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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Every Buckeye Football Game I have ever been too in person. No matter what is going on in my life or the world that is my happy place.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Joe Montgomery(The tough road he went through to be a Buckeye made me cheer for him)

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Comment 17 Jun 2014

Just to clarify, I never said it was anything like O-H-I-O. You mentioned the Black Keys so I posted the song which you were not aware of. It was obvious that you knew nothing about the Black Keys because you said as much. I have heard O-H-I-O but not really having done any remixing myself I would have a hard time seeing something being done with it.

Comment 29 Dec 2013

I don't think they will go in the toilet but they will take a huge hit in this year's recruiting class. They still have nice facilities and deep pocketed alumni/boosters to help attract a good coach. I would not want to be in charge of that search committee though. I would think that the coaching pool would be pretty limited just based on the precarious situation that program is in. It would have to be exactly the right fit to continue their road to recovery without hitting a major pothole in the road. 

Comment 29 Dec 2013

The only thing I would say to that is that the bowl records for your conference are somewhat important in that they help to shape the perception of your conference. With only a four team playoff in place for the foreseeable future I have to think we would need to run the table to get involved with it next year. There will be no margin for error next year. The unfortunate fact is that perception of our conference feeds into perception of our schedule. Perception of our schedule will feed into whether or not we get into a playoff. We all know a win against Virginia Tech will not be looked at in as positive a light as it did for Alabama. 

Comment 20 Dec 2013

I almost fell out of my chair I laughed so hard.


Comment 10 Nov 2013

I almost choked I laughed so hard at the "crapness washes over me like a bad fart" comment. Nicely done gameboy. Nicely done.

Comment 08 Nov 2013

The point as I understood it was that coaches don't give players their personalities and traits. They have a very limited time to mold these guys. In the case of Lewan when he got tired of getting his ass kicked up and down the field he resorted to the dirty stuff. The point I think you are trying to make is that it is Brady Hogg's fault that Lewan did what he did. If so do you blame Tress for Robert Reynolds choking the guy from Wisconsin? 

Comment 07 Nov 2013

I agree with you. Lewan has some major character issues that have been in place before Brady Hogg showed up. Case in point, his "alleged" intimidation of a rape victim. Classy guy.

Comment 29 Oct 2013

I disagree, some stupid school will hire him. Look at the guys who keep getting shots at coaching jobs. I mean he did win 3 straight B1G championships, right?


Comment 20 Oct 2013

Your picture actually disproves your point. That is a shoulder into the chest of the receiver and Roby's foot is on the ground. Back and to the left because he got whiplashed by a strong hit to the chest. The real problem with the call that I have is why did the official looking right at the play not throw a flag? Why did the guy 15 yards behind the play throw a flag? Reminds me of Ted Valentine calling a foul down on the blocks from out at the time line. No way he sees it more clearly than the guy right there. 

Comment 09 Oct 2013

Unless I missed it the bowl ban happened because a couple of players who were involved in the whole tatgate thing were accused of having no show jobs after there was an in principal agreement regarding sanctions from the tat/trophy stuff. In essence Gene Smith was sitting at the table saying we've learned our lessons and we won't do it again and then the NCAA says well what about this stuff that we just found out about? Not sure how he could have done much better unless we went the whole Auburn/Texas A&M route and said that we wouldn't accept any sanctions and you can talk to our lawyers from here on out.

As far as the scheduled goes it is what it is. Let it play out. I remember losing on Senior Day in 2007. There was no way we were going to the NC game after that and then we had the best idle weekend of Buckeye football ever. The other thing I keep thinking is that most of the teams around us right now have a history of losing games they shouldn't. I'm looking at you Oregon, Clemson, and Florida State.

I just keep trying to remember that we are in the midst of something special and hopefully the new norm around here. I really don't miss the Tressel days of losing games after we had a lead and then deciding to put it on all the defense and leaving them out there the entire second half of games. I think that's why I had a hard time with Wisconsin game was because it was so similar a setup to the several that Tress let get away. 



Comment 13 Apr 2013

Its not that the TV people recognize him, he is always working his way over to cameras so he can be on TV. I see him do it all the time. He courts the attention. Its one thing to pose for pictures I guess but to show up everywhere and have photos to sign for your "fans" is obnoxious. Orlas King aka The Neutron Man was a spontaneous thing that happened once and it transformed into the character over time but he also was involved in charity and scholarship fundraising. To me it is an entirely different thing to show up in a costume and try to get on TV every week rather than do a little dance when the band plays your song. I don't much care for any of the "super fans" that have seemed to multiplying across the country. So if that's hating on him I am guilty and I don't feel bad about it. 


Comment 09 Apr 2013

I think there are a couple things against them staying. First NBA contracts are all guaranteed. They get all the money they sign for. Second what else do they believe they have to or can do to improve their draft stocks? Another thing is that the way the rookie contracts are set up now in the NBA it is often better for them to get into the league as early as possible to get to the second contract where the money is bigger. Burke made a great decision to come back because of the way he faded last year over the second half and it afforded him this opportunity to show his game on the biggest stage. But if Burke and Hardaway leave I would expect McGary and Robinson to leave as well.


Comment 24 Mar 2013

He would definitely sacrifice his soul if he hadn't done that already. How about his personality? No wait that's not worth anything. I don't know what he would have to sacrifice.


Comment 24 Mar 2013

Maybe I have seen too many B1G games but are they calling a bunch of soft fouls on post defense in the tournament so far? Not that B1G officials are the gold standard(TV Ted Valentine & Ed Hightower come to mind) but they are fairly consistent throughout the game for the most part.