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Comment 16 Jan 2014

To go along with that, do you think Craig krenzel, Bobby Carpenter, Dee Miller and all the other former OSU players would have the jobs they have if they didn't attend OSU to play sports for free? No they wouldn't because who would know who they are or care who they are? They don't just get a free education athletes can come back to Columbus and get very good jobs just because they played at OSU.

Comment 16 Jan 2014

Why do athletes go to college in the first place? Its to play a sport so maybe they could go pro in what ever sport they are in? But for a vast majority like 1% or something only go to the pro's so really most athletes are getting that free education to use to better their life like hundreds of thousands of college students had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for.

Its freaking college you go to learn and get a degree if you want paid play the amount of years you have to and then go pro. I mean you only have to wait 1 year for basketball and even that you could go to Europe and get paid for that one year kids have done it. Baseball they don't have to go to college they can go to the minors and make $1000 a month or whatever it is, good luck getting the world class coaches and facilities anywhere else for FREE if you didn't go to college. in Europe they don't have sports in college kids go straight to the pros in soccer, rugby and any other sport over their. But kids going out of high school to the pros don't make that much money at all unless you are Wayne Rooney or something and even he didn't make Millions right out of high school he had to spend a few years in the EPL to make his cash. 

Also does anyone actually go to College Football games to see just Braxton Miller play or Johnny Manziel? I have never went to an OSU game just to see Braxton Miller play, I go because I love OSU football in general, I go to see 100,000+ people wearing scarlet and grey cheering the TBDBITL as they to script ohio. I go for the atmosphere like when OSU beat Wisconsin on a last second touchdown then I stormed the field for the first time. I would go to see OSU football regardless if we had braxton miller or carlos hyde its the team I go to see.

Comment 23 Sep 2013

Is this his 8th grade tape? It sure looks like it and if so of course he is dominating like crazy. The hype kids get at 14 and 15 is crazy kids can't live up to that all the time. Lets wait and see where he is in two years when he is playing against kids his own size for a few years. 

Comment 10 Sep 2013

I don't think they need to take two Qbs but I don't know what Meyer is thinking. If they took two we would have 5 scholarship Qbs which is a lot. They just need to get a top guy in the 2015 class. Barrett is good, collier will be solid in a few years also. I think we will be fine at the Qb position after Braxton. 

Comment 07 Jan 2013

i don't know much about the WR in this class yet, just from what I have heard on here, but I thnk we HAVE to get the top guys we want, we can't keep missing on guys like diggs, quick. We need to land 2 guys from the tier 1 group and the rest fro teir two.

Comment 07 Jan 2013

I think you are pretty close this is how I would like to see it

1- QB







That would be 19 not sure how many we take but that looks pretty good. if we can get more guys in the class I would say ad another DL and WR/ATH, unlike a lot of people on here I think our OL will be ok, and if we get 4 guys in this class that will be plenty, I would like to bolster the DL and DB's in this class, I think with the linbackers this year and getting 3 of the top guys we are in on will be fine. WR is a big need. Brown will be gone, smith will be a senior I think, we don't really have any guys on the roster atm so at least 4 WR is a must

Comment 15 Sep 2012

I just didn't understand after the first quarter the offense was bad. I thought our front 4 on the defense played well, so did the secondary at times. The problem was so many missed tackles and taking bad angles. Our LB's have got to play better. We blitzed a lot more this game but Cal countered it every time, who ever is calling the D plays needs to mix it up more then knew what we were running at all times. 6 sacks is a good number though I did like that by 6 different guys.

Comment 30 Aug 2012

When dave biddle was on 97.10 he said he didn't really care about it. I guess what he eluded to is that for the fans if you follow a lot of these reports on twitter your feed will get bombarded by all of them at the same time with the same information. I don't use twitter so idk how that works but I saw who cares they can wait 20 min later and do it then. Also how can a reporter tweet and pay attention to the press conference at the same time wouldn't they miss information? I really don't know why this is such a big deal either.

Comment 16 Aug 2012

I voted top 10 but he is close to top 6, like someone else said I wish he played throgh some injuries becuase he lost some valuable time. If he didn't miss sometime he could easily be top 5. But he might already be in there as it is. Also like some said its hard to compare against guys from the 40's and 50's because football was totally different then.

Comment 02 Aug 2012

I was not impressed with Garret Goebel and Adam Bellamy last year at all, I would much rather Have a starting line of Hankins, Bennet, Simon, and who ever wins out the other DE spot, Spence, Steve Miller maybe. Someone else mentioned neither are really a sack guy but we NEED DT that can get after the QB like Bennet and Hankins, Hale is pretty solid two he had a couple sacks and didn't play as much as Goebel and Bellamy. I think we are pretty good at the other positions, I think the OL will be fine this year, but next year we will have some new guys playing, I think LB is ok if people don't get injured or freshmen will play. I think if we get passed this year with no injuries we will have very good depth at every position.

Comment 14 Jul 2012

I don't know if they should get the death penalty but something pretty close. At first I thought why should the NCAA get involved this is a legal matter and not having to do with sports. But after the Free report it is clear that every new about this and covered it up because it would ruin Penn State football and  Joe Pa wanted to be the all-time winningest coach. So clearly this had a lot to do with Football and for that reason I think the NCAA has to get involved. Maybe other schools aren't covering up child rape for 14 years, but covering anything up for the benifit of your program should be penalized. I think a lot of there recruits this year are going to change there mind, there is no way I would want my kid to go to Penn State with this going on.

