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Comment 14 Feb 2015

This rule change will change how offensive linemen block on a play action pass.  If O-linemen can't give the impression that they are coming up to the second level it will be a huuugge key to the defense.  I could be wrong, but part of the game is predicated on misdirection, false keys and deception.  If a rule change isn't for safety, let's leave it alone so this sport does not evolve into basketball on turf.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

I went to the Rutgers game this season.  Here are a couple of things I observed from that weekend:

1.) The three "superfans" pictured above had a steady stream of people making their way down to the front rail to get their photos taken with these clowns. This required "superfans" to watch the crowd behind them and not the game.  In fact most of the time I took a peek from my lofty perch I witnessed the annoyed fans in the same sections as Buck-I-guy and Big Nut trying to watch the game.  If these dudes really want to be fans, do so and watch the game cheer on your team and quit acting like trained circus monkeys looking for the next banana. 

2.) As I returned to my hotel Friday before the game I noticed BIG NUT was parked in a handicap spot(placard was displayed).  For a guy that needs to utilize handicap parking, he sure gets around the tailgate parking lots pretty damn good. If he has a legit mobility issue, I'm not seeing it.  Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here, but I work with adults with disabilities so this really pissed me off. 

I believe we all have the right to do our own thing, so long as it doesn't interfere with the game experience of other fans. I have my own ideas as to what I think a fan should be.(RIP Neutron Man)


Comment 18 Jan 2015

I recently spoke with someone who works with BIG NUT.  He informed me that it was his understanding that BIG NUT receives tickets and potentially more from TOSU.  If this is the case, isn't it possible to start a petition to stop this?  I really don't like spewing hate, but these guys(superfans) are not the face of the fanbase. We need to spread the word to our fellow Buckeye fan and let them make an informed decision.  11W's I'm not looking to start a parking lot war, but I propose we start calling these guys out for what they are.  Ask questions when we come in contact. 

I could be waaay off base here, but we can bitch and complain or we can act.  Ideas?

Comment 11 Jan 2015

I'm guessing that Big Nut will sit the match out judging by his handicap placard....but I'm guessing he'll have front row seats and be on camera.

Comment 11 Jan 2015

I created my account back in these days..

Glad to see Boone pulled it together.

Comment 11 Jan 2015

Sometimes it isn't the skills of a coordinator that makes them a good hire.  Beck will have his own views and opinions, but all in alll he is being hired to coach the system Urban wants to use.

I'm guessing Urban has done his homework.  How many of us knew who this Tom Herman guy was when he was hired.  I'm sure Urban has a plan for him and isn't going to scrap what we are doing with our QB's now.  Beck will learn to coach what Urban wants, bringing his own skills and experiences to the table.  As for being critical of his resume, past, etc.; I'm going to trust UFM on this one.  The guys knows how to develop asst. coaches.  Keep Calm and trust UFM! 

Comment 07 Jan 2015

Straight up goosebumps...Man in Black + OSU Football= F'n Genius

Comment 03 Jan 2015

What 3rd world stank hole inhabitants are going to be wearing the Alabama won not done t-shirts?

There is probably a place in *ichigan that sells them and does quite well...

Comment 23 Dec 2014

Rumor has it that Youngstown Ohio has the best worldwide prices on cat food purchased by the ton. In completely unrelated news, Youngstown also has the highest number of Chinese restaurants per capita in the world...