Farm Progress Show. Maintenance issues delayed my outbound flight to ORD such that I was guaranteed to miss my connection to Champaign. Not surprisingly, there are only two flights per day to Champaign, so my schedule would have been something like arrive at Champaign at 2:35 p.m., depart Champaign at 4:35 p.m.

So, after two hours at the airport, I turned around and came back home.

Plus, that comment was begging for a snarky response.

Comment 10 hours ago

I'm open to reviewing a gallery of Coach's WAGs to better evaluate your second point.

Comment 10 hours ago

That is definitely a straw man argument there.

Oh, my mistake... I skipped the "rules of debate" seminar during my 11W orientation. Apologies.

Of course there are some positives about playing for Penn State, including the night game atmosphere. I would also give a pass to Pennsylvania natives for choosing their state school, much as I would give a pass to kids from That State Up North for picking Sparty, or God forbid, That School Up North.

The bigger point is that Franklin is 100% hype at this point. He accomplished relatively little at Vanderbilt in the grand scheme of things relative to the amount of respect he seems to be getting from the sports punditry. At least Harbaugh has something of a track record with Stanford and the 49ers, I suppose.

My question, and it's a legitimate one, is why would the average 4- or 5-star recruit choose Penn State in its current iteration over Ohio State, Michigan State, or even U of M? In the words of Harbaugh, I think Penn State is a "sell" at this point, rather than a "buy."

Comment 11 hours ago

Exactly. I continue to be amazed by the lack of respect Dino and the Spartans get. They are a proven commodity at this point, and yet the punditry continues to give them bulletin board material and underdog status.

Comment 12 hours ago


Besides, it's not like James Franklin has done anything besides drag Vanderbilt's corpse into mediocrity.

Exactly. While I agree that Harbaugh's triumphant return to TSUN is way overblown, I'm still struggling to understand why Franklin is afforded similar status. Swagger? What exactly is he selling these kids... a program on life support following the biggest non-athletic, non-academic scandal in NCAA history, perennial also-ran status in a stacked B1G East, the chance to spend four years in the booming metropolis known as State College, PA...

I. Do. Not. Get. It.

Comment 22 hours ago

If I recall correctly from seasons past, it's usually Wednesday or Thursday before the weekly masterpiece is unveiled...

Comment 31 Aug 2015

Thanks for making the edits. Never a good idea to wholesale cut and paste massive chunks of an article, free or not. Appreciate you going back and making the effort.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

Here's a pic of the Nebraska gov's mansion:

Bonus points to Jason, though, for the excellent shot of the second Illinois' governor's residence. Well played, Sir.
Comment 31 Aug 2015

Proving my theory that the #FSUTwitter crazies are attacking. They successfully convinced Twitter that a New York Times story about the busted-ass Tallahassee justice system was a phishing scam, so I wouldn't put it past them.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

The continued overinflation of middling teams simply by virtue of being in the SEC West is both annoying, and hopefully short-lived given that the Mississippi teams popped and fizzled last year, LSU continues to underperform relative to expectations, Texas A&M doesn't even pretend to play defense, and 'Bama and Auburn are good but not great.

The Baylor/MSU thing is the most baffling ranking ever, and proves the adage about the squeaky wheel getting the grease. Art Briles pisses and moans the entire offseason, and consequently the voters buy into the nonsensical notion that Baylor is actually good at football.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

This is because DJ posted the #FSUTwitter story this morning, and now those crazy bastards are attacking the new server in retribution.

Comment 30 Aug 2015 your overall point, of course, it certainly costs something to staff and maintain these facilities, regardless of the original cost of the residence itself. So your question is valid, for sure.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

I seem to recall, in the case of Ohio's, that it was donated some decades ago.

Governor Rhoades did not live there during his second set of terms, choosing to remain in his own Columbus-area residence. Governor Kasich, likewise, lives in his Westerville pad (according to Wikipedia).

I attended a couple of agriculture events there during the Taft and Strickland administrations. It is a very nice pile of bricks, but the Ohio State University president's residence around the corner is actually much nicer (no surprise, I suppose).