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Comment 23 Nov 2012

For the handful of posters that said they hated/disliked Urban for the 06' NC beatdown he gave us, why? He was doing what UF paid him to do, as I watched the game unfold and even knowing that UM was a native Buckeye and idolized Woody and Earle I held zero animosity for Urban during and after the game. I was pissed off at our coaching staff for making no adjustments at halftime and the players for laying down.

Comment 17 Nov 2012

Urban is in pain watching most of our players, we have so many mediocre guys. Thank god the Big 10 sux, Oregon would hang 56 on Fickell's D.

Comment 17 Nov 2012

is there a punter slower to get it off than ben?

Comment 17 Nov 2012

Probably a good thing we have the bowl ban this year, anyone in the top five other than ND would light us up!

Comment 12 Nov 2012

An unranked team being favored over an undefeated #6 team, has this ever happened? I know home field adv. is supposed to be worth 3/4 pts. but damn. Vegas oddsmakers must think our rank is complete BS.

Comment 06 Nov 2012

For those that are questioning an offer to a HS freshman let me remind you that projecting a young skilled position prospect (QB/RB/WR/DB) is more difficult than say an OL/DE/DL. This 15 yr. old kid is already big and strong and most importantly plays full throttle, barring a bad injury this kid will end up being a 5* senior recruit as a DE or ultra quick DT, Urban knows what he's doing.

Comment 06 Nov 2012

I saw him on espn a month or so ago while checking out his big brother and was surprised at how big and athletic he is for a freshman, and it speaks volumes that he starts as a frosh for a nationally elite HS program like STAQ.

Comment 06 Nov 2012

When we finish 12-0 and the so called CFB experts see what we have coming back next year(especially offense) we will be no worse than a pre-season #3, and all we have to do is win each game and good things will happen. We will be in the title game vs. the SEC champ or maybe Oregon.