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Comment 09 Dec 2013
It may have been prophetic, but he's still a huge douche nozzle.
Comment 02 Dec 2013
What would happen if every SEC coach voted tOSU dead last even with a win? Would they face repercussions other than general national backlash? (Loss of votes, sanctions, etc) It's a very conspiracy theory point of view and I know it won't happen, I'm just curious to know what would actually happen.
Comment 02 Dec 2013
I have every confidence that our offense will be able to score, so I had to pick Fickell/Bollman as the crucial part of the game. If the defense can step up and holds MSU to 20 pts, we soul lags be able to win by 2 TDs. Yes, they have a great defense, but we have a stellar offense.
Comment 29 Nov 2013
What Bowl Game will Michigan play in? I'm hoping for whichever bowl UofA gets. Hoke/Rodriguez showdown? I'd watch that.
Comment 29 Nov 2013
I assume amazon link will work year round? I could see that being a great source of revenue if the word gets out. I will be using it moving forward.
Comment 27 Nov 2013
I wish I knew how to Photoshop so I could create a picture showing Troy Sith. :-)
Comment 26 Nov 2013
Is this your personal story Washingtonstatebuck? I only ask due to the reference in there to younger "O-zoners" making it look like it came from a different site by that name (not that it couldn't mean you just wrote it there first). Props to helping start a great tradition if it was you! In any case, great story! I enjoyed the read.
Comment 26 Nov 2013
UoA has seven wins right now and is looking for their eighth against AzSt this weekend. After the Oregon game that was is a toss up to me (rivalry too). If they lose to AzSt and _ichigan loses to us, they would have the same record. I would say it is extremely likely and at this point I need to see this game!
Comment 26 Nov 2013
Honestly, I almost went, but it was at the same time as the Buckeye's game and the weather was supposed to be horrible (and I'm not going to go sit in cold reason to watch a football game not involving the Buckeyes). Whether weather was a factor or not, UoA has been struggling to put butts in seats and keep them there for the whole game, even (especially?) in the students section. It has definitely been a culture shock moving to Tucson from Columbus as far as college football support goes.