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Grew up near the S&G course over on McCoy Rd. My grandfather was head of Neurology and a surgeon at Riverside Hospital. He knew Woody and would assist the team med wise. Ended up out West in my teens and fell in love with the mountains. Graduated from Park City HS and the University of Utah. I work in technology supporting Gov't accounts. Happily married to a Duck fan and living in Denver with our two sons (who are not Duck fans). GO BUCKS!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sun Devil Stadium January 3, 2003 - Lost my voice for 3 days.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman & Antoine Winfield (Tie)
  • NFL TEAM: Denver Broncos
  • NHL TEAM: Colorado Avalanche
  • NBA TEAM: Utah Jazz
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 25 Jan 2017

Hard to fathom what Meech was thinking on that play.  I'm sure he knew what the play call was since everyone else with a pulse in the world knew that play was coming.  JT under center with Samuel in motion, here comes the jet sweep.  I think ol Big Meech forgot the snap count. Either that or JT screwed up on the delayed fumblerooski.

Comment 04 Jan 2017

2007 was worse...I just hope we get another shot next year like we did in 2008.

Regarding the predictive play-calling, I knew we were doomed when JT went under center and I stated "here comes the jet sweep" and of course that is what they ran for another TFL. I was at a party with other Buckeye fans and everyone just stared at me after I called the play, my reply "we are fucked!" 

I just don't understand why we did not break tendencies against a very good opponent with 3 weeks to prepare. I'm sure it was a similar game plan that we used against Hawaii last year.  I'm not saying you scrap what got you to the CFP but you have to keep a defense honest.  I know everyone loves the QB option that typically never worked as safeties would crash down after reading their keys.  Not once last year did OSU run play-action (seam pattern would be nice) off of that QB option look. Not once...unfucking believable considering how teams would crash that play.

Comment 29 Dec 2016

Yep...cannot believe they did not review that play. Doesn't the replay official have to review any turnover?