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Comment 04 Sep 2014
Manny's is worth the trip IMO. It'll packed on both floors with basically only buckeye fans. I often take the trip from the Tribeca area even though it's inconvenient because the atmosphere is so good.
Comment 03 Sep 2014
Law Enforcement to get involved if you aren't sitting enough? My god they are killing the atmosphere there. If you can't handle standing and/or people standing around you, stay home. Absolutely atrocious.
Comment 28 Jun 2014
I've never been able to scroll the top stories on my S3. I figured you guys were working on it but thought I'd post it again.
Comment 08 Feb 2014
Even with 85 scholarships next year the senior class is only 16 I believe. That's 19 before attrition. So expect the class to be like this years somewhere in the 20-23 range.
Comment 08 Feb 2014
As others have mentioned the scrolling is soooo jerky. It is also really jerky commenting on my phone with the text jumping everywhere. Lastly, on my phone, I can't scroll across the stories on the top so I see the first one, part of the second ones thumbnail, and cant scroll across at all. Android 4.3 on the Samsung Galaxy S3.
Comment 01 Jan 2014

You can't pre-empt a violation of NCAA rules. The big ten and OSU have an obligation to report any violation to the NCAA and it would be an NCAA matter. The Big Ten can't just decide to take a matter instead and not tell the NCAA. It doesn't work that way. 

Comment 30 Dec 2013

Most people believe Mosley, Mack, and Barr are the top 3 LBs with Shazier being a little outside of that group due to his size. My guess is that those three get 1st round grades and Shazier gets a second round but would be the first to go if any team 15-32 wants an OLB.

Comment 28 Dec 2013
*checks account* *802 helmet stickers* *rapidly makes 17 threads talking about how amazing some aspect of Ohio State football and 11w are*
Comment 12 Dec 2013

When everyone idolizes people for acting in a manner which is, inarguably, immature it sends a bad message to the middle school and high school kids that want to play at this level. It's a culture issue and it cultivates a culture that acts poorly. It looks bad on the institution and us fans in general that we take so much pride in actions that are immature and inappropriate. I'm not putting anything on you, but I'd wish all fans would hold themselves and their institution to a little higher standard then praising sideline temper tantrums.

Comment 21 Nov 2013
I think expecting a blow out against Indiana, when they have possibly the best offense we've seen and our defense has been so lackluster, is a bit of a folly.