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Comment 30 Nov 2016

I can't tell if people are fucking with you or if they really aren't having this issue.  I'm on a work laptop (VPN) running chrome and everything is blurry for me too.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

That guy in the video is an idiot.  The "photo" on the left is not a photo at all.  It's the same screen shot he's using on the right, just rotated until the 15 yard line appears vertical.  Look at the picture on the right, now tilt your head slightly to the right.  Look familiar?  It's magic!  Hell, if you pause it at the 1:34 mark, you can still see the score bars from the TV broadcast in the lower right corner of the "photo" on the left!

Stop circulating this photo as definitive proof.  It makes us all look bad.

Comment 12 Nov 2016
We are Baylor from 2 years ago.. We're going to ride the top 4 till the conference championship games and then get leap frogged.. we need PSU to lose..
Comment 06 Nov 2016
Remember these complaints when we're all old silver hairs..some day, young adults are going to be incredibly annoying (I paid good money for these tickets damnit). So I hope that as we age, we are able to change the culture in the stadium!
Comment 06 Nov 2016
I was in 14a and my whole section was standing for most of the game. Things started emptying out at the end of the third.