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Grew up near the S&G course over on McCoy Rd. My grandfather was head of Neurology and a surgeon at Riverside Hospital. He knew Woody and would assist the team med wise. Ended up out West in my teens and fell in love with the mountains. Graduated from Park City HS and the University of Utah. I work in technology supporting Gov't accounts. Happily married to a Duck fan and living in Denver with our two sons (who are not Duck fans). GO BUCKS!


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Comment 24 Nov 2015

Use Zone read a ton to keep their front7 honest and attack the edge. Run playaction. Give JT a little more latitude to change the play and go uptempo. Their corners live on an island and have a tendency to grab and hold (Holding or PI).  The offense needs to take advantage of this and throw some 50/50 balls to Thomas and Co. 

Comment 15 Nov 2015

After watching the replay, the false start penalty mentioned was not Chase's fault.  The Illini DE encroached and was in the neutral zone when Chase moved.  I thought it was  bad call in realtime and the replay proved it.

That said....he had a terrible day in pass protection.  I thought the playcalling could have been better to help neutralize the Illini pass rush.  They were very aggressive and Beck and Co did not call one screen or shovel pass. With the DEs being so aggressive with a very wide line-up, for the life of me, I don't know why they did not exploit it. Very Vanilla play calling yesterday.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

The offense had over 500 yds of total offense but was a lousy 2/14 on 3rd down conversions with only 13 1st downs.  That's a complete reversal of last year's offense and its lack of consistency is also causing the defense to tire.  The D has looked worn out in the 4th quarter. Indiana's long QB run was a sign of that fatigue.

When teams stack the box, I do understand that you will get some big plays but you will also get quite a few 3 and outs if you are not efficient on 1st and 2nd down. The play calling has been a bit of a mystery to me on 1st down. Instead of using what the defense is giving you, the coaching staff is calling plays straight into the teeth of their scheme. We saw this in the NIU game where the offense only managed to score 13 points. Zeke was not able to break off any big runs in that game like he did against IU.

It just feels like the coaching staff has lost confidence in Cardale although they say he is the number 1 guy.  To me, the playcalling is contrary to what they are saying. If Cardale is the guy, then use the whole fucking playbook than this half ass shit we are seeing, especially on 1st down. 

Comment 30 Sep 2015

This is just how corporate America operates these days.  I feel your pain to an extent.  I was laid off for the first time in my career back on the 16th.  I left a very good job to take this one ( I was proactively recruited) and was laid off 9 weeks into the job. I was devastated. Some majority shareholder was obviously pissed off about the stock price.

I have had 8 interviews in the past week with more to come. My advice is to move on and keep your chin up.  Don't dwell on the negative as to what happened because it will impact your ability to interview well.  Enjoy the time off with your family and relax. You have earned it and there are other opportunities out there for you to make a living.  Who of those ops may be a better fit for you.

Comment 10 Sep 2015
It would have been nice to hang out with Wojtek and have a couple of beers. That insignia is awesome.
Comment 09 Sep 2015

His first catch of the night was sweet as well.  I'm happy for Braxton that he can showcase his talents and raise his draft stock like he demonstrated Monday night. The guy has a family to support and obviously wants to play at the next level. He has had some tough breaks over the years, and if anyone on that team deserves some good fortune, it's him.

Comment 06 Sep 2015

I would expect the Bucks to run quite  a bit of speed option with JT with Zeke, Brax and Curtis all in the mix as the pitch man. Would not be surprised to see Brax run it as the QB from the wildcat.  It's a great play to force a defense with 8 guys in the box back on its heels versus pinning their ears back and playing aggressive. Also, it utilizes the best talent and experience on the field for tOSU's offense.

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Comment 05 Sep 2015

Spent some time in Taiwan in the 90s and can attest, at least back then, that it does happen. People, especially the truck drivers, drive like maniacs and quite a few people use scooters. Not a a good recipe.