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Comment 5 hours ago

There were seats and stairs being held together by duct tape and the lower level bathrooms were flooded during a game where it was 80 and sunny. The county stadium authority didn't maintain it at all, while Ohio Stadium continues to have repairs done every offseason to have it kept in great shape.

Comment 27 Mar 2017

The Raiders are the last team in the NFL playing in a multipurpose stadium. I've been there, and it's in disrepair. The city didn't realistically want to help fund a new stadium, so they found a place that would. That's how business works, whether fans like it or not. 

And, let's be honest, if City X doesnt want to pony up the money, City Y will. The owners proved today by approving the Raiders' move that's all they care about.

Comment 27 Mar 2017

I think he's going to end up at Ohio State, but has a lot of people around him letting him know what they want him to do. Whether it's staying home and playing at Cincinnati or going to play at Penn State (IMO, Ohio State's biggest completion for Hawkins and Tyreke Smith), he just wants to take a step back and know he's solid in what he wants to do instead of making an emotional decision based on one visit or one promise of being THE guy.

Comment 27 Mar 2017


I was in favor of them moving anywhere that gave them a new stadium (San Antonio, Los Angeles... Mexico City, too, if at all possible), but Las Vegas fits everything that is the renegade Raiders.

I do feel for Oakland, as they finally get a winner again and then the team wants to dip. But the city got in bed with the Athletics and should be to blame just as much as Mark Davis for the move.

I'm just more excited for what the future holds than I already was, seeing as Carr, Mack and Cooper are a great foundation. Plus, they'll now drop from 13 percent income tax to nothing. Free agents galore.