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Comment 22 Apr 2014

"They came to the conclusion that Matt McGloin is a superior player" This doesn't bode well for the Raiders as an organization.

Comment 19 Apr 2014

Good [post Expat. The article also alludes that because Meyer is so frank in interviews the players know "where they stand." As if Tressel's players were someone how "confused" as to their position because he was a politician with the reporters. Some of these claims are about as sharp as a bowling ball ...

Comment 19 Apr 2014

I understand your frustration Woodcock. I think there is this all or nothing mentality about Coach Tressel and Coach Meyer. I actually respect both men from what I've read and seen from a distance. A few games for Coach T got frustrating, especially the USC game. I agree with those who state this. However, none of these guys will also admit that there was a flaw in Meyer's philosophy last season in the two losses. The narrative is "the defense lost the games." Well, as bad as our defense was, we were in position to win both MSU and Clemson last season. And part of the reason we were in that position was because of some gutsy play by our D as flawed as it was. Furthermore, and here's the punch line, a big part of the reason we lost those two games was mismanagement of Carlos Hyde i.e. our offensive planning. Meyer said it himself, (and I've said this a few times already) he wanted to put the ball in his best players' hands. In his eyes that was Braxton Miller. In reality. I'm sorry, but our best player was Hyde last year. As frustrated as I was with JT a few times in his tenure, is as frustrated as I was in those two losses in wondering why they would abruptly stop running Hyde and throw the entire team off balance after he was crushing folks.

There is this ideal that the Meyer is flawless. Well, I saw for myself that it is. As strong as a system as it is, I'm not sure I'm always going to be happy with a system that assumes the QB is always the best player on the field. In the end, when the chain gets 'kinked' like it did last year starting with the Michigan game, which we also almost gave away because we disrupted flow by abruptly stopped using Hyde. When this happens, our weakness becomes worse and eventually leads to your downfall.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Folks change, reassess, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if a man like Tress didn't take all that happened to him as an opportunity to grow as an individual and explore other aspects of his talents. He ran with it and most likely likes his lot in life right now ...

Just a guess. Nothing more.

Comment 31 Mar 2014

OF COURSE Hyde is the best RB in the draft. He may be one of the better athletes.

For the life of me, I will never figure out why our fans knew this, ESPN knew this, but our coaches didn't ....

Comment 30 Mar 2014

Why don't they just let them sell their stuff? It seemed to work in the past. I think it's highly hypocritical of these news stations screaming bloody murder when the student athlete went to make some pocket money, yet now get on the university for being too strict?

I would have no problem with athletes selling their jersey, autographs etc. How about local food businesses giving meals in exchange for free advertisement (if that doesn't happen already)?

Unions? Come on guys. Give me a break.

Comment 30 Mar 2014

The useful idiot always want to talk about how the man keeps them down, but never consider how they could actually profit from their own labor - had they decided to labor ... or understood who was actually keeping them down.

Comment 30 Mar 2014

Thank you for your service. I'm afraid my age, weight, and knee strength would hinder my entrance into the branch at this point. If it's any consolation, I serve in a different capacity ...

So the unfair system won't give them money for a car, a date, and dinner out with friends? Like I said, if they don't like the unfair system of free ride education, spotlight, and spotlight status at one of the biggest universities in the world, let them join the fair system where they can earn money for dates and dinners with friends. (But they will also have to pay bills and taxes there) As long as the contemporary, post-modern sense of entitlement that seems to drip from the ears of our subsequent generations doesn't travel, they'll be ok in their fair system.


Comment 29 Mar 2014

Man. If playing college football, and getting an education for free is such a burden on these kids maybe they ought to find the easy life in the work force or, perhaps, join the military? I mean, I've seen some of these college players, it's a picture of rife malnutrition and strife. I'd hate for this needless suffering to go on without reason...

Comment 28 Mar 2014

My inkling was IF we got past Dayton we would be in Elite 8, maybe even Final 4.

Had a feeling about this bracket and Dayton.



Comment 27 Mar 2014

Until OU can show they have the likes of the historic-hero THE Jesse Owens dawning OHIO on his/her jersey, they can waive their copyright documents all they want.

It's stinkin' Athens, OH. If it wasn't for their Halloween party and their communications department no one would notice ...


Comment 26 Mar 2014

I was born in '74. I have to say - if it's not a numbers game. I don't believe I've seen one of our RB's dominate the line and defemse like El Guapo did last season.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

Krenzel was utilized appropriately in the Tressel system. He wasn't underplayed. Krenzel had a knack of overthrowing and forcing a pass, so the best thing he learned was to throw the ball away in many situations. Couple that with his high IQ, and scrambling (which blew my mind) - he was a pretty good QB. Good enough for a NC.

Krenzel's inabilities were not the fault of Tressel.

Comment 19 Mar 2014

I was always a proponent of renaming Ohio Stadium to "Chic Harley Stadium". If this is too much, then add the qualifier "Ohio Stadium - Chic Harley Field"

If we're historically accurate. It should be Harley Stadium and "Old Ohio Field"

Comment 19 Mar 2014

I always believed Meyer was Tressel's natural replacement. After he retired, not ousted.

I think the only thing that gives Meyer the edge over Tressel was the head to head loss. 1. Saban 2. Meyer 3. Carrol 4. Tressel.