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Comment 23 Dec 2014

How many national championships has Jimmy won?  Superbowls?  Granted he has been to the top (superbowl) but failed to win against his brother of all people.

I don't doubt he may be an improvement over Hoke and Rich Rod but really who wouldn't be?  Sure....he may make a splash in recuiting for the first year or so because of his name and hype. But the games still need to be played.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Football Writers Association of America will give Bosa a clean sweep of the five major All-America teams and the distinction of unanimous consensus All-American.

The Key word you are missing is unanimous,  One can be consensus and not be unanimous but one can not be unanimous without first being consensus.  And its ok to be wrong, you don't have to blame Ohio State sports Information just because you lack reading comprehension.

Comment 07 Nov 2014

Stop, I hate this line of thinking. Its a way for losers to never admit they got beat.  Take it like a man and realize you weren't the coach and the game happened the way it happend.  If they had done the exact same thing and won the game you wouldn't still be saying.."They gave the game way"  you'd be saying we made plays and won which is what MSU did last year.

Comment 24 Apr 2014

Yes, Please. Can someone with some legal prowess explain the reasoning behind him being charged with OVI/DUI??? I am failing to understand what he did wrong in this situation.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

a lot of people don't like him for the way he handled the Tat-Gate Scandal and think he should have imposed a ban on a bowl game back when Fickell was the interim coach so we would not have been hit with one in Urbans first year as HC...there are other things but those would probably be the two biggest reasons.


Also, Where were you wandering?

Comment 24 Feb 2014

My thoughts exactly...what does bench press have to do with anyone other than Linemen and WR's trying to get off the line? They should have squats in there as well for the RB's and do some tackling drills to see what their 'shake' is like.  The combine is pretty worthless imo...and that goes for everyone not just players like Hyde.



Comment 24 Jan 2014

who are the 89.55 people who think no? and why more importantly? lol...don't be shy come forth with your resoning.


I chose yes because He had a top 3 (B1G) defense when he was at Wisconsin, Herman hated going against him so that's saying something.


Edit : now 90.6 since posting this.

Comment 22 Jan 2014

And I think he is stepping in...I think this article and interview proves that. What do you want him to do? Pull his son out of the best opportunity he will probably ever have in life just to prove a point? 


Besides, His dad can't exactly force him to do anything at all. Marcus is a Redshirt freshman and is definitely at least 18 by now. Being 18 makes him an adult free to make his own decisions and live with the consequences. He also is getting underage drinking violations..he's not breaking into cars and stealing old ladies purses...put a little perspective on this situation please.