Comment 06 Jul 2012

This doesn't make me feel any better, doesn't look like any of the players listed above will end up at OSU except for Mickey. It is fine if he misses on some players but he has to get at least 2-3 top talent guys in this class.

Comment 30 Jun 2012

I think Thad has done a fantastic job at recruiting. to Bolts point he did have limited schollies this year, you can't recruit a kid and get a commit and then we sully and Thomas stay have to revoke there commit. I pretty much new he had 2 schollies with Buford and sully and maybe had a 3rd but he coudn't go after to many guys, I really thought Tony Parker would come to OSU to replace sully but he seemed very adamant on not shedding any weight like sully did this past year.  On a side note how many guys do you think sully plays this year 8-10 guys?

Comment 26 Jun 2012

I didn't like the Playoff in the first place because I was fine with the BCS system. However I think I am kind of in favor of this 4 team playoff, but I DO NOT want any more then a 4 team playoff 8 is to many, I would have to say that no one outside the top 5-6 teams each year could be the best team in college football and most years it is clear that 1-3 teams are that much better then the rest. So i am fine with 4, but how are they picking these teams is what I want to know.

Comment 25 Jun 2012

His tape lookds pretty good, and he is also 6'4 205lbs so he can add some weight. I could be really wrong but I just think meyer needs an athletic QB he doesn't have to be a burner, look at Tebow he was a power runner not a burner and he wasn't the best thrower either I mean look at him in the NFL not good. I think he should take a guy like Barker and then get a guy that is a little more shifty like Braxton to get a little variety. I will be really excited for the 2014 class because Meyer will have a good season under his belt and he will have had 2 years to build relationships with them as well.

Comment 25 Jun 2012

His tape lookds pretty good, and he is also 6'4 205lbs so he can add some weight. I could be really wrong but I just think meyer needs an athletic QB he doesn't have to be a burner, look at Tebow he was a power runner not a burner and he wasn't the best thrower either I mean look at him in the NFL not good. I think he should take a guy like Barker and then get a guy that is a little more shifty like Braxton to get a little variety. I will be really excited for the 2014 class because Meyer will have a good season under his belt and he will have had 2 years to build relationships with them as well.

Comment 24 Jun 2012

I think the Bengals and Buckeyes will be close to each other if not tie, I think they Bengals are good and can win 9-10 games which is very good for that division. Also I think the Steelers are going to be down this year they are not as good as they have been so I have no doubt the Bengals can finsh 2nd to Baltimore.

Comment 20 Jun 2012

Undefeated would be awesome, can they do it sure they can. I think this team is much better then we all might think. But I would have to say 10-2 or 9-3 is what I would say is a sucessful season. 8-4 wouldn't be terrible but would be a dissapointment. I think 10-2 is probably where they end up, maybe 11-1 I think camp randell is a tough place to play and Wisconsin always gives us a good game, I think the rest of the big ten is down this year so I think they have a good schedule for all the concerns of this team.

Comment 01 Jun 2012

Urban Ohio, how in the world can you say that the rifle team and any other sport besides football doesn't deserve to be paid. My cousin is on the Ohio State gymnastics team and I am positive they put in just as much work as the football team and there bodies go through pain and all other sorts of thing but they don't deserve to get paid? Its stupid, if you pay football players how can you say other student athlets don't deserve it because they don't bring in money? And also its so stupid that getting a free college and $1100 a month isn't enough, $1100 a month is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more then enough to live off in college, rent would be like $300-$500 with utilites and $500 is pushing a lot. so you are telling me the rest of the month they can't live off $500-$700 dollars? I lived on OSU campus my rent with 3 roomates was $250 and around $300 with utilites, getting $1100 a month would have made me feel rich. People forget some of these schools with books, room and board and meal plans get over $30k a year. People are talking about P diddy's son getting a full ride at UCLA they said it was $52k a year their for out of state tution so you are telling me that isn't enough $52,000!!!!!! I don't care what people say they shouldn't get paid, and if they did you have to give it to all sports or it will be completely unfair. And you can't let them sell what ever they want and get money from whoever that is just dumb.

Comment 31 May 2012

I was to young to know how well cooper recruited, I know we had a lot of talent at OSU in the 90's but no National titles and cooper went what 2-8 against Michigan. If he had so much talent why coudn't they win? Tressel won and won a lot, you can credit his good coaching for that or you can say he recruited well, i think its hard to say who recruited better because some kids just don't pan out. I think Tress recruited very well and his teams did better so I give him the edge.

Comment 29 May 2012

I put I am over it, but I think Meyer is helping a little. I loved Tress, his style made me nuts sometimes but he won and won a lot especially against Michigan which the previous coach couldn't do, or else OSU would have a few more National titles. I mean tress went 8-1 vs Michigan, went to 3 National title games and won 1, and was what 6-3 in BCS bowl games I'll take that every 10 years.

Comment 29 May 2012

Buckeye Black I assume you go to MSU, My brother just graduated from there a couple years ago, I got to go down their for the graduation, was freaking insanly hot! he lives down their now I don't know how you deal with the heat! or anyone for that matter.