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Comment 19 May 2016

And I do plan on using charcoal to get it up to temp and tossing logs or chunks in to keep it moving.  At least until I have access to all the wood my heart desires.

Comment 19 May 2016

I haven't found one yet.  I don't trust the craigslist sellers that they are selling what they say they are selling.  There are two orchards in Marysville and one in Marion that I'm going to contact to see if I can collect old trees from them.  Any other suggestions are appreciated.

Comment 19 May 2016

I've seen a lot about those.  Definitely something I'll be looking into.  But yea, they cost more than most grills.. :o

Comment 13 Apr 2016
I saw Darius in the early stages of his transgenre at Country Concert in Ft Loramie.. He played a lot of Hootie and it was absolutely the most memorable part of the night (I don't remember much from the week..)
Comment 13 Apr 2016

Dysfunction was IMO easily their best album.  I can't count the number of times I've listened to that CD, and I still do regularly.

If you aren't an avid fan, you probably aren't aware of the hidden track at the end of the CD called Excess Baggage.  It's an easy one to learn on guitar and sing along with.

You listen to some of his more mellow songs and the pain in his lyrics and it's easy to see why he is fascinated with country.

Comment 13 Apr 2016

Agreed.  Just pointing out that it may not be that ridiculous to believe that Smith threatened to retrieve his weapon, considering the fact that he was shot from behind while presumably moving towards his vehicle or reaching into the vehicle to retrieve that weapon.  The question at that point is, where does Hayes' weapon come in to play?  Who escalated first?

Certainly not as cut and dry as it once appeared, but tragic none the less.

Comment 13 Apr 2016

I used to live in the Dayton ghetto and there was at least one situation where there was a large group people fighting in the street in front of my house.  We watched from the window, slightly entertained, slightly scared.  At one point, somebody did yell "I'm going to get my gun" and took off running in another direction.  We called the police after that, but the crowd had already dispersed. 

Moral of the story, "I'm going to get my gun" is the equivalent of flashing your holstered weapon.  It's a stupid intimidation tactic (and in the latter case, illegal) and it got the man killed.

Comment 13 Apr 2016

I'm not a lawyer, but I have my CCW.  In Ohio, you do have a duty to try to flee the situation if within reason.  It certainly seems as though Hayes had multiple opportunities to remove himself from the situation, and failed to do so.  That may hurt his defense.  You also cannot be the aggressor or responsible for escalating the situation.  From eyewitness reports, it sounds as though Smith threatened to retrieve his weapon, that's probably why Smith was turned around, and I have no doubt Hayes felt threatened by that, but to shoot a man in the back certainly won't help your defense either.

This is all assuming either of them were carrying legally.

Situations like this are why I carry.  But then I try to put myself in their emotional shoes and I don't know how much of my training would influence my decision making.  It's a huge responsibility.  This may not be a popular #take here, but the more information that comes out on Smith, the less he looks like the good guy.

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Follow up question then...

Is that an estimate of the original ball location?  Obviously his ball wasn't marked since they were both hitting off the tee.  It's easier to do when there are hundreds of people watching, but how does one know where the original placement was?

Comment 01 Apr 2016

Yea, they've been running this spot for a couple of weeks now so it's definitely not a joke.  Lebatard is that bad.

Comment 01 Apr 2016

I was thinking the same thing.  Patriots are already implementing this for home field advantage.

Comment 30 Mar 2016

I think it's important to make the distinction that flash storage is the proper way to store these long term.  Traditional HDD's use magnetic disks with moving parts that will break down over time.  Flash storage has no moving parts and is the most reliable medium currently on the market.

A case can be made for using a solid state drive vs a flash drive, as SSD's tend to be higher quality (tho significantly more expensive).  For a cheap backup I would recommend getting a passport external hard drive.

For long term storage you could put them on flash drives (or SSD) as well as burning them to DVD's or Blu-ray and storing them in a safe or fireproof box.  

I would also recommend looking into cloud storage for the really important stuff.  You can never have too many backups.

(My wife does photography and I'm always looking for a way to improve the process.  I currently have a home media server with multiple HDDs set up in RAID 5.  It holds her photos as well as about 1TB of movies and music)

Comment 30 Mar 2016

Honestly, it's hard to go wrong with any flash storage.

It depends how serious you want to get, but I would just find something cheap.  You can look at read/write speeds and USB 3.0 if transfer time is important to you (it usually isn't).

I'm an ATM software developer for a big bank headquartered in Columbus and I spend a significant amount of my time pulling logs from ATMs, transferring firmware, or registry files, or txt or java, Ghost images, you name it from my PC to the ATM and back again.  The only time one has ever failed on me was when it got snapped in half by accident.

The one you listed would work just fine.  USB 3.0 is fast and it will serve you well for years to come.  After my experience with losing my flash drive due to an ATM fascia closing on it, I opted to go for a low profile version:

I've had that for 3 years now (16GB version) and it was served me well.  I also made it bootable with a custom BartPE to make the reimaging process smoother.  Put a lanyard on it and attach it to a keychain or whatever so you don't lose it.

Here's the 3.0 version of that same drive..

Comment 29 Mar 2016

I heard they are adding a tunnel under the south stands and paving the infield to create the worlds most intimate NASCAR track..