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Comment 10 Dec 2014

Maybe he really just wanted his ex-girlfriend to leave..  He doesn't need to be guilty of anything.. and if he's really as smart as everybody says he is, there's no way he would call the cops even if he were guilty of illegal use of drugs, alcohol, DV or whatever..

His options are

  1. forcibly make her leave (bad)
  2. call somebody else to forcibly make her leave (better)
  3. forcibly remove yourself from the situation and stay at a friends house (probably best depending on the level of perceived crazy now festering alone in your bedroom)

It sounds like he was trying to do the right thing.. Let's let the Columbus PD sort out the details here..

Comment 14 Nov 2014

Every year you see stories like this about a Greek organization, or two, or three (or a marching band..)  I'm proud of my time as a Greek, but the stereotyped perception of fraternities and sororities will never get better if the leaders in those organizations keep allowing behavior like this.  It's college, and things like this happen everywhere, but Greeks are held to a higher standard simply because of the social stigma.  You take an oath when you join to uphold the morals of your organization, but this surely isn't the behavior the founders envisioned.  It's a shame..

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Penn State isn't exactly lighting it up on offense this year..

And we were locked in a shootout with MSU.  Take away some of our offensive firepower and those games have very different outcomes..

We are 17 in total defense.  There may be a bend but don't break philosophy there, but it sure feels like we give away a lot of points.  In a close game, against a very good opponent (playoffs) we need to score points, not count on our defense to keep the other out of the endzone.

Our defense is better than last year, without a doubt.. but with the game on the line would you rather our offense or our defense be on the field?

Comment 13 Nov 2014

That's scary to think about though..  If JT tweaks his knee again the offense shuts down?  We don't have the defense to protect a lead..  I hope the coaches are more comfortable now with Cardale or Marshall taking some snaps to keep things moving..

Comment 10 Nov 2014

anybody happen to watch the buckeye pregame show before the Illinois game?  they brought several students on stage to 'pass' the Illi-buck trophy.. last guy on stage was Buck-I-Guy and he was holding the trophy and milking it..  eventually, one of the announcers sounded like he was getting upset about it and said "what are you doing Buck-I-Guy?  pass the trophy already!"  The cameraman proceeded to pan away from Buck-I-Guy as much as possible..

Herbie chimed in during the broadcast Saturday night after they showed Buck-I-Guy with something along the lines of "those guys get more air time than Brutus".. 

I don't think fans are the only ones frustrated with them trying to be the faces of the program..