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Comment 01 Feb 2017

ESPN is reporting that he committed to Florida.  I guess they had a change of heart.

Comment 23 Jan 2017

Just to throw this out there.. I bought a Nexus 5x a while back ($250 straight up) and i love it.  Runs on all networks and I took the opportunity to move over to Project Fi when my Verizon contract expired, and I also love that.

If you buy the phone through their plan, you can get insurance (what's the point for a $250 phone?) and sign up for payments ($8/month).  They also have the pixel available on the google store.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

How would they make money?   Four teams and eight games doesn't seem like enough to break even.  Would they leverage the players' future potential earnings?  And what about the first couple of classes coming out of HS.  Would you gamble your future on this new league that could fold up at any time?  You wouldn't be eligible to go back to college at that point, you're just SOL.

Comment 27 Dec 2016

Lived all over that area for about 6 years while I was going to Wright State.  My wife is actually from Fairborn, but even she would attest that it's pretty trashy.  < 20 min is a pretty big area.  You could get all of the way up to Tipp City or all of the way down towards the Dayton mall.  Beavercreek is a great area.  Springboro is new money, Oakwood is old, both are crazy nice.  Springfield is kind of trashy.  Yellow Springs is hippy land (home of Dave Chappelle), but a cool little town none the less.  My wife taught at Bellbrook for a hot minute.  That's a beautiful little town with some good schools.  My best friend grew up and currently lives in Kettering.  It's mostly 1960's construction suburbs.  Centerville isn't bad.  The area on 75 South of Dayton is really building up (Austin's Landing) so I imagine that's going to be a trendy spot going forward.

If I were to move back, I would definitely be looking outside of the 675 loop.  East towards Xenia/Yellow Springs/Bellbrook/Beavercreek.