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Comment 22 Sep 2016

Not to get off track here but just imagine what his average would've been had John Cooper not been too afraid to bench Stanley Jackson in favor of the better quarterback. 

Not sure of the validity of the reason provided here for Coop platooning QBs. Jackson added an element to the position we hadn't had in a while. Jackson's QB style would have fit nicely in Meyer's system. More so than Germaine. And that's not to take anything away from Joe. He was indeed great.

PS. JT is my favorite QB since I've been watching. He is the most balanced QB we've had in a long while. His vision, ability to stay in the pocket, and the touch on the ball is top in the nation. I hope and pray he stays healthy. I'd like to see him with Zeke in Dallas next year.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

I never thought we were going to lose this game. I like Stoops, I just don't think Oklahoma is an elite team.

It's week 3. Let's calm things down with all the Natty talk.

I am, however, worried about @Wisky, @MSU, and um. They stand a better chance of toppling us. Even @PennSt may give us a  better game than Oklahoma.

A couple things that I'll never understand Coach Meyer on. He's consistent on these two points:, 1.) I'm not sure why Meyer insists on running the starting QB when he doesn't need to and the game is at hand? 2.) Last night would have been ideal to give Joe Burrow some reps. That's on Meyer.

In conclusion, there is no doubt we are a top three team. Schiano's influence on the D is evident. Fick should be following him around like a puppy dog and soaking every ounce of prowess.

 But we all know what it takes to get to the Championship. So, let's enjoy these wins and leave our expectations at tidal wave velocity.

Go Bucks!

Comment 16 Sep 2016

Sure looks like he was talking to his players face-to-face in the other videos. And he also talks about self-accountability in the other videos as well.

The initial clip in the article is edited. It's not the entire conversation the man had. So, in essence, it's a bit manipulative.

Comment 15 Sep 2016

I don't think you get to decide how much effect trophies had on you, rather the people who have to deal with you get to decide.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

I look at these 'originals' from the Cooper era when we switched to NIKE. Even then NIKE jacked stuff up.

The color strength was so pitiful on them. Champion really had the color down. However, I'll admit, NIKE got it right on our NC Playoff Uniforms. 

The red should be deep, the pants should be smoke grey (like they looked wet against Tulsa)

Stripes on the pants and on the helmet should be a little wider. Finally, the face mask should be dark grey, or black. And there is no question that we need grey with heavier black strips on the jersey. No question. (See Mr. Greene below. THAT's legend)

Put some strength in to it and keep it.

Don't play around, manipulate emotions and create false demand for sales, and then purposely double the price and not produce enough to keep the frustration in place for future sales. 

This alone should give THEOhioState enough pause in working with NIKE.

NIKE needs to chill out with the prices a tad, and quit experimenting with colors. Tomorrow, our players will be using pastel cleats like they have to wear in soccer clubs.

Just my two cents.

Comment 07 Sep 2016

I'm not going to throw Jackson under the bus. I think the problem was the two-tiered QB system. When Coop platooned Jackson and Germaine, they both were unstable. Last year, both JT and Cardale were unstable when platooned.

I think Cardale was stable enough to take us to the NC. I also forgot to add Krenzel. Craig had the tendency to overthrow a ball, but for the most part you had the feeling he wasn't going to make a mistake because he threw it away more often than not when the pass wasn't there.

I was abroad during Bellisari's run so I cannot make a true judgement on him. I didn't feel safe with TP as QB, and he was a beast. And as much as I love Braxton, I was nervous when he passed. I also have to add Jim Karsatos, to that list Todd Boeckman, maybe Greg Frey.

Comment 01 Sep 2016

I actually think if Meyer were to retire tomorrow, that I'd want Coach Johnson to take the helms.

Comment 29 Aug 2016

I don't think anyone disagrees that the football program should not be the most powerful entity of a university.

The problem lies in that you accuse others of utilizing assumptions, being one-side, and not having enough information when they question a verdict or a university body.

Yet, you assume that the verdict must have been thorough and just? Based upon what? Because you have some special knowledge being a recent Alum? Do the not-so-recent-alums get the same confidence? 

So, Meyer who who has consistently given players  the 'death penalty' for any hint of abuse would be be what? Unjust?

Governing the 'students' means more a representation here, not an overlaying force correct? So Student Affairs isn't above reproach, correct? I mean, in reality, the students (or their parents) are actually are the ones that govern. You're telling me that student affairs are impeccable at representing the views and beliefs of the majority of students at The Ohio State University? I doubt it. 

You (and others) have taken the situations at Penn State, and Baylor, which at this point, are much much more serious situations which, for all intents and purposes would not have sufficed with the sort of punishment that Torrence received - and painted anyone who questioned Student Affairs or sided with the Character of the Coach as potentially creating the quagmire that exists at Penn State and/or Baylor.

That's a pretty far stretch. Even for a football tutor.

Me. I believe in tangibles. I know Meyer's character. I'm not sure I know what all those at student affairs actually stand for.