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Comment 10 Sep 2013

The Irish added a field goal, and with roughly five minutes left, Gardner threw another INT but was bailed out by a questionable interference call. This led to a backbreaker touchdown to Drew Dileo (after another questionable interference call)

Is this meant to satirize a biased fan's perspective? I hope so because it reads pretty childishly otherwise.


Comment 30 Jul 2013

"To make matters even worse, Michigan went 8-6 last year and had a tough time crossing the 50-yard line against the least talented team he'll see under Urban Meyer."

This is so disingenuous. Not only was last year the least talented team under Hoke that Meyer will see, but Meyer inherited more talent than Hoke did. At the moment, Meyer's recruiting appears to be a nice little step up from his predecessor's whereas Hoke's recruiting has been a quantum leap above the man who came before him.

In terms of talent, Michigan is line to take a larger individual leap forward than OSU is in the coming years. And the 2012 game was still close.



Comment 06 Feb 2013

You obviously don't know the rules. A swat on the top of the head is flagrant. That's textbook. "Modified clothesline" pretty much tells me you are a hopeless cause.

Comment 06 Feb 2013

You got two huge breaks from the refs regarding Craft's 3-point shot clock buzzer "beater" (clearly late, never rectified) and the flagrant foul on Robinson just earlier that would have taken away the Craft foul/layup attempt completely. And you complain about the big one you didn't get.

Shouldn't of lost to Illinois if you wanted the Big Ten title.

Comment 06 Feb 2013

It was consistently called. They let them play. Had they not been so lenient, OSU never would have been in the position Craft had them in at the end because they'd be following Michigan again after Robinson's FTs since that was an obvious flagrant.

Comment 03 May 2012

Referring to a school universally seen as academically superior as a CC is quite logical. Michigan fans take swipes at those slackers in Palo Alto all the time, I'm sure.

Comment 03 May 2012

Dating analogies are one of the most played out things in the sports blogosphere.

Comment 11 Feb 2012

Jason Priestas said he looked "more like a done deal (to the Bucks) with each passing day." The prevailing wisdom in these parts was that the Maryland visit was merely a courtesy to his homestate school.

Whatever happened to that?



Comment 08 Feb 2012

Fickell has never called plays up to now and Withers had a ton of NFL talent at UNC and never actually molded them into a productive unit. We'll see about Herman, but I'm pretty underwhelmed at the DC choices.


Comment 07 Feb 2012

Dantonio's reputation didn't exactly stack up against Rich Rod's at one time, did it? Look how that turned out. And if you want to talk about established reps:

Borges + Mattison >>> Herman + Fickell/Withers

Comment 07 Feb 2012

Gonna be a lot of disappointed folks on here when Meyer's record doesn't live up to the virtually-impossible-to-match results of Tressel.

I realize it's normal to want to believe you are taking a step forward in ANY coaching change and to look for all reasons that point to that. Everyone does it and everyone is confident in the honeymoon stage, no matter what happens afterward.

But to disparage the way Tressel did things outside of NCAA compliance and hold up another way as superior and worthy of higher expectations is pretty incredible after eight BCS games in nine years (five wins), three NC game appearances (one win) and 9-1 vs. Michigan.

Tressel had flaws but provided a level of program stability that was the envy of all and it contributed greatly to the consistent confidence of his charges. That won't be so easily replaced by a man who will ponder retirement the first time he gets a bad headache or rumbly in the tumbly.

Comment 27 Dec 2011

Very wishful thinking to say that Posey's would-be score would have won the game.

There would have been over a minute and a half left, Michigan had two timeouts and only would have needed a field goal and the Buckeye defense hadn't come close to finding an answer for stopping Robinson all day.