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Comment 07 Dec 2012

So torn about the Heisman.... on one hand i would love to see a freshman win the award and his performance has proved why he is going to NYC... on the other hand i love the fact that Archie is the only two time winner.. and i do not want to see that in jeopardy

Comment 05 Dec 2012

I hate Bielema, but i still think it can bennefit the B1G.

1. Bring in someone with a passion for this conference. Not someone who will just jump at another offer for the money.This will absolutley bring more of what this conference is, a dog fight every weekend. They went to the rose bowl three times but guess what no one really cares or talks about it because HE just doesnt seem to fit the way the rest of these teams play. Granted these are my opinions.

2. Wake the B1G up and realize they have to put more money into thier football programs to be elite. I dont like this answer but i have to sit back and be honest. Compare the money that ohio state and that team up north pump into thier programs.

Comment 04 Dec 2012

Personally i feel like there should be more defensive players each year in contention for the Heisman. It is the "Best" player of the year award is it not? With that said i still don't feel like T'eo is the best defensive player in the country. I would love personally to see a defensive end up for the award. That one guy that's grinding out hard games tackles for loss, and sacks, that guy that is just terrorizing those other usually Heisman candidates. Yet i still feel just for viewers sake they would have just invited lee and Miller oh well i feel Miller will be close to one over the next two years