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Comment 12 Jun 2012

1967 was a very interesting yet sadly a forgotten season of the Buckeyes. The season started out with an embarassing 14-7 loss to Arizona. Which by todays standards, would have been like losing to Kent or Akron. Zona wasn't even in the pac10.


Then the humiliating loss to Purude 41-6. Couple weeks later, a loss to Illinois I believe that was 17-13 in the Shoe. Woody told his guys they would have to win out or they would fire him. They beat a tough Sparty squad. Wisconsin in a tight one. Then finished out beating SCum 24-14.


Worse yet, the last couple of games at the Shoe, the attendance was barely in the 70,000. Even the first couple of games in 68 the attendance was barely over 70,000.

The seniors and juniors on this 67 squad are often overlooked, but they really helped catapult the team in the 68 season!

Thanks for posting!

Comment 18 Apr 2012

Sounds like the staff may move Sprinkle to DT. Fine with me, he is already 270lbs. Gets up to 290-295, he is fine!

Comment 18 Apr 2012 is reporting that in fact, Bosa is a Buckeye! If true, HUGE get for Urban! I hope he wears #14 like his Uncle Eric Kumerow!

I hope Quick ends up in this class! Our WRs corps of Marshall, Quick, Gibson, and possibly Treadwell would be awesome!

Comment 18 Apr 2012

Awesome news! Almost forgot that he had a good visit here!

Now Hopefully Bosa and Anzalone make it 11 and 12 this weekend. I think they may be coming!

Comment 26 Nov 2011

You can have Dunn. And Kalis. We can tell you abot 5* OLineman from St. Ed's. Cough, Alex Boone. Good luck!


Comment 26 Nov 2011

Fickell calls good games. Heacock does not! PERIOD! So glad he is gone! Bollman too! SCum are overachievers! Give them this! Only going to be disappointed!

Comment 26 Nov 2011

AGree Chuck. Heacock can't call a game worth a shit! You could tell Fickell was the man the last couple of years on D. This year Fick was preoccupied to say the least.


Comment 21 Sep 2011

We did not see much of PAt O'Morrow after this game. Earle replaced him with Frantz. This was a fun Buckeye season! I will never understand for the change at kicker. Especially after Frantz missed that FG against SCum.

Comment 16 Aug 2011

Roby really has been impressing. We are loaded at CB with Roby, Howard, Clarke and Allen. How has Pitt Brown been doing? Haven't heard much.

Clarke filled in for Chekwa and Howard in the Sugar Bowl and did very well.

Comment 10 Aug 2011

tOSU has released a statement that they have not received a letter from NCAA with new allegations.

Comment 10 Aug 2011

Originally reported on radio that it was TP and cargate. However, it seems to be revolving around players signing and selling stuff AFTER they were warned when the other 5 got caught.

If this is true, these players, should be thrown off the team.

Comment 09 Aug 2011

I was wondering what they were going to do at Safety with Cj coming back. But OJ did well last year and I think we are better off with having them both back there!

Going to be an interesting battle at CB with Roby, Clarke and Allen. Roby supposedly impressed last year and in the spring. Clarke did well in the Sugar Bowl when Chekwa and Howard went down. Allen has experience.

I am really pulling for Sabino this year. Ihope he gets it done. We could use his speed, size and athleticism at LB.


Interesting on the Dline some of the shifts they were playing.

Comment 07 Aug 2011

As tOSU fans, we should not even go to Gameday. Totally ignore them!

Comment 07 Aug 2011

jordan hall has been moved to WR. Drayton said he reminds him of Percy Harvin and has brought a couple of plays to tOSU!

Comment 09 May 2011

Michigan State in 1996 and Auburn and a few other schools had this problem and had violations from NCAA. Does anybody remember what they were?

Honestly, I am choosing to believe our compliance dept. They knew about the sales, monitored them, and found nothing then. I will stick by them. Its their necks out on the line. However, if they did miss something about this, then watch heads roll. Starting with Gene Smith.

But from what I see, other then the Zero Gibson paid-he says he can prove he is still paying for the car-nothing overly concerns me that this will be major.

I could see the NCAA backing off on this a bit, believe it or not.

And for those of you morons who think we will get the Death Penalty! PLEASE SHUT THE **** UP!

Comment 08 May 2011

Amen, Brutus and NWBuckeye. Great points. The article never pointed to one specific price, other then the Zero for Thad Gibson and he says he can prove he is making payments. I would be concerned if they showed certain dollar or sales figures, but they haven't.

Dispatch is p*ssed that they didn't get the Tressel story before Yahoo. Period.

Plus, Archie said they have monitored this, so I believe our compliance department. Ever since the MoC and Obie thing, they have been on top of things.

I saw 10's report on this yesterday at 6. They had video of a player in a Chevy Impala that he bought for $9100. I believe-I could have been dreaming-that he paid more then what the Blue Book said it was worth!

Comment 07 May 2011

Oh and as far as Pryor's mom and brother buying cars from this dealership, they are under the same rules as TP. So it makes sense that they would go to a dealership where the university recommends so the paperwork will be much easier to track down.

Comment 07 May 2011

Not uncommon for a dealership to allow a customer to take a car home for a night or two, especially if it on the weekends and the bank or other creditor is closed. The dealership would have run a credit check, known that the customer would have good credit and would be approved. Hence putting Zero on the title before changing it.

Gibson says he can prove he is still paying for it.

Nothing to this article as of right now. Dispatch is just embarassed they didn't get the Tressel allegations first and it came from Yahoo! These print jockeys are elitist douches who look down at their noses at Internet sites like Yahoo.

As of right now, nothing to this article. Especially after the compliance officer at tOSU knew about these transactions and is confident no violations took place.

I dont recall our fan base initially screaming over Cam Newton, Reggie Bush, Bruce Pearl, etc. Either the story went on for awhile or the initial article had a HELL of a lot more fire then this article. Which has no smoke or fire. Again, things could change.

Comment 07 May 2011

Thad Gibson said he is still paying on his Chrysler 300 and has the documents to prove it. The athletes were referred to this place by the tOSU compliance office. This article doesn't say that anything bad was done. Other then players bought cars there-which is not a violation.

If the article said there were violations then I would be worried. It didn't.

Plus the compliance officer at tOSU said he was very confident there were no violations.

So some of you guys quit being drama queens. If anything comes out, we will deal with it then.

Comment 06 May 2011

I still don't think we will get a bowl ban or loss of schollies. Again, maybe probation and vacating wins.