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Comment 21 Apr 2016

That's a nice gesture by the Hayes family but certainly not surprising knowing their love of Ohio State.  I was actually more surprised realizing and then giving it some thought as to how long Coach Hayes has been dead and how long ago it was that he roamed the OSU sidelines.  

We were, and remain, and very blessed fan base.  Go Bucks!

Comment 16 Apr 2016

FWIW, I'm always much more interested in spring practice and the players who have caught the coaching staff's eye with their work and development rather than the spring game itself.  My hope no one is injured today and all who attend have a great day.  Go Bucks!  

Comment 13 Apr 2016

I have zero pity or empathy for this coward Hayes.  Ramming into a vehicle intentionally, shooting an unarmed woman, and a man in the back 7 times should remove any defense this bastard may have hoped to use.  

I'd also love to see his attorney, or attorneys running interference through the law when the perpetrator is clearly guilty of a crime, serve time with their client for defending the indefensible AND wasting taxpayer dollars defending POS like Hayes.

Comment 10 Apr 2016

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Will Smith, his friends, teammates, and the many whose lives he touched so positively in his life.  My hope is that his wife recovers fully from her injuries.  The road ahead for her and the children won't be an easy one to travel.

R.I.P. Will Smith   

Comment 07 Apr 2016

The Game in the 'Shoe

The Buckeyes winning a national championship game

following College Game Day one fall & other top CF venues 

Army - Navy football game

The Masters on Sunday

The US Open Golf Championship

The Open Championship

Cavaliers winning the NBA Finals

Comment 07 Apr 2016

When Seve Ballesteros 4-putted in the 1988 Masters, Jack Nicklaus asked him how it happened.  Seve said, "I missed.  I missed,  I missed.  I make."  I guess Ernie will have to say "I missed" 5 times if asked!  Yikes!

Comment 06 Apr 2016

It was cool seeing the reverence everyone in that video had for the Golden Bear, including the security officer who initially didn't recognize Jack Nicklaus as the driver.  In fairness to the guard, he may have not expected someone as famous as Jack Nicklaus to drive up Magnolia Lane and may not have even paid much attention to whom he was speaking.  He was very kind, respectful, and apologetic once it hit him.

Comment 03 Apr 2016

KMP10...I am in complete agreement in never understanding how any Ohio kid goes to THAT school.  Spare me the "UM is an elite school academically" when they have the LARGE number of athletes in a General Studies program.

Times are certainly different from when I was a child.  Any Ohioan who ventured north was a traitor and had committed the ultimate act of treason.  Speaking only for myself, I don't even understand visiting that dump nor parents not following the lead of Mr Spielman.  Go Bucks!.  

Comment 31 Mar 2016

After reading the link, it's easy to see why Wade is interested in 'Bama.  Family is always a powerful lure.  Coach Meyer has said more than once than when a student-athlete verbals to you it just means "you are int he final three."  

As was said above, DB is a position that appears to have much more elite interest than spots available.  While it would be great to hold onto Wade, things will all work out as they should.  Go Bucks!

Comment 28 Mar 2016

Great news as always.  I thought it is especially interesting that Xavier Thomas is coming to campus.  If you have not had the chance to see this young man, take a minute and check his tape.  Thomas is a very unique talent.  While ultimately getting Thomas to be a Buckeye will present a huge challenge for the staff, it is a great sign he is so excited about visiting now.  Go Bucks!