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Comment 04 Oct 2014

But then again, a whole year without playing may take him back down to last season. I would rather him go to the NFL and get the pay check instead of risk it. Brax played like a man for us. He gave us some wins in a down year. He did his job. Let the young man go get his scratch at the next level and not risk another shoulder that will knock him out of it all. He has a family to think about.

Comment 04 Oct 2014

I think JT is just as good of a passer, if not has a slight edge, over Brax. I haven't seen JT overthrow any high percentage passes yet. Obviously Brax is a game changer and we'd be undefeated with him. Brax has a strong arm and his running is amazing.

I think next year is a bigger decision that we'd like to think. Barrett is a good QB right now. I think he has a good mind, distributes well. Brax has been injured a few times. I'd hate to see him not go NFL and hurt his chances with another crushing injury. JT reminds me of Troy. Sorry, but he does. And Troy owns a soft spot in my heart. 

Having said this. In the Meyer system, QB's are going to get injured. One down point for me. Some of plays to start off the second half had me scratching my head. And when you're up like that, why are you running the QB?

Comment 29 Sep 2014

At this point, If I am Michican AD - You make him want the job. The BIG should be lobbying for this, and heck, even UM himself should be lobbying for Harbaugh to come in.

We'll finally watch another interesting Buckeye and Michican game... Bucks will still win though.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

Interesting comments from Ash. But hey, I didn't think they were a big deal when Fickell said those words (in not so many), nor do I think Ash should get criticized for them. He's right. He shouldn't lose sleep over it, and neither should we.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

Everyone of these "name brands" on the market have made puke-worthy uniforms. Oregon? Really? I think the school has some say in what they wear. Over all, Under Armour makes some really crisp and buttoned-up uniforms. And you don't have feel like a national and/or moral Benedict Arnold to be under contract with them.

Comment 25 Sep 2014

I have to say. I think Under Amour designs some pretty nice uniforms. Just saying.

"Special" uniforms are for teams that actually do something. Until then, I don't think even Ohio State should be wearing anything but their basics ...

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Why is this confusing? They did it to Hyde consistently last year.

Some of the staff have a completely revolutionary thought process for football strategy. It used to be, "run it until it stops working." Now it's, "If it works, stop running it right away and confuse the heck out of everyone."

It think it's Art of War ... so on, and so forth.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

A few thoughts:

1. Urban is not a god. We expected way too much too soon. A coach can win that way to feed the 'win needful' but that coach also needs to be able to sleep at night.

2. The more time goes on, the more I understand Jim Tressel's football philosophy. Vanilla can be good for green guys. His 'achilles' was that he sometimes didn't know when to stop going vanilla as his players had developed.

3. Braxton means more to this team than I thought he did. I had a gut feeling they were going to be just fine. But they're not fine just yet.

4. I'm really glad they showed Nascar on the West Coast.

5. I am hoping that we stop over-hyping Ohio State Football six months before season starts. It's a distraction to the team, it raises expectations to intergalactic levels. It makes us look foolish when we drop a game. Like this.

6. I still love Ohio State football, I still believe in Meyer. But so far this year, it's NOT Fickell's fault. (Not that it was last year)


PS. I don't think Hermann is overrated. I just think he over-thinks. Perhaps too smart for his own good.

Comment 03 Sep 2014

This is what happens when you let girls run things ... ;)