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Comment 01 Apr 2012

Thomas had no business taking the last 2 shots.  Not saying he lost the game or anything, but the one shot was very contested and (sorry can't remember who, think it was Sully) was standing in the corner wide open.  This years draft is incredibly deep.  It wouldn't suprise me if one or both Thomas, and Sully came back.  Not saying I expect it, but with the NBA being locked out earlier this year a lot of the 'one and done' players last year came back for their sohphomore seasons.

Did anyone hear Sully say that he thought Kansas just wanted it more?  That comment really bothered me, with him sitting at the press conference with Buford after the game.

Congrats to the Buckeye basketball team!  They had a great season, making it to the Final Four is no easy task.  Look forward to many more in the future.

Comment 24 Mar 2012

I understand that without Sully, Thomas, or Craft this team would not be where they are now.  I just get tired of hearing everyone in the media giving all the attention to one player on the team.  Even in today's win over Syracuse, he had several times he tried to take on 2-3 defenders and had teammates standing wide open.  He almost cost the Buckeyes the game today with his lack of defense because he was afraid of picking up another foul.  I still am not 100% convinced Sully will go pro after this season.

Comment 23 Mar 2012

I for one will be happy when Sully and Thomas go pro.  Last nights game was one of the only times I can remember them actually playing as a team.  Sully wasn't trying to shoot over 3 defenders.  He plays in the Big Ten, those calls have never been made.  I have been very frustrated seeing him cry to the refs when he should be running back on defense.  Without Aaron Craft this team is not in the Elite 8.

Comment 11 Feb 2012

Sully needs to quit crying and flopping on the ground.  It hurts the team on the defensive end.  Thomas needed to be taken out of the game, he can't guard anyone.  OSU just got hit in the mouth, now it's time to see how they respond.

Comment 04 Dec 2011

I agree with all the above.  Alabama had their shot and lost.  I don't think I would watch another LSU-Alabama game.  The first one was pretty painful.

Comment 12 Nov 2011

Considering that Matta went so deep in th bench last night.  I am not too overly concernced yet.  We should find out a lot more against Florida.  I don't think OSU will have any problem scoring points.  I start to worry if we are put up against a talented big man down low.  We don't have anyone with any substantial size to stop him.  Sully is good, but he's not a center.  Until Thomas learns to play defense he needs to come off the bench.

Comment 12 Nov 2011

Yes if the defender is anywhere inside the arch below the basket it will be called a block.  Craft had one called on him last night.  It's something the defenders will need to make sure they are aware of when they are down low.

Comment 11 Sep 2011

Good article.  It's obvious to me on offense that we do not have a deep threat with Posey suspended.  As much as I like what I see in Reed, he doesn't appear to be able to get separation.  It was also apparent that we were down 2 starters on Defense agains. Toledo.

Comment 29 Aug 2011

I am glad to see Jordan Hall finally get a crack at starting.  I am hoping he performs well and keeps his job!

Comment 26 Jan 2011

This is what happens when the Buckeyes stop playing sloppy basketball. The past few games even though they were victories were very sloppy.  Let's hope they can keep this going.

Comment 19 Jan 2011

Very sloppy game.  Glad to come away with a easy victory still.  How many jersey's are they going to use this year?  I didn't like these unis at all.

Comment 15 Jan 2011

Congrats to the Buckeyes!!  Craft is quickly becoming my favorite Buckeye.  His defense might be the best in the Big Ten.  Will Deshaun Thomas ever learn to pass and play defense? 

Comment 28 Dec 2010

I have mixed feelings on whether I want to see them suspended for the Sugar Bow.  Has anyone heard anything on whether they will be benched or not?

Comment 27 Nov 2010

Congrats to the Buckeyes for another great victory over Michigan.  I hate to sound like a broken record player once again.  But why has Jordan Hall been demoted for Saine again?  Saine hasn't shown anything all season as far as running the ball.  Hall is a much better running back.

Comment 24 Nov 2010

IMO the helmet is the worst part of the uniform.  I wish they would have stuck with a silver helmet.

I did notice TP wasn't wearing his knee brace last weekend.  Anyone heard anything about his shoulder?

Comment 31 Oct 2010

Having been one of Boom's biggest critics.  The past few weeks he has been running very hard.  I like the fact that Hall appears to be the #2 now behind Boom. 

Lets not forget Hyde was running against 2nd and 3rd string players.  I think he will be good when his time comes, but he needs more practice.

Comment 09 Oct 2010

I can't give this performance an A.  Indiana does not have a very tough defense, and we still could not run the ball against them.  My only fear is that Pryor is more hurt than they are telling us.  I have never seen him avoid the run as much as he did today.

Comment 09 Oct 2010

What happened to Jordan Hall?  I heard all week, we are going to see him get more carries this week.  He only played one series that I remember.

TP played a great game.  Think I heard he completed 11 in a row at one point.

Comment 02 Oct 2010

If the news is true.  It is very bad news for a very good Buckeye.  He brought a lot of emotion to the team on defense.

Comment 02 Oct 2010

Anyone hear any updates on Pryor?  I heard Tressel say it wasn't that bad.  But hearing Pryor in the post game interview he said he heard something pop, and it hurt even when he was dropping back.

Comment 02 Oct 2010

Does the Big Ten Network have the worst commentators?  I listened to about 10 minutes of the post game show on the radio and heard something I didn't hear the entire game.  Did anyone who watched the game know that the wind was really bad during the game?

Comment 02 Oct 2010

Saine needs to be moved to a WR spot.  He cannot break any tackles.  Herron showed a little bit of talent today in the backfield.  But his average today was not very good still.  Why wouldn't Tressel put in Hall at all?  I mean they were obviously trying to run the ball in the 2nd half.