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Comment 29 Jul 2015
Sometimes, when I poop, I wipe and I wipe and I wipe. Still poop. Its like I'm wiping a magic marker.
Comment 29 Jul 2015
I've tried a jalapeno cream ale and it was definitely on the too much heat side. I've dabbled in home brewing and thought I should try something with green chiles, little but if heat but a lot of flavor.
Comment 29 Jul 2015
The timing is a product of the way college football and recruiting works. Waiting until everything is completely finished to start having discussions with another team would put you behind the 8 ball out the gate. IF he ever became head coach at OSU, do you really think he'd leave it for another job? I don't see any other reason why you would prefer to never see him back at OSU.
Comment 29 Jul 2015
I'll try to clarify it for you. The gist of your post seems to be that you believe Herman "abandoned" the program at the first chance he had. God forbid someone tries to advance their career by moving up to a head coaching job.
Comment 26 Jul 2015
3 in a row or 3 in 4 years for me. And you have to get close the years you don't win.
Comment 14 Jul 2015
I'm definitely excited for both movies. My only concerns are I just don't see Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and the Joker's teeth and facial tattoos. He looks like the lead singer for The Prodigy. I'm hoping he's not the real Joker but a Robin gone crazy. Will Smith looked much better than expected in the trailer.
Comment 19 Jun 2015
Eh, accidentally had caps locked on mobile for the title. Figure there's no use changing it at this point.
Comment 11 Jun 2015
There are some videos out there about pizza delivery guys that beg to differ with you, Coop.