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Comment 29 May 2016

This is a good solid recruiting class.  Perhaps only Funderburk has even the potential to be "the guy" to lead them to a B1G championship or NCAA Final Four, and that would be down the road. They all have the potential, though, to be valuable pieces on a championship team.  If only two of them (probably Funderburk, with Jackson having to be the other) make significant contributions this year, and the returning 6 make improvements, we could see more success this coming year than in recent years. I look forward to seeing them in action.Go Bucks!

Comment 27 May 2016

It IS the most important thing.  Is OOC strength of schedule important, as a tie-breaker as you've said? Certainly.  But it's PART of the tie-breaker.  The committee will look at TOTAL strength of schedule, of with OOC is a part (some teams will have tough in-conference schedules). Scheduling three cupcakes would be problematic.  But, in 2018, to have one tough game, one, medium game, and none cupcake, we'd probably be about average in OOC strength. Sure, to schedule three tough games and win them all would be the best situation. But the more tough games you schedule, the more you're also likely to lose.  One loss against a tough OOC opponent generally won't be a problem, but a second could start to be a problem, and if coupled with a conference loss, would probably bump your team out. To sum up - TOTAL resume (in conference, out of conference, W/L record, and strength of schedule) will be used break the "tie" among five Power 5 conference champions (and maybe an undefeated champion of another conference, and an 11-1 ND). So OOC strength can be important, but it comes with a risk too.

Comment 26 May 2016

Don't people realize by now that far and away the most important thing for winning a playoff berth is a conference championship? The weakest of the Power 5 champions will get knocked out (or weakest 2 perhaps if ND goes undefeated) - but you can be hurt as much by one more loss as by a weak schedule. I'd prefer a tougher opponent than Tulane is likely to be in 2018, but with TCU (likely a top 20 team at leas), and Oregon State (a so-so Power 5 team) and one cupcake, our OOC schedule is likely to be as good as most, and not greatly inferior.

Comment 26 May 2016

One is plenty (outside of any B1G-resident cupcakes). We should always have one end of home-and-home games with some top level team (which we've done) as one of the 3 OOC.  Then there should be one game with the best decent team we can pay to come to Columbus - some mid-to-lower level team from a POWER 5 conference, or a decent team outside the Power 5 (coming up we have such teams as Oregon State and Cincinnati). And finally, if we have to have a cupcake, I'd prefer to make it in in-state MAC school, and hope they have a good team that year (it's hard to predict, since successful coaches move on quickly).

Comment 26 May 2016

I think that's the point. Hiring a permanent HC at this point in the year won't likely get you the best candidate.

Comment 25 May 2016

I took it when it was the ATGSB*. I guess I'm dating myself.

* Admissions Test to Graduate Schools of Business

Comment 24 May 2016

Re-assessing my own assessment. Only Fla Atl, YSU and NC Ctrl look bad (and not "worst of the worst"). Even being better than last year (when they DID lose to 2 pretty bad teams), the Buckeyes will have to come ready to play against the rest of the schedule or risk a stumble

Comment 23 May 2016

it's like the player who ALWAYS takes an extra step before dribbling, or one before finishing a layup.  You get rights to that move. No harm, no foul, or, in some cases, even if there IS harm.