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Comment 17 Jan 2017

I agree with you. That was a different man in 2011.

You take away what he learned under Tressel, experiencing the shock of losing his mentor, to being thrown to Meyer who will demand the best of you, find it, and then pull it out of you - Fickell is posed to be something special

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Meyer did say we're never going to have a gunslinger, long pass QB for his system.

Maybe this is the issue with JT? Maybe he's just enough pocket passer that it's hindering with his success? I mean, I doubt it since he was successful up until this year. I think JTs problems are more to do with young line, average WRs, really bad play call distribution by coaches and the bad habits that come with everything being unbalanced.

I think Martell will be fine. If not, he'll find a niche somewhere in the offense. I also think Forcier would have been more successful under Meyer's offense than what they were trying to do at UoM.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

I know I'm going to get down votes. But I can't help comparing Tate's. Martell vs Forcier.

Martell (per ESPN) 125 Forcier was 144th. Forcier had had Scout Grade of 81, while Martell is at 83. Forcier was at barely 6'1, while Marttell is listed at 5'10.5.

My hope is that Martell is going into a better system and will be coached well by Day and Wilson. While Forcier did some good things from jump under Hoke but fizzled. Perhaps even Forcier would have flourished under a Meyer system, at least do a bit better anyways.

Anyways. I wish the kid well. He's not the QB I'm used to. But what the heck do I know? Not much.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Man - if he was going to be Oline. I would have liked him to be Oline for us. He's proven himself in that area. Nothing against Studwara.

I'm not sure what really happened this year on offense or who is "too blame." We had the issue last year and it seemed to be fixed after the MSU game. Why didn't it continue into this season?

If memory serves me correct, it was when Wariner moved up to the box that we believed the situation was fixed. Why is he the scapegoat now?

Comment 05 Jan 2017

If you count 20 years ago recent?

So which of the stats produced mine or yours prove that JT deserves or has earned this backlash?

Did you want to talk about the Oline he played behind, the RB, and Receivers he had in 2014 compared to 2016? What about the OC he had?

Not sure the stats show that reality.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

Sorry bro. I, personally, can't statistically qualify poop. Maybe someone else can? But I believe you sort of know it when you see it, smell it etc. So I actually don't "have nothing." I obvious have a poop meme.

On the other hand, stats may or may not show the reality of the situation on the ground. I try not to rely too heavily on them when dealing with human beings. Other than believing we're being to hard on the 2,500+ passing QB of ours. How dare he go on with his weenie arm?

So you put up stats, I put up poop memes. Tomato, tomahto. A lot of what is being said about J.T. is poop anyhow.

Peace out.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

I guess not for someone who thinks the Hail Mary is what makes a QB a good QB.

I'm sorry but I just don't see how anyone can say that JT is a great passer of the football.

How many receivers were actually open this year more than 15 yards from the line of scrimmage? What maybe - barely twice a game?

You remember Devin Smith, Jalin Marshall, Michael Thomas? Me too. We had zero WRs who could get open the way they could in 2014.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

Coach Herman's comments shouldn't be a surprise. There are rarely instances where we have these 'masterminds' of the game that they can stand alone and general an offense or a defense. We like to create these romantic scenarios of the game in our heads. Unfortunately, the reality on the ground is a little less romantic and most teams chose to do the 'put your heads together' approach and platoon running an offense or a defense.

I never saw anything particularly or specifically wrong with Coach Beck. If anything, I would lay more blame on Meyer or Warriner. In fact, it is COMPLETELY on Coach Meyer and Coach Coombs that our Special Teams is so awful. Entirely. Why the heck isn't anyone getting on Coombs? He really hasn't shown anything stellar that deserves rubber stamped accolades. All the dude does is jump around and get folks pumped up.

I mean, what changed in our O last year right after MSU that we couldn't reproduce those results? Most likely a downgrade in receivers and oline play. JT also didn't produce as much as he did the years before. It was obvious he was frazzled with the Oline not providing protection. Couple that with our WRs taking too long to open, he was put in a precarious position to either force, overthrow, or run. This threw off his decision making. The end result was that these things became a habit by the end of the year.

But to sit here and witness scapegoating everyone and their mothers by people who haven't the slightest about the game, or think they're experts because they mimic what Herbstreit, Arbuckle, or McShay said last week on Twitter has really tarnished the love for the game for me over the years.

Fans need to  move on with their lives and get on with the next task. The season is over go learn a craft or produce something ...

Comment 05 Jan 2017

No. They were just projecting their plays and, with that, also calling them badly.

Then we had the issue of poorly prepared Olinemen a couple of whom, for whatever reason, were out of position. Heck, our Center won awards yet he couldn't snap the ball properly all season. We ran the option for the love of Christ! Even when it wasn't working. Then we ran it one more time, as if to say, "Screw you Option Play, I'll show you who's boss!" It was like I was relieving the Dave Play again.

Not to mention, receivers who, at best, were open 30% of the time and ran horrible routes. Did I mention that as talented as Weber is, he couldn't block to save his life. Do we remember how big of a monster Zeke was at blocking? Let's not even get into the fact that Samuel just sort of hung around this year waiting to play.

I don't care what QB it is. Anyone would have floundered in this environment.

Things complete stunk on our Offense. They threw off the entire equilibrium of the team. Everything was off balance.

And folks are giving me narratives of "weak arms" "inaccurate throws" and "Meyer not letting his players compete"

Comment 05 Jan 2017

Who the? What that? Why the?

What are you guys on? There is open competition every single year for every single position. Meyer will most certainly bench JT if he gets beat out.

You guys have officially flipped your fruity-tooty-lids