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Comment 24 Nov 2015

is it weird that I typically stand while watching the game at home?  Something about it helps calm my nerves I think.  And you're absolutely right, sitting is for the silent and passive.

Comment 14 Nov 2015
No complaints from me.. It's not always pretty, but we got a win.. I'm more concerned about the fact that we only have 2 regular season games left..
Comment 13 Nov 2015
So incredibly tragic.. It's a dark, dark world we're living in these days.. Thoughts and prayers to everyone on that side of the pond.. Stay safe.
Comment 13 Nov 2015

It should be spent to pay for his incarceration.. The state is essentially paying him twice..

The average cost in the state of Pennsylvania is $42,339 (as reported in 2012).

$4,900 x 12 = $58,500

Give the other $16,000 to his wife tax free.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

I work out at Anytime fitness in Westerville (close to my work) right off Polaris/Maxtown and State.  It's kind of small and if you hit it at the wrong time, it can be really hard to find a bench, but the people there are second to none.  Plus, I can use the facilities at Delaware or Marion (closer to my home) if I need to.

A good friend of mine uses Cardinal Fitness right off Sancus and Lazelle.  I've been there several times too and their facilities are excellent.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

I don't go really heavy either, but you're absolutely right.  Once you get into that routine it's hard to get out.  I skip a few days here or there for one reason or another, but I skipped almost a whole week around labor day and I felt like complete and total shit.

It's not just about looking good, it's about feeling good and it really is a drug.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

I prefer to try to stick to a high protein diet, and only use my protein shake immediately after my workout.  For that reason, I stick with a protein isolate.

If you want something to take throughout the day for more of slow burner, go with just general whey protein

Price and flavor are my biggest factors when choosing a brand, and I personally think BSN delivers, but you should shop around and compare other brands.  Amazon has great prices in general.  If you're in the Columbus area, Suppzilla sells bulk protein for dirt cheap (I have no idea what it tastes like though or how it works..  If anybody could expand on that I would appreciate it as well)

Comment 12 Nov 2015
  • age: 29
  • primary means of exercise/working out:  Local gym.  I workout 5 days/week over my lunch hour.  I do a 5 day split.  M - Chest/Abs, Tu - Back, W - Shoulders/Abs,  Th - Legs, F - Arms.  I started small and worked my way up.  I did a lot of cardio early on, but now I just mix it in when I'm feeling sluggish (a quick 10 min run/jog gets your blood pumping before your workout).  Honestly, you can burn as many calories lifting as you would running.  I try to superset everything because I'm trying to pack as much into my 45 min workout as possible and you'd be surprised how much it feels like cardio when you cut back on the time between sets.  It doesn't hurt to try some things and use what works best for you.  Anything is better than nothing.
  • goals/motivation: I'm 6'1" and used to be in pretty good shape.  At my heaviest, I got up to about 250lb.  Since I started hitting the gym in June, I'm down to 225lb.  My original goal was just to get back into the 220's (hadn't been there since college) but my muscles are starting to pop and that's providing another level of motivation to keep going (and my wife loves it if you know what i mean...).  I set a new goal of 220 by Thanksgiving and 215 by Christmas.
  • biggest inspiration:  I started this for my family.  I have 3 kids under 2 (twins and a toddler) and they are a handful.  Trying to keep up with them was difficult.  I was always out of breath and never had the energy to get off of the couch and play.  That has changed quickly.
  • resources that you use for working out: has great instructional videos on different excercies.  My gym has been fantastic with motivating me to come back.  I've never had a gym that truly invests in their patrons like that and it's been really helpful.  I take a few supplements:  Biovite multivitamin, Fishoil, BSN Syntha 6 Isolate protein (post workout only), and ProSupps Mr Hyde preworkout (this shit is intense).  I took CLA for a while there to help with the weight loss and I do believe it was working, but in the interest of $$ I cut back.  I wasn't taking the preworkout to begin with, but now I can't do it without.  It really changes my whole gym experience.
  • Finding a routine that fits your schedule and includes workouts that you actually enjoy is a big factor in keeping you coming back.  I'd be happy to share what I've been using with any of you.  Obviously gym equipment and time are big factors, but as a general guideline, it's worked really well for me.  Like I mentioned, I usually workout during my lunch break, so the whole thing can be done in 45 min easily, you can add more or mix in some cardio if you really push it hard.  I also have a 2 day split that I started out with if anybody is interested in that (MWF - Chest, Arms, Shoulders; TF - Legs, Back, Cardio)