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Comment 18 May 2017

What!?  I think you're looking for a different show.. That's what common man has always been, and it used to be hilarious.  Tbone doesn't fit that show mold.

Comment 18 May 2017

CityBBQ is actually pretty good.  One of the better options in the area, and generally stays true to southern style BBQ.  Their ribs though are definitely not good.

Comment 18 May 2017

Bobby Carpenter cracks me up.  I catch that show occasionally on lunch breaks.

Used to love Common man and Torg.  Stopped listening when they fired Torg, but I've migrated back.  Tbone tries wayyyyy too hard to be funny sometimes.  It doesn't feel natural, and that show is nowhere near the level it used to be.

Dave Biddle is awful.

Comment 01 May 2017

Ohio tends to have a lot of German heritage, so I think you get a hint of that in most 'Ohio' dishes.  We are, however, the food industry's favorite test market for a reason.  With a diverse statewide population, we eat pretty much everything.

I've done some research on Ohio BBQ and I've noticed a trend, though not necessarily a good one.  We're a simple people that prefers pork BBQ that is fall off the bone and loaded with a sweet ketchup based sauce.

It might also be worth mentioning that Marion is the popcorn capital of the world.  Growing up, my family farmed primarily popcorn and I have fond memories of the popcorn festival and bringing home trash bags full of popcorn.  To this day, my 84 year old grandma goes out in the field and picks 5-gallon buckets full of popcorn to give to the family for Christmas.

Comment 01 May 2017

I live about 5 minutes from G&R.  The country boy is the most glorious food invention! It's a cheeseburger sandwiched between 2 pieces of fried bologna.

Comment 29 Mar 2017

That blocked field goal reminds me of a certain game from this season that I had all but erased from my memory...

Comment 22 Mar 2017

Fun fact, one of my favorite BBQ places in Austin is in the same shopping complex as the Emporium.  It always looked familiar to me but I had no idea how, and it absolutely blew my mind when I figured it out.  They even have the garage across the street where Ben Affleck had paint poured on his head.

Comment 01 Feb 2017

ESPN is reporting that he committed to Florida.  I guess they had a change of heart.

Comment 23 Jan 2017

Just to throw this out there.. I bought a Nexus 5x a while back ($250 straight up) and i love it.  Runs on all networks and I took the opportunity to move over to Project Fi when my Verizon contract expired, and I also love that.

If you buy the phone through their plan, you can get insurance (what's the point for a $250 phone?) and sign up for payments ($8/month).  They also have the pixel available on the google store.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

How would they make money?   Four teams and eight games doesn't seem like enough to break even.  Would they leverage the players' future potential earnings?  And what about the first couple of classes coming out of HS.  Would you gamble your future on this new league that could fold up at any time?  You wouldn't be eligible to go back to college at that point, you're just SOL.