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Comment 5 hours ago

This is a smart move by Houston.

Kiffin needs to realize his potential, or lack there of at this point and get on the Fickell plan to marinate under a guy like Saban and stay stinkin humble.

There is no way he should have been hired as HC at places like Tenn and USC off the bat.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

Or he hired Schiano in anticipation of Luke leaving (or encouraging him to spread his wings) so he could be secure next year and find a good replacement or ease Johnson in that spot for after Schiano leaves.

In any case, his staff always seem to be two-deep at each position coach.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

We're making two assumptions here.

But as much as I think Combs is a great man; superb motivator, I'm not sure how "great" a coach he is. At least at this level.

It wasn't easy for me to write this as I can see how much he cares for his players, and even players of opposing teams.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

I'll be honest. As big as The Ohio State is, as productive as they have been as a team, our highest paid Assistant is 27th?

There is something so outrageous and refreshing about this stat.

Who runs Special Teams? I'm not sure that coach deserves a bump in pay. As elite as our overall performance has been, our special teams are really lacking IMO.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

If I were Schiano I wouldn't go to USF. I'd wait until a power team popped open, which could be after next year.

If I were Fickell, I'd take UC or Kent. Those could propel him to a power team after a few years.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

I don't think Matta is done coaching. Where ever it is (hopefully with us) I wish him success.

I think Basketball may be, culturally, one of the more difficult sports to coach. It's really difficult to set up a system that feeds especially once you get some bad eggs in the program. For what ever reason, Matta managed to get some really bad eggs and they have thrown the system he had out of whack.

Maybe it's time to start over somewhere else, or maybe we just need to be a little more patient and just enjoy how blessed we are to have such rich tradition, and overall, great programs in many sports.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

I think it's time, homies.

This was a good piece. If if leaves after this season, I think Schiano stays on one more year and runs the gig. There may be some bigger slots opened for Schiano after next season. He's ready for a big program now. Luke needs a few years at a Cincy and then the big program.

If you think. Fickell has played and coach with some pretty big names. How he takes their wisdom and makes it Luke Fickell, is the problem. It's not always easy.

In any case, I will always be a Fickell fan. I want him to succeed where ever he goes. Besides, if those boys have Fickell genes, he's going to have some serious man-mouths to feed.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

I was sick for the guy after he lead the time the entire season only to have his ankles snapped the last game and then watch the back-up win the playoffs.

He deserves it. I'm eager to see how this team responds to whatever Meyer has in store the next few weeks. It can't be fun, but as long as it leads to that transformation we saw the in 2014 CFP - it will be good.