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Comment 34 minutes ago

Exactly. An incoming WR may have the confidence that he will see the field his first year, but the reality is that the success of his college career and his "audition" for the NFL is going to be determined by what happens in the subsequent years. I happen to think JT (along with the WRs) is going to be more production Wilson's offense, but whether or not that happens, he'll be gone by the time Martin has his real chance at showing his stuff.

Comment 4 hours ago

That is pretty impressive.  I was just imagining something a bit different - that you were the winner of an Iron Chef-like competition, but instead competing against other chefs cooking, you were competing against other clergymen in saving souls or something.

Comment 5 hours ago

Two seasons and counting without a punt return for a TD is also a long time, given all the playmakers we have on the team. I understand that ball security may be the priority, but we've put some guys out there who scare me at times on that criterion, but still with no TD returns.

Comment 7 hours ago

Re: B1G OOC schedules:

PSU, Wisky, Minnesota and Iowa need to challenge themselves more. It's not as if any of the teams they've scheduled are normally better but just having down years, with the down years unforeseeable given how far in advance the matchups were scheduled.  

The others have probably challenged themselves enough, given who they are.

Actually, Maryland's opponents (UCF and Texas) probably looked a lot better when the games were scheduled, and with Herman now at Texas, they may be overmatched. 

Comment 8 hours ago

I agree we need to counter the defenses we meet, but in addition (as has been said elsewhere), we need to be the aggressor, CHALLENGING the defenses we face, and make them attempt to adjust so as to counter.... and then take advantage of the opportunities created by those adjustments.

Comment 20 Jan 2017

Dopes that 37% of the population also produce close to 57% of the elite recruits at most/all other positions as well?  If so then perhaps it's the emphasis placed on football (as opposed to other sports or even non-sporting activities as well) in that region, including the year-round opportunities for developing the skills.

And yes, it's probably reasonable to look at race as well, since it'd obvious that a disproportionate share of DI and NFL football players are African-American. Do African-Americans represent a larger share of the population in the south than in the rest of the country? (easy enough to check; I just haven't done it)

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Yeah, that sucked. And imagine what the team could have done if Big Bear hadn't been playing tired.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

We've had some pretty good D-lines, perhaps with starters  roughly equal to this coming year's starters, but the quality depth is what's going to be crazy in 2017. The unlikely addition of Wilson to be a monster space-eater in short yardage situations (which is all I'd be asking in his first year) would be the icing on this cake.

Comment 19 Jan 2017
Send him when the opposing OL is needing to catch a breath, and watch the fun. In all seriousness, with our top 4 FEd, we can send them in in any order, and good things are going to happen (bad things for the other team). They'll all get more or less equal snaps, and will all do plenty of damage. I'm good with the coaching staff in whatever way they feel works best for the team.