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Comment 19 hours ago

Damn another?? Hell I just found out Najee Murray transferred to Kent! What is going on with these guys transfering?? Can they not take the pressure of competition or what??

Jeremy Cash gone

Najay Murray gone

Jayme Thompson gone

Wood -DB gone with injury

Im sure there are others that have left for whatever reason.


Comment 16 Apr 2014

I am not sure why Franklin is landing all of these good recruits to PSU, what makes him that good? If he is that good why wasn't he doing this at Vanderbilt? People say players play for coaches, and not schools. Well why weren't they coming to Vandy??

My guess is jut 'new hype'


Comment 06 Apr 2014

Penn St. thats right Yea that would put him just about the Fall for a possible return. Thanks for the update.


Comment 25 Mar 2014

I still hope he gets offered. i tend to root for the city league kids more than any others because I played city league football in HS here in Columbus, I know how hard it is to get offers from top notch programs, not because I was that good, but because plenty of guys I played with were that good but got overlooked.This is the kind of kid that will go to another school and light it up just to stick it to the Buckeyes because he was never offered. It sucks we can't take em all lol


Comment 24 Mar 2014

I think its more of a culture right now, top kids and talent head to the 'top' programs 95% of the time. Luke is no different, and for some reason Ohio State Basketball just isn't 'there' yet. After all the success Thad has had, and by now if kids do not realize OSU could be a top bball school, they wont anytime soon.. 



Comment 23 Mar 2014

Im wondering what is the situation with Javon Bess, from Gahanna Lincoln. Did he not want to come here, or did we not recruit him hard? He has signed with Michigan State unfortunately. I really hate when we lose kids to other schools..