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Comment 03 Aug 2016

Good on Votto for apologizing, but the notion that he felt compelled or was compelled to apologize for "crossing the player/fan boundary" is completely what's wrong with the world. Essentially, he was robbed by more than just base(balls) ..

This like someone coming up to my desk and sitting on my keyboard, hindering my ability to do my job. And then me having to apologize for getting upset.

The right thing to do is get the 'rock' out of the way and let Votto catch it. And if he is a swell guy, he'll hand you the ball.

Comment 29 Jul 2016

I'll be honest. If I was in the situation these boys are, the first thing I'd do was to learn how to budget so I wouldn't have to rely on someone else telling me how to spend my money.

The second thing I'd do is have a plan not to live an extravagant lifestyle. If you make millions, do you have to have a million dollar home? Why can you buy a home for 500K? Why buy an expensive sports car when you can buy a Ford Truck? 

I have a feeling I could make a million dollars go a long way had that sack-o-scratch fall on my desk.

Just sayin'

Comment 20 Jun 2016

I was born and raised in Columbus. But Cleveland (Northeast Ohio) has always held some authority in our sports culture.

Growing up, Northeast and Southeast Ohio seemed to be either "Wolverine or Irish Country." With Jim Tressel and Lebron James, all that changed.

It's good to be unified. And, it's good to celebrate for Cleveland. They deserved this win for many more reasons than a golden trophy.

Many years!