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Comment 09 Jan 2013

I wish Penn State would not have waived their right to NCAA due process.  That scenario would have been really interesting.  What most people at PSU don't seem to understand is that the NCAA would have certainly investigated them for lack of institutional control or a similar infraction.  An NCAA investigation worth any merit would have taken at least a year with another year to determine sanctions. At that point, the football program would have been living under a cloud for several years.  Any professor who ever had a problem with JoePa would have come out of the wood work.  If I was a Penn State fan/alum, that alternative doesn't look very rosy either.  It would be downright ugly.  It could have been worse for JoePa's legacy.  By agreeing to sanctions, they completely circumvented the investigation process.  As a Buckeye who was vilified by a number of Penn State fans during Tattoo-gate, I told them that the best thing that happened to your university was you avoided an investigation.  The agreement would allow your university to move on much more quickly than the traditional process.  The $60M fine was hefty, and I was surprised Penn State agreed to that.  I could see that getting cut back, but I have a hard time believing that sanctions wouldn't have been placed on Penn State eventually if they hadn't agreed to the deal.  I guess there is some benefit to understanding the NCAA process...