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Comment 12 Jul 2016

I bought a couple of fire sticks.  Deals actually look pretty good this year..

Comment 08 Jul 2016

I stream prime music and video on my phone at work.  At home, we got a handy fire stick and we can stream anything we want to our TVs.  Their original series are great and they keep coming with more.  I see the prime video only getting better in the future.

Free 2 day shipping is a big plus, but we also use it for the monthly subscription discounts on things for the kids (diapers, wipes, vitamins, etc.) that we'd have to buy anyhow.

I'm into year 2 with prime and I don't think I'll be cancelling any time soon.

Comment 07 Jul 2016

I got a Bosa championship jersey from aliexpress.  Worked out ok but the neck hole is wayyyyy too big.  Looked good in the pics so it was hard to tell.  But I think I might try to find another that's a little more comfortable to wear.

Comment 05 Jul 2016

is there any other kind of GS fan?

Comment 01 Jun 2016

I'll start with the shows I've watched all of the way through:

How I Met Your Mother


The Walking Dead

Shows that I started but need to catch up on:

Breaking Bad (I know..)

The League

The Wire

A new series (Amazon Prime) that the wife and I got into:

The Man in the High Tower

Comment 19 May 2016

And I do plan on using charcoal to get it up to temp and tossing logs or chunks in to keep it moving.  At least until I have access to all the wood my heart desires.

Comment 19 May 2016

I haven't found one yet.  I don't trust the craigslist sellers that they are selling what they say they are selling.  There are two orchards in Marysville and one in Marion that I'm going to contact to see if I can collect old trees from them.  Any other suggestions are appreciated.

Comment 19 May 2016

I've seen a lot about those.  Definitely something I'll be looking into.  But yea, they cost more than most grills.. :o

Comment 13 Apr 2016
I saw Darius in the early stages of his transgenre at Country Concert in Ft Loramie.. He played a lot of Hootie and it was absolutely the most memorable part of the night (I don't remember much from the week..)
Comment 13 Apr 2016

Dysfunction was IMO easily their best album.  I can't count the number of times I've listened to that CD, and I still do regularly.

If you aren't an avid fan, you probably aren't aware of the hidden track at the end of the CD called Excess Baggage.  It's an easy one to learn on guitar and sing along with.

You listen to some of his more mellow songs and the pain in his lyrics and it's easy to see why he is fascinated with country.