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Comment 17 hours ago

Jamarco (in his third year) is the only one from those classes to have shown himself to be a solid starting OL. Prince (2nd year?) is still a work in progress. It's rare, though, to an OL start and do well in his first 2 years. If you get two good starters out of a given class, with one doing it earlier (in 2nd or 3rd year) and the other later, you've really done what you need to out of that class.  Although it may prove to be the case, it's premature to declare those OL classes busts.

Comment 17 hours ago

I'm not sure I agree. I think for the top teams you'll see the best non-conference games a team can schedule AT HOME by paying the visiting team. There's money to be made by having 8 or 9 home games vs 6 or 7 (which you'd have if teams scheduled the home-and-home series necessary to attract other top teams).

Comment 18 hours ago

Agreed. There are winners and losers with only 4 teams (as there would be with 8, or 16, or 32, but it just gets more and more watered down), and sometimes our team will be the loser. But the games in the season should have consequences, even if it means someone (even tOSU) is on the outside looking in. (and if I said something different in a post months or a year ago, then it doesn't count, because I'm senile and I don't remember)

Comment 18 hours ago

That's the part I don't like, unless it really is something the player chooses (i.e., he wants to see the field elsewhere, since he won't in Columbus), or if there is a disciplinary reason to cut someone loose. Schools hold so many cards already when it comes to recruiting, that I don't like it if a player is pushed out simply to make room for someone better. Of course, we'll never know for sure which is which, so that we can imagine if we will that there was either a(n unforced) choice by the player, or some valid (disciplinary) reason to say goodbye. If a player accepts a four-year scholarship offer, and sticks with the program, he shouldn't be shoved aside for being (not quiet) good enough.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

I think we make 18 without too much trouble - 6 seniors, 7-8 guys leaving early for the draft, 1 or 2 5th years not granted, maybe a medical waiver, and a couple transfers. To hit 20 or more starts to be a stretch, though, likely (though not necessarily) involving players being pushed out for other than disciplinary reasons, something I wish doesn't happen. 

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Lewis goes. Four years in the program (I assume he'll have his degree), with nothing more to prove.

There may be one or two more based on their lack of enjoyment of school, who aren't going eb evident from their on-the-field production. Baugh is one who could fit in this category (not that I really know).

And so 7 or 8 total, in addition to the 6 seniors.

There will need to be other attrition for the numbers to work in the upcoming signing class.  I refuse to speculate (publicly) as to who this might be, just on general principles, although privately I have a few guesses.

Comment 29 Nov 2016
And it's still possible that at the most advanced point of forward motion, the ball is being held parallel to the yard lines, putting one side three inches ahead of either end. Does there then need to be a human interpretation on top of the hard data, or does the rule of where the ball "is" have to be changed (clarifying the it's the firwardmost nose of the ball, for example)? And then does the placement of the ball after each pkay, and the placement if the chains need to be done using the positioning technology, which uncountable slow down the game, especially when factoring in "when the ball carrier was down" to the spot. Face it - the human element in officiating cannot be eliminated.
Comment 28 Nov 2016

I agree.  I'm not sure that kids today understand what "100% sure" means.  It's sort of like a :commitment" on an offer.

He should make his decision when the season is over, whenever it's over.  Unfortunately for him, the time between the National Championship game (hoping the Buckeyes get there!) is only shortly before the date he would have to declare.

I hope he considers wisely and chooses the best course FOR HIM.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

That's right. They look at the complete resume anew each week, and that can be affected by how the teams you previously beat (or lost to) fared.  And they will look at things like how dominantly games are won (just as in 2014). If PSU humiliates Wisconsin, and the Sooner's lose badly this weekend (diminishing the Buckeyes' early season win), they stand a good chance of being re-ranked ahead of the Buckeyes. If the Sooners and Wisky (particularly if neither dominates), then I think the Buckeyes are in ahead of both those two-loss teams they beat. 

Comment 27 Nov 2016

As things stand now (subject to change after conference championship games are played), Alabama is the clear #1.  I think theres is consensus on who the next 7 teams are. The Buckeyes have played 4 of the other six, three of them on the road. They are 1-0 at home, an 2-1 on the road to this elite group, losing the one road game on on a special teams play (still a a loss). No one has that kind of resume, and still won't after the championship games are played. the only thing that could hurt this resume is the Sooners getting beat by the Cowboys. The Buckeyes also played and stomped another ranked team (Nebraska), a 9-3 Tulsa, and 3 other bowl-eligible (albeit mediocre teams (Indiana, Maryland and Northwestern, all 6-6, but given that they're all B1G teams, they managed those 6 wins while playing in the country's toughest conference).

Comparing PSU and tOSU - in OOC play, the each beat a bad MAC team, and they each beat a  a good AAC team, but PSU got beaten by a decent ACC team while tOSU manhandled one of those aforementioned top 8 teams. On out-of division B1G play they were both undefeated, but tOSU knocked off two of the top three teams plyus bowl-eligible NW, while PSU beat one of the top three teams, a good Minnesota team (both of these at home), and Purdue. If PSU matches the Buckeye win over Wisconsin in the B1G championship, does that plus their narrow win at home over the Buckeyes overcome their loss to Pittsburgh, their two losses altogether, and their lack of a quality win on the road (their best road win was over Indiana)? Their hope has to be for a blowout over Wisconsin, with a loss by the Sooners next week to lessen the Buckeyes' resume.

Should Wisconsin win the B1G, then they have to overcome the fact of two total losses (vs the Buckeyes' one), a loss at home against the Buckeyes, the fact that their win (at home) against LSU looked less impressive as the season wore on, the fact that their other 2 OOC games were a complete joke, and the fact that their only significant road win was over Iowa.

It really depends on how highly the  committee values conference championships. 

If two of Oklahoma, Clemson and Washington lose next weekend (a longshot) I think there is a strong possibility of two B1G teams in the playoffs. Wouldn't that give SEC fans conniptions?  Of course, of Bama goes on to win it all, the strength of their conference would be validated.