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Comment 02 Dec 2013

I think we will be better prepared for MSU than we were for TTUN.  TTUN has reserved a section of every practice for prep looking at the rivalry game.  Sparty has not had the same objective all year and as such will not be able to improvise an attack quite so well as TTUN did.  They could steal a page from their Big Brothers but hopefully we are learning how to better defend the throwback screen this week.  Take away that one play from their arsenal and you would have taken half of their offensive output.

Comment 13 Nov 2013

If you've never been to Champaign it is a wind tunnel.  The weather forecast, over 48 hrs,  has a warm front coming in.  It is in the thirties now but will warm to the mid fifties by gametime on Saturday.  I live in IL so I know what that means.  The passing game will be limited in that stadium and having the wind at your back or in your face will affect play calling and strategy.

I was just listening to the talking heads and they said TOSU would have to blow out IL to make an impression.  Weather will affect the balance of running vs passing and will limit our ability to use all our weapons.  Thank God for a great running attack and El Guapo.  The thing about it is Tim B knows they will need to run and will totally stack the box on a windy rainy day.  Will make it difficult to get the blowout we need.

Comment 13 Nov 2013

It happened to us in the shoe years ago.  I remember Harbaugh was quarterbacking for TTUN and just stood there and the refs backed him up and they did it to us because we were too noisy.  It takes a lot away from homefield advantage when you can't carry on like crazy people in your own stadium.  It just ain't right!!