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Comment 25 Jun 2016

Im sitting here wondering why everyone thinks(not just 11w) that Meyer is about to be done and we're talking replacements already. Its not even been 5 years yet and I keep seeing stories about when Meyer will call it quits. He is only 51 lol. Saban is like 79 or something or other lol and I dont see him going anywhere. Lets just enjoy who we have at the helm and hope he is here for at least 10 more years.

Comment 20 Jun 2016

Silly question, so can you stream on a sony dvd blu ray player? I plan to have the VUE on the main big screen in living room, but would like to watch it on my bedroom tv. For that, I would just need a blu ray player?

Comment 20 Jun 2016

Wow the channels listed there are way more than Sling. 

Dumb question, I dont need a playstation for this right? Just the Amazon tv stick like you mentioned?

Comment 20 Jun 2016

A year and change later BIG TEN NETWORK still doesnt offer services on Sling. This sucks as I am cutting the cord, I cringe paying the stupid cable bill each month. Ill just go somewhere to watch my Buckeyes when they play on the BTN. 

Decided to bump this thread since I have been watching it over the year just in case BTN changed its mind.

Comment 13 Jun 2016

Not sure what to think of all these highly rated QB's that are on board and Emory who we are possibly leading for. Highly rated players want to play, there is only 1 starter. Gonna be crazy after Barrett leaves.