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Comment 7 hours ago

Of course, I'm not elevating football or school colors to the sacramental level, but the traditions (small t) that we create in society are prototypical of the true Traditions (capital T). If we do not have respect for the little t's how much respect do we really that for the big T's?

In hindsight, you're correct I tend not to take myself too seriously and usually have the opposite reaction when I find myself in a room full of pretentious bastards. This usually is an indication that I myself have a tendancy to be a pretentious bastard. We reject that which we are way down deep inside.

If this wasnt' THE Ohio State football and if the company wasn't Nike, I may not have had the same reaction. But I pay attention, and I read posts. It bothers me that traditions are mocked - as "hard' as we speak and froth about Ohio State football, we sure are lukewarm about what makes Ohio State football. No matter how frivilous we believe them to be. But my point stands.

If there is one thing worse than choosing wrongly - we all do, I do. This can be forgiven - it's being lukewarm about the matters around us.

My post wasn't really about 'colors' it was about an attitude. An attitude that, it seems,  two of Ohio States' "top men"  have. And a lot of us, who look at these men in a freakish, cultish manner, just seem to be ok with things as long as we win. Well boys. This is one time winning doesn't matter.

Smith, Meyer, aren't Ohio State they aren't the ones who get to decide what is suitable to change, even for a game. Even it it supposedly means hypnotizing young men to come play for us (nonsense). Especially, not in bed with a company that has spent the last ten years changing stuff for their own pocket books and even supporting an industry that sells baby-parts.

Sorry. This doesn't sit well with me. I think I'll consider bowing out now.

Comment 24 hours ago

Somethings you just don't mess with. I am a believer of "holy things" or things "set apart." Strong and healthy societies are built upon these things. Sometimes we take them for granted. Of course, I'm not elevating football or school colors to the sacramental level, but the traditions (small t) that we create in society are prototypical of the true Traditions (capital T). If we do not have respect for the little t's how much respect do we really that for the big T's?

The mindset that accepts these changes is endemic of the society that we live in: No rules, no respect, no belief in Truth. Everything is relative, as long as it gives us a good feeling, some extra scratch, "it's all good" ....

This is a problem Mr. Smith. I take it seriously. It's no wonder that folks have suffered under your reign as AD at The Ohio State University. You've done some pretty good things as AD, but you've also managed to chip the first and biggest crack in a school tradition that has been a pillar for a hundred years.

I'm not aboard. And Coach Meyer shouldnt be also. At least, not if he's true to his program mantra.

Comment 11 Oct 2015

No one is going to tell me that Jones or Miller are better QBs than Barrett. Not even Meyer. I know what I saw last year.

But Jones is still a good QB. He's healthier than Miller, and older than Barrett and, most likely, leaving after this year. 

Jones played much better today and actually showed some Red Zone touch. Let him develop and get his stock up. It still kills me that his maturity levels are not where they need to be. If I read another one of his tweet-post on 11W about 'girls' I think I may scream.  Barrett will be back next year to take over.

Braxton is going to the "bigs" as a "QBH-back" and will have a nice career if he plays his cards right.

For me. I admit. I fell for the hype. And we love to create hype at THEOSU. We have some serious voids ladies and fellas. No deep threat and no Bennett in the middle. I really took that kid for granted. 

We're still a top five team, but I believe we're a long way from the NC right now. Here's another zinger, as much as I hate it. UM is progressing much better than we are right now. I'd prefer to live realistically like this and then be pleasantly surprised in the end like last year. I have no problems with being proven wrong.

God bless.  

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Which is why Meyer had ZERO trust in his QB to throw the ball at the end of the game?

Sorry guys. Mentally, Cardale has not come to his own. He should have by now. I would have thought the playoffs would have matured him to a point where he needed to be, but his head isn't straight. The kid has raw ability, but he needs to get his focus an poise back.

I would give him credit, however, he looked more poised today than the last two. However, when it mattered, he psychologically dropped the ball (no pun.) Those moments are the game. Two TDs that should have had a better ball to the receiver, and the interception.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Those tweets are bad. Social media gives one the impression that you can say the first thing that comes to mind and that it's sort of hidden or secluded. Well, unbeknown to these folks.

And I'll be honest, I struggle with social media as well. So I'll point my finger at "this guy" first.

Having said this, Cardale doesn't seem to have his head on straight. He's matured, but it seems he has not matured enough. And that's a problem because he's the quarterback of the top rated team in the nation and reigning national champs. The mistakes he makes aren't  mistakes that he should be making at this point in his career. He shouldn't be getting rattled mentally like he is.