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Comment 25 Jul 2014

Somewhat - our places of work are full of them. This is the culture that we live in.

Let me be straight. I'm one of those "church-types." I abhor the behavior that was reported. In my world-view, we call that sin. Sin exists, and most likely will exist. Are we truly attempting to "fix" the sex culture at The Ohio State University? If so, who is in charge of this? School Administration? The band director???

If the University is interested in curbing the hyper-sexualization of our beloved University then are they going to look at the free birth control and condoms that are doled out to students? The abortions? I can speak for a fact that passing out tools that help to smother the consequences of sex actually encourages a sex culture. Do the University bureaucrats have the sack to talk about this?

Are we going to look at the bar culture? What else?

I for one would like to see a less sex-crazed student culture. I'm just not too keen on ruining lives to do so, especially since this report seems to create a narrative of some sort of vague sexual-harassment-to-that-of-hyper-sex-culture and blames one man for it.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Yes I read the report. I know how reports can have 'extra' motivation from outside sources; agendas can be pushed and what the majority didn't view as harassment can be spun to look like it did. Again, I don't take stuff like this at face value.

It looks like this culture was allowed to exist for more than just several years. All of a sudden it became immoral.

Like I said. I'm interested to find out who is going to replace Waters and what sort of changes will be implemented ...

Comment 24 Jul 2014

You're right. Some of those acts can be viewed completely objectively, while the other can be very subjective in nature.

The interesting thing was that most of the inappropriate acts were committed by girls. Is it assumed that they were forced into doing those acts? That they were uncomfortable?

Who in this case was harassed?

Comment 24 Jul 2014

I read the report. I do not condone the acts. There is a culture of hyper-sensitivity that is being taught in universities. There is also a hyper-sex culture in universities and society today without the band director.

If this stuff is true and he actually encouraged it. Then the move was justified.

I just don't automatically accept reports like this on face value. The acts that the band members did were bad. The notion that a grown man wouldn't know they are bad and would encourage them makes me automatically question stuff. That is all. 

Sensitivity is good when it comes from truth. So is not accepting everything your read on the internet ...

Comment 13 Jun 2014

I tend to agree. And from this point forward, let's hope he stays a QB man because we're not going to see the likes of Hyde back here for a long time. Good thing is that I think we'll see a strong O-line as long as Meyer is coach.

Comment 12 Jun 2014

Hi Guys. Meyer and Herman made a bad call. They're still great coaches, I still want them as coaches, but they're human. I'd rather have an ounce of respect for myself and accept the truth than live life immersed in mythology. Semper Virilis, Semper Fidelis! Go Buckeyes!