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Comment 15 Dec 2013

anybody that watched this and is like "I think Tressel and Geiger and villains now" is just dumb.

Comment 14 Dec 2013

dead serious, homosapes....did you not watch it. He didn't shake one of his fellow finalists' hands.

What part of my post would be sarcastic? Not to sharp, are ya


Comment 14 Dec 2013

Dude's a punk.

He is the ONLY Heisman winner I've ever seen Not shake the hands of his competitors before he walked up to get the award. He also didn't mention them in his speech.


Comment 14 Dec 2013

The 3 most frustrating for me are probably the home Texas game in '05 because of missed opportunities, dropped TDs, etc.. Frustrating. Also the USC game in '09 and MSU game last week. The latter two because of playcalling.

Comment 13 Dec 2013

Because this game was more on the coaches and playcalling than on the players.

And the best RB in the country received ZERO carries out of TWO possible attempts when the game was on the line for a few yards. Hyde also only received 4 carries after we went up by a TD. Stupid.

Comment 12 Dec 2013

I'd rather have the president and government fix real problems. Scratch that. Actually, I'd rather have the president and big government GTFO the way! That's  the problem. They're in the way.

Comment 12 Dec 2013

Thank you for posting.

It's clear that the weak link of the coaches is:

Everett Withers.

It's not working out. Cut your losses, OSU.

Comment 05 Dec 2013

Anybody else think the DA was pressured? haaa rhetorical question, of course he was!
Not that Winston would've been found guilty anyways be these crooked Southerners.

I think it's funny how Bobby Bowden was interviewed last week and he was all (paraphrasing): "awww, Willie Meggs is honest, he's a straight shooter, blah blah blah....I've tried to get him to go on easy on our players before..."

He actually said he's tried to get the DA to go easy on his FSU football players. No one is talking aobut this.


Comment 16 Nov 2013

60 points in a very subpar effort with 3 starters on defense out, in an away road game against the leading passer in the conference.

Not bad.