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Comment 7 hours ago

If the OL gels early, most likely if Pridgeon grabs the LT spot, with competition squeezing the best two other guys into the remaining slots), then they do well.  An experienced leader & distributer in JT at QB will get the talented (albeit inexperienced) playmakers involved so that they can do their thing.

Comment 7 hours ago

I don't understand your point.  Why must they? Because if they don't they fall by the wayside? Because they're too talented not to? Because the team needs them to be successful?  Quite frankly, they CAN'T all make their mark. You've listed 7 WRs (for some reason omitting Dixon), not including Samuel who may be considered a WR if he plays H-back. These 7 can't all me in the rotation in order to me able to make a mark.

Comment 8 hours ago

Pridgeon.  If he's the real deal, this could be a kick-ass OL even by the time tOSU plays Oklahoma.  And as Urban has said - this is a OL-driven team.

Comment 8 hours ago

Ditto from another browns fan. I remember the great NFL championship win over the (Baltimore) Colts in 1964. Although they would have likely have been able to beat the AFL champion that year (the AFL hadn't yet evolved to equality), the point is that they DIDN'T play, and so didn't win.  No Super Bowl. And back in the 50s? there were only 12 teams total.  Just not the same.

Comment 11 hours ago

the 85-player scholarship limit, 12-game regular seasons and conference championship games have all been around for  20 years, give or take.  The "extra games" in the past 20 years consist of extra conferences with championships (affecting maybe a dozen teams), an increasing number of bowl games (affecting maybe 10-20 teams, but probably none that made it to a conference championship), and then the playoff championship game affecting two teams), starting last year. So maybe as many 2 dozen teams now have one more game than they would have when the 85-scholie limit was established, and a maximum of two will have a second additional game. (note that either Notre Dame or a Big 12 champion participant in the championship game will still on have one additional game, not 2). I know a college team isn't like a pro team that can either promote someone from the practice squad or sign a player midseason if there are injuries, but even assuming 20 incoming freshman that might need to be developed before they are "ready to play," that leaves 65 players, or a essentially an entire three-deep roster, to account for injuries (a pro team has 54 with the practice squad for a 16-game regular season).  Proper roster stocking (having enough quarterbacks, for example) and should give any team enough healthy players (outside of the yet-to-be-developed freshman) to complete. Sure there may be fall-off in performance when a good player gets injured, but that's going to be true even with, say, 90 players on the roster. Keep the limit at 85, to allow more teams a crack at some good players. Yes, that means coaches will have to set priorities and be selective about who they offer, but the successful coaches will do this well (and already do).

Comment 14 hours ago

Without mention names, when I look at the roster, I see at least a half dozen names of players (not including incoming freshman) who are unlikely to see playing time this coming year or the next (and perhaps ever, although I'm not saying that that's impossible).  One or two may have already decided to take their talents elsewhere, without it being announced until they have a landing place, or it may sort out in the competition this spring.  Others, though will stay. Either choice can be a good one, depending on the individual.

Comment 15 hours ago

This is the most minor of minor points, but wouldn't it be nice to have some options for surprise on the placekicking squad - someone at holder like Kenny G in 2014, rather than our punter? I don't know that Meyer would trust a freshman like Gibson, but he could sure make opposing coaches think, whether in the "swinging gate," or a straight fake. 

Comment 04 Feb 2016

There will likely be at least a few 3rd-yr players and/or redshirt Jrs turn pro, and maybe a redshirt Jr or two graduate and move on.  Every year, unfortunately, there is a medical hardship or two, and often (also unfortunately) someone gets booted for some reason or another (think R Smith and Spence in recent years). A bigger factor will be the logjams coming up in a lot of the positions groups.  There will undoubtedly be at least a few guys who, upon not even sniffing the 2-deep this coming year, will choose to transfer. I doubt there will be a class of 25 nest year, but despite there being only 6 seniors, a class of 16-20 is by no means out of the question. No one has to be pushed out for this to happen; natural attrition could very well allow these numbers.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

They have 4 recent national titles, and lots of players making it to the pros, and therefore lots of top recruits  It's a self-perpetuating cycle.  It's what Meyer is working towards at tOSU. Another title here in the next couple years, and Buckeyes making a splash at the pro level will be factors towards that.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

If we're at 88 or 89 today, then 85 by this summer is quite a reasonable projection, based on experience.  I suspect, though, that Mayer & staff already have knowledge of who's probably out - not because players are being pushed out, but because there is medical info not yet ready to be announced, and there are guys who are going to be transferring (it may be that they're waiting to announce until the guy has a landing place). I can see position groups where players are heading into their 3rd (or even 4th) years and quite possibly making it into the 2-deep, and new high-level talent coming up behind them.  Without mentioning names (that's totally unnecessary), I can see and totally understand that there are guys who'd like to find a program where they can see the field. That has always happened, and will continue to happen, and it's not a bad thing - either for tOSU or the other fortunate programs lucky enough to land these individuals, and certainly not for the individuals themselves when it's THEIR decision. (I happen to know the Alabama "cast-off" at quarterback who led the Toledo Rockets to a Top 25 finish this past year; these things happen)

Comment 02 Feb 2016

Quite right.  Each class brings in essentially a complete lineup, offensively and defensively, usually with a few "spare parts.". Although this past year makes it seem differently, relatively few players leave after only 3 years, and yet there are always a number of players starting or earning significant playing time by their 2nd or 3rd years (and very occasionally their first), simply because they're that good. Young guys playing means older guys standing on the sidelines. They may be good enough to play elsewhere regularly, but it's no shame if they tried and failed to crack the starting lineup for the Buckeyes.  A number of players don't have their "breakout" season until their final year of eligibility (recently Fragel, Baldwin, Miller come to mind), while others have played a valuable role as backups and special team players (Cam William, Joel Hale, and dare we forget, Kenny Guiton).  Others, of course, transfer out.  It's hard to tell which will be which merely by the number of stars as recruits, or their performance or non-appearance in the first year of two.   

Comment 02 Feb 2016

Not a bad lineup.  They're going to have to earn it, though.  There's a lot of returning talent (think Clark, Dixon, McLaurin, as well as Stump)  that is still developing and/or has suffered injuries, with some stellar new players coming in as part of the 2016 class. Competition should yield a quality two-deep.

Comment 29 Jan 2016

There are indeed a number of transfers, medical hardships and players who have yet to get much playing time (and maybe never will). Isn't that true, to at least some degree, in every batch of recruits?  It wasn't that long ago that tOSU had nearly a total washout at linebacker a couple years in a row.  Look at the full stable of wide receivers recruited under Meyer - how many have done anything (yet)? Look at Meyer's vaunted first-year haul at DL - Washington certainly made it, but Schutt ended up starting only a few games in 4 years on account (mostly) of injuries, and Spence (for all of his talent) transferred due to his drug (character?) problems. When looking at a list, it's easy to spot the failures, whereas, when looking at our own team, it's easier to celebrate the successes and understand/explain away the "failures."

Comment 27 Jan 2016

I remember the two bad winters in a row living in NE Ohio - the deep freeze of January 1977 (temperatures didn't reach thawing point, and half the nights below 0) along with that little blizzard, followed by the Blizzard of '78 (I believe both preceded and followed by even more snow).