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Comment 29 Jul 2015

The internet has created a false sense of security for people.  You can do whatever you want with no perceived consequences.  It's easy to lose touch with reality while hiding behind your screen, and truly believe that people like this don't understand that.  Technology is a wonderful tool, and we have unprecedented access to high profile individuals in sports/politics/entertainment.  Even on message boards like this one (or reddit is a great example) people get downright nasty.  I've been straight up skewered for comments I've made just because someone or a majority doesn't agree with my opinion.  It's easy to forget that everybody on the internet is a real person.

If you wouldn't do it face to face, don't do it on the internet.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

That's a big gamble though if your team doesn't make it..
If your team does not qualify for the game, you will not receive a refund for the price of your TeamTix nor will you have the right to purchase face value tickets to the game.

$330 to reserve 2 conditional tickets to the NCG. 

Comment 27 Jul 2015

Shit.  I see it now.. $450-$550.. Too rich for my blood.  Maybe when the kids are out of diapers.. Hopefully UFM will give me plenty of other opportunities..  B1G Champ game will have to do for now.

Comment 15 Jul 2015

I'm not impressed with Prime Day.  There's nothing I actually want in there.  Seems like a lot of hype to sell the junk nobody wants...  The one or two decent products they have up are all claimed.  I don't get it.

Comment 09 Jul 2015

Hats off to Nicholas Smith.  I majored in Computer and Electrical Engineering and I most definitely did not have a 4.0